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1.  Found in Idaho Potato
2.  A precious metal Gold
3.  Carpenters do this Pound
4.  A kitchen measure Cup
5.  A calendar supplies this one Date
6.  A mouse would like this Cheese
7.  Used to wash a car Sponge
8.  Eaten by cherubs Angel
9.  You drink it in the morning to wake up Coffee
10.  One particular boy was made of this Gingerbread
11.  This one is topsy-turvey Upside-down
12  This one is cowardly Yellow
13.  This one is for a special, once in lifetime day Wedding
14.  Monkeys would like this Banana
15.  This is not tall Short
16.  Little girls are made of this Sugar & Spice
17.  Something done in baseball Bundt
18.  This one is made of  fabric Sheet
19.  From a tree in the South Sea Islands Coconut or Coconut Rum
20.  A rabbits favorite food Carrot
21.  Eaten by demons Devils Food
22.  Little boys play with these Marbles