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A Mother's Prayer
by M. Yoder

Today my son walked by my side
on toddling, shaky feet.
He turned his face and smiled at me
with baby's smile so sweet.

My mother heart was nearly rent.
Oh, can it really be
My little baby has grown up
to take a walk with me?

He wasn't little very long;
my baby grew so fast.
I shrink from thinking of how soon
his babyhood will pass.

And then I think in soberness
how little time is mine
To mold his tender life for God;
his character refine.

I pray to be like Hannah was
installing godly fear.
That he might always do what's right
without his mother near.

Oh God, this is too great a task
for me to bear along.
Give me the strength to teach him truth
before the years have flown.



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