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Emily's Tisha Venturini Page!

Welcome to my Tisha Venturini page. I'm just starting out, but I know alot about Tisha and about making good web pages! I'll update this page whenever I find something interesting on Tisha!

First off, I apologize for the lack of updates. Anyhow, there are some things to talk about:

Tisha is coming back from her broken wrist just fine. She wore the captains armband in the absence of Brandi Chastain this past weekend during the C-Rays 0-0 tie to the NY Power. has more info and stats on your favorite player.

The WUSA is in high-gear now! This is a very exciting time for the players, coaches, and fans. The CyberRays have re-vamped their site and it looks awesome. .

Tisha and Casey are engaged!!! To read all about the romantic proposal and gain a little knowledge of the couple's history, check out this awesome article . Congratulations!!

A friend and myself have decided to start an on-line club for Casey Hoch, who is dating Tisha. You should join! Everyone is having a great time there and it's good to see support for the both of them. You can visit and join here .

Tisha is currently a part of the Discovery Health Channel Indoor Women's Soccer Team. For updates on games and highlighs, go to the main Soccer Challenge Page .

I know that all of you Tisha fans have been waiting to hear what her reaction was to the women's Olympic soccer final was. Well, there is an article out now and I highly recommend that you read it! If you still do not want to know the results of the final match, do not read this article just yet. For everyone else, here you go.

Tisha recently conducted another on-line chat(she's the best!)and for the link to the transcript, click here .

For a new and VERY cool picture of Tisha and Casey go here or for a faster result go AND a picture of Tisha and her family, go here .

I added a funny picture of Mia and Tish and I also fixed some pictures that weren't showing up. Go to the new picture page to see them.

July 20th is the set release date for a book that Tisha co-authored. For more info on it, just go here . Another great link here . Want more? Go here . Can't wait!

Another book out is called Girls of Summer. You can order it now at Barnes and Noble's site or wait for it to come to a bookstore near you. This book is awesome, I recommend it for any fan of the U.S. Women's Team.

Don't think Tisha is wasting her days waiting for WUSA to start up. She is playing for the California Storm, a team for the WPSL. For more info on the team, go here .

Awhile back, ya'll might remember me talking about Operation Thank You Tisha, a thing Elaine(the same one who brought you the awesome music video of Tish)thought up. Well, if you participated in it, you got the opportunity to join your fellow Tish fans and Tisha herself in an exclusive chat on June 6th, 2000. If you didn't participate or forgot about the chat or whatever, don't be sad! There's a transcript out now and you can read the whole thing for yourself HERE! . Enjoy! I, personally, think it's even better than the Toys R Us chat!

GREAT NEWS!!!!!!! Click here or here to read all about it!!! E-Mail me at with your thoughts on this. Do you think Tisha should've gone somewhere else or do you like SF? Wanna see a cool video clip of WUSA's press conference? Go here .

I suggest you all check out Elaine's(the creator of the awesome Team USA site)new USWNT community. It's a great place for fans to hang out and chat, and she even added a place for Tisholics like myself. Here you go!

I've divided my page up into smaller pages. I have an information page , a news page a new pics page , a links page , a quotes page , a a second page for various info and pics , a page for her Toys R Us chat , and a page for the pictures from Interview Magazine PLEASE be sure to sign my guestbook!

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