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Jesus Said, "When You Have Done It To The Least of These You Have Done It Unto Me"

Homeless Outreach

Bringing Lunch to the Park for the Homeless

Nathan & Stephanie Ministering on the Street

Reaching Out With the Love of Jesus

Bro. Zimmer Makes a Friend

Sis. Zimmer Serves Hot Lunch She Made For the Homeless

Getting Lunch




Each week we take food, clothes, socks, gloves, shoes, toiletries, bibles, love and compassion to those who have found themselves in a hard situation. Sometimes things are hard, but no one should have to live without clean food and water, or love and respect.
May God Bless all those who are involved.

Some suggestions for those who want to help the homeless:
Always carry gift cards to restaurants like McDonalds, Burger King, Wendys, etc. and hand them out if someone approaches you for help or money. At least they will be able to get a hot meal. Save your old clothes and shoes & donate them to someone who has an outreach program. Contact your local shelters if you have time or things to donate. Pray for all those who are lost and hurting. Pray for those who are reaching out to those less fortunate.

Pastor Meehan