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Here's the scoop on the intercooler and the ram air

I made the intercooler scoop after the fin that sits under the KB intercooler loosened and flew off at 120 MPH. No one died but I felt confident that there must be a better way. I wanted something that could bolt on using the intercooler bolts since I found that welding aluminum can be difficult and I didn't want some poor soul ruining the intercooler. I believe the old fin caused a spinning motion in front of the cooler instead of actually increasing air pressure. I could be wrong but I doubt it. I took the intercooler with a scoop mold made out of cardboard to a metal fabrication shop. They made it out of stainless since I thought it would be a little stronger than the aluminum. It came out real nice and there is a possibility of making more out of aluminum or stainless if some of the members with the KB air to air want one. It fits just infront of the old fin and I believe you can install it without removing the old fin(just bend the fin up against the scoop after its installed) and intercooler(remove intercooler bolts and slide the scoop around until it fits up against the intercooler and reinstall the bolts). I prefered to have my old fin welds ground off for a neater look. It sits higher than the intercooler pipes. I also drilled a little hole in the intercooler bracket and scoop for a small bolt on the passenger side since the bolts on that side are far away and the scoop wasnt tight against the cooler. It cost 79.00 but the owner told me that he would reduce the price somewhat if a group purchase was made since he had the mold. If your interested Email me.


After the intercooler scoop came out so well I thought I would try the ram air. I have to say everything that I have done on the ram air I feel good about but its not finished. The pipe is held in place with a couple of hose clamps around the driving light bracket. It sits down about half way since I was scared to hang it down below the bumper. I am still looking for a scoop for the pipe. I saw the one KB had in one of there catalogs on a Syclone. They said it was off a Mustang. Since I have the KB air to air and a KB cold air kit ,I thought I all I could do was connect the air under the car to the cold air kit through the fender. I went to Home Depot and found an aluminum heater pipe that was not flexible but was made up of sliding parts to get the shape you want. I bought two and a can of foam insulation. I bent the bottom of the fender where the pipe went in a little to open up for the pipe. I then bent the pipe a little and slid it in. I used a small sheetmetal screw to hold it in place. USE GLOVES if you use the foam insulation. It is easy to form and use but will stick on your hands for days if you let it dry. It expands probably three times its undry state. So make room for the expansion. I would use some on something else and make sure I was comfortable with it and understood what it dries like and how easy it is to remove when its wet or dry before I used it. I foamed around the opening at the bottom of the fender and it sealed hard and tight. I also used it inside the fenderwell behind the cold air kit to seal it off. I used metal tape inside the fender to seal off the little holes( I would like to try something else here but have run out of ideas). If you arent willing to open up the fenderwell where the KB kit sits against the fender I dont think you will get enough air to the air cleaner. I screwed the Kb kit to the fender by using a sheetmetal screw into an exhisting screw hole opening after I opened up the hole a little on the fender. The last thing I did was seal off the air cleaner opening in the KB cold air kit. I went to a plumbing parts house and bought a 6" rubber end cap. It was a littlte deep so I cut about a half inch off and then used the hose clamp it came with. I also cut a round hole in it for the air cleaner pipe(2.5"?) to fit in. If your not willing to do all of this I would at least use the rubbercap to keep it drawing air from the fender only. Marty Smith (TY #1122 ISTA) gave me the rubber cap idea (thanks Marty!).

If all this sounds confusing sorry, maybe the pics will help.





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