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Hi and welcome to my Britney Spears page. This site has been up now for almost a year and a half and with over 5 million hits I thought it was time to freshen it up so here's the new look!!! Hope ya all like. Check back often to see the other new things I'm going to post (alot of new pic's, wav's, wallpapers, and some other surprises!!) Also if you have any pics that you would like to send me for my site or if you would like to join my Britney news letter telling you when I update the site or if you would like me to make a custom wallpaper for your site email me at or click the link at the bottom of the page to write me. I want to thank all the visitors who come to my site, back in January the counter was reset to zero and already I am up past the million hits mark so thank you all very much!!!

Welcome to the new and improved Chris Loves BritneySite!
You can expect all original content to be added to the site weekely, and perhaps more often than that at times. I'll be adding new photo galleries, more MP3's, new wallpapers, even more news, new winamp skins and hotbar skin and much more! All of this will come in time, so please continue to be patient. You can expect lots of BIG changes in the next few weeks and lots of new pics and surprises!

I'm really excited about things beginning to come back together for
the site. It'll only continue to grow and become one of the coolest places
to hang out on the internet. Before too long we're going to try and have
a message board set up so we can all post conversations and ideas about the site.
I even want to add a new better chat room for all of you as well. I think it will bring
some more fun to this place, huh? Feel free to check out my main page and profile
section if you have any questions. It'll be updated as time goes on
and I receive some good questions worthy of an answer.

I hope you enjoy your stay at the site, and continue to visit and
check back often for updates!

Chris aka Buffdadde

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