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St. Christopher is the patron Saint of La Habana. St. Christopher is also the patron Saint of those involved in transporting goods and people. Agallu is identified with this Saint because he also is the Orisha of transporters, usually in reference to transporting on the river. Agallu is the Orisha of the volacano, but also of the rivers. In early times, goods and people were transported on the river, since there were no paved roads and mechanical means of transportation. We assume that this is the reason that the elder priests and priestesses chose St. Christopher as the syncrenization of Agallu. Agallu was a very important Orisha in Africa and still is considered one of the most powerful Orishas. If you remember well the legend, Agallu and Yemaya were the children of Obatala and Oddudua. Since there were no others around, they intermarried. Agallu is considered the legitimate father of Chango. He is usually received when someone "makes" Chango. He is also received when someone "makes" Ochun. This Orisha is very important for the children of both Chango and Ochun. Join us as we continue our study of the great Orisha - Agallu.

Agallu is considered to be the Orisha of the volcanos. This is because the volcano represents his great power. When the volcano erupts, the inside of the earth comes out. Agallu for this reason is also considered to be the Orisha of the earth. It is said that the name of Agallu means desert. Naturally, where there is volcanic activity, there is desert land surrounding the volcano. Nothing on earth can withstand the ourpouring of a volcano. Being the child of Oddudua and Obatala, Agallu is one of the primordial Orishas and is considered to be one of the oldest and most powerful of them. Agallu is also the Orisha of the rivers. We will investigate this aspect of Agallu on our other pages. We hope that you enjoy your visit with Agallu and learn why he is so respected and honored.