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Full Name: Travis John Tanberg (TJ)

Nickname: Scat Man

Date of Birth: March 4, 1974 -- Aurora, Colorado (raised in Littleton)

Marital Status: Single

Parents: John and Candi Tanberg

Siblings: Tammy and Cheryl

Height/Weight: 6 ft. 2 / 200


Movie: Shawshank Redemption


Actor: Mel Gibson

Actress: Meg Ryan

Car: Trucks

Sport: Hockey and Golf

Foods: Pizza

Place: anywhere in the mountains

Hobbies: Flyfishing and Flytying

NHL team: Colorado Avalanche

NHL player: John LeClair

Music: Country

Other Comments from TJ

Fave thing about Tallahassee: wearing shorts in December

Fans of Tallahassee Tiger Sharks: Very generous and dedicated. Interested in the players as individuals as much as athletes

Started playing hockey when 4

TJ's motto: Slow down, take a look around, don't let the world pass you by.

(Thanks TJ for answering all these questions!!)

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