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Copyright 1998
A Play In Two Dimensions
by Jonathan M. Vick

The never anticipated sequel to
The Curse Of Castle Pscyhotech.

Nehemiah, Dryfuss and Lucy have botched it again. This time an experiment with a newly delivered Matter Transmitter goes horribly wrong and the trio find themselves "beamed" to the Parallel Dimension where Nehemaih meets the love of his life in the arms of his Arch-Nemesis, Darius.

Based on the epic Sci-Fi thrillers of the '50's atomic age and featuring robots, cyborgs and a hunky delivery guy, it's hours of fun for . . . uh, somebody!!

Cast Of Characters

  • NEHEMIAH -- The mad scientist.
  • DRYFUSS -- His hunchback henchman.
  • LUCY -- The zombie maid.
  • MAVIS -- The experimental cyborg chained to the revolving door.
  • DIRK -- The hunky delivery guy.
  • HAG PHEDRA -- The crone.
  • ANDROID -- The feminist android.
  • AGATHA -- The left half of a Siamese Twin separated in a horrible gymnastics accident.
  • ABIGAIL -- The right half of the Siamese Twin.
  • SAPPHIRE -- The Parallel Dimension mad scientist. Also, the bride.
  • DRAKE -- The escapist experimental victim.
  • DARIUS -- The Arch-Nemesis.

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