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<font face="monotype Corsiva">Role Player's Realm</font> Welcome to Role Player's Realm! I decided to change around the site to make it SLAMMIN~!. Thank you for visiting, if you have any ideas to make this site better please E-mail me. Thank you. Thank you for visiting. If you can make me a banner or award please E-mail me.

If you would like to reach us on AOL Instant Messenger, our sceennames are Ness1216 and RingfingerEdge. Feel free to contact us for any site suggestions, or if you just want to talk to us (because we are lonely people who do nothing but play role playing games all day) then please do so. Preferably women.

Last Updated 02/04/01!

Ness and I just want to say, "We love you, mommy~!"

Finally Updated! Final Fantasy X is on it's way and I have kicked some Necron ass. Oh, and did I mention some hot chick laid me after finding out that I beat Ozma with no codes?! Damn, I was smooth. Anyway... one year later and nothing new. Oh well, maybe I just have a life. Anyway, I love all of my fans and I will do all I can to be your Eternal Hero. Sayonara hahaha~!

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