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Just as the lion is considered to be the King of the Jungle, so is Chango considered to be a King. In fact, when you are initiated into these African Mysteries, you are also considered to be a King or Queen. When Ocha is "crowned" on your head, you receive your Crown. The ceremony of "making" the Saint or becoming a priest or priestess of the Lucumi tradition "seats" your Guardian Angel on your head forever. That is one of the major reasons for becoming initiated. With your Guardian Angel correctly placed on your head, he or she is there to protect you and give you all the blessings that you deserve. This is how the Orishas are able to effect "miracles" at times. With your Guardian Angel "seated" on your head, he or she is able to drive out sickness, death or other "osorbos" or negative entities. To the Yoruba and other african tribes, Death, Sickness and other Misfortunes are entities that can be controlled to a certain degree with sacrifices and other ceremonies. When you have finally reached this point in your initiations, you have arrived HOME. When you are initiated, your Guardian Angel or Orisha speaks on the third day of your initiation, giving instructions for the best manner to live the rest of your life. Also, the other Orishas that you receive speak also to give advice on how to live your life to the fullest. Are you ready to come HOME and let the Orishas guide you ever upward in your spiritual development?


Although Chango has much affinity with other trees, his favorite is the Royal Palm. Lightening often strikes these trees and it is said that Chango keeps his lightening bolts saved inside the trunk. This presents a problem for those who live where the royal palm cannot survive. Where do you leave offerings for Chango when there are no palm trees around? Well, in that case, one must choose an alternative. The pine tree also belongs to Chango, and offerings can be left at the base of a pine tree. Pine trees grow all over North America. This is just another example where the religion has to adapt to natural surroundings. Chango understands the INTENT of the person making the offering and has enough common sense to know that it is not feasible to travel hundreds of miles to leave an offering where a palm tree might be growing. Chango and indeed all the Orishas know what is in your HEART. They have that ability. Likewise, the Orishas look into the hearts of those that seek initiation to see their motives. That is why sometimes, people have to wait to receive their initiations, till the time comes when their motives are true and just. Those that attempt to enter into the Mysteries with motives of aggrandizing personal power often have to wait until they see the errors of their intentions. The Orishas must be treated with respect and they are nobody's slaves, to be commanded at will.




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