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A Mother's Role
by S. Zimmerman

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The role of being mother
Is a quite demanding one,

It requires a lot of patience
For you're always on the run

There are dishes and the laundry
And a baby dear to rock;

And, oh, yes, you must start dinner!
You forgot to watch the clock.

Now there's cleaning and there's baking,
But the baby's crying, too.

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For sometimes it seems she knows
When Mother has too much to do.

And when it's time to go away
She sets up quite a squall.

She doesn't like to get dress up
To go outside at all.

It seems at inconvenient times
Is when she wants to eat,

And when she's very, very tired
She will not go to sleep.

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A mother's role requires skill
At working with one hand,

For sometimes you're holding baby
While you tend the frying pan.

And sometimes work just has to wait
For Baby must come first.

Mother needs God's strength and wisdom
When things are at their worst.

But Mother's role has great rewards
And lots of fun times, too --

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When Baby smiles and laughs at you
And even starts to coo.

And when that chubby little hand
Is wrapped around your finger,

Her eyelids closed so peacefully --
You always have to linger

To plant a kiss upon her cheek
And stroke her silky hair,

And you know that Mother's role's the best
To be found anywhere.


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