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Welcome to
The William J. McCorkle Rage Page

Hi! I'm William J. McCorkle. As most of you know, I am now serving a 24 year sentence for my fraudulent infomercial ads which appeared on TV for at least 6 years. The Federal Government focused in on me less than a year ago because I failed to give refunds to dissatisfied customers and also because no one was making any money except for me. Below you will find various links about the stuff I got myself into and also letters that I have received from dissatisfied customers. Please feel free to email any comments, criticisms, and complaints to me by clicking the email link on each page. I'll be glad to post your comments on this site. This is your chance to take out your anger on me. I look forward to hearing from you. Anyway, here goes nothing.

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Please Read These Nice Articles
The Press Has Written About Me and My Wife, Chantal.
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A Small Victory for William J. McCorkle
Host of Infomercial Faces Trial
Biz Op Bogus Biz: How not to inspire confidence
Get Rich Quicksand: Infomercial guru to face federal judge for real estate investment scheme
Cashflow Problems

That's all for now, but please keep checking more dirt about me and my wife will be posted here on a regular basis. Plus, I will post your personal emails to me either anonymously or with your name. It's your choice.