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Leighanne Wallace... or soon to be Leighanne Littrell!!!

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Leighanne Wallace & Brian Littrell and of course Tyke and now the newest member... lil' Leigh who Brian got for Leighanne!!! The four of them make such a cute group!

Brian and Leighanne met while the guys were filming "As Long As You Me" in L.A., Cali. After that they kept in touch and dated a few times and by the time she was in "I'll Never Break Your Heart," they were a couple and even though they are both great actors they didn't need to act their love in there. After the video they both liked the dog they casted with them soo much that Brian went out and bought Tyke, his little Chiuhauha. And latest, for Christmas Brian bough her another Chiuhauha, only female and smaller than Tyke named Lil' Leigh.

And now it is finally offical!! I think on Sept. 2, 2000 I am not certain that is the exact date, but later this year these too are gettin hitched!! I am soo happy for them and I hope you all are too this is what Brian had to say on the 15th of Feb on MTV NEWS about it...

"After Kevin's bombshell, Backstreet's Brian Littrell delivered similar news during an interview later that same day. "There's a right time for everything, I guess," Brian told MTV News of why he's planning a trip to the altar. "It's kind of like the jumpstart on getting on with life, so I'm looking forward to it." ... well I am looking forward to it too Bri! . this is soo great!!!!!! WOOHOOO!!!!! I wanna wish them the best of luck!!!!! CONGRATS YOU TWO LOVE BIRDS!!

Here is a lil' quote from her about Brian it is soo sweet! "I didn't know men with hearts of gold still existed, but I was proven wrong when I walked onto the set of 'As Long As You Love Me.' Everyday since then has been a blessing. He is the love of my life."