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Copyright 1995
Created by
Jonathan M. Vick
And Chris McLeod
At 2am after a chocolate
and YooHoo induced insanity.
Do NOT try this at home.



Robin Hood

The All Boys School Of Ballet (or ABSOB) attempted it's first ever end of term pagent! Sadly, all but two of the class members developed a scorching case of "critters". These two brave souls performed all the characters in the historic ballet, Robin Hood, switching hats, swords and bows and arrows whenever necessary. Let's give them a round of applause. And maybe you could donate some soap to the rest of the class??

Ballet isn't just for girls anymore

Though, we're not sure why not . . .

Original Cast Members

  • Chris McLeod (below)
  • David A. Kozen (right)
  • Jonathan M. Vick

Originally produced at the Walt Disney Amphitheatre
for FunnyEola, Orlando, FL.

Subsequently produced at Performance Space Orlando
July 1999, Orlando, FL.

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Ballet Links