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The Former History Page of Skurvy the Clown

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What happens when you mix boredom, nominal talent, bad attitudes, incredible record collections and 2 handfuls of sarcasm or HOW SKURVY THE CLOWN GOT STARTED. As told by Alberto.

"You'll never do it"

It started on a dare. Chuckles and I were on the steps of the fine arts building at Brevard Community College (BCC) hanging out with the arty crowd that gathered there between classes. We kept talking about putting together a Punk band, just for shits and giggles. We already jammed with this friend of ours named Gregg who more or less paid us to be in his band. Not much mind you, but there are worse ways to make less money. So, one day we were talking about this purported punk band, and the guitar player for Chukles band at the time, said, "You'll never do it and even if you do, you will never get a gig." He was referring to the few weeks I had left before my contract with the Navy was to take effect. In that moment, Skurvy was born. The name came later, but the attitude took hold.

What's in a name?

We had this bass player named Jason Walker, whom no one remembers fondly, jamming with us at Gregg's house. He became our defacto bass player. Too much effort to look elsewhere. He didn't add much to the band except a few songs and worked really well as our verbal punching bag. We had been kicking around names for a few days and nothing stood out. Gregg had suggested Pogo the Clown, after John Wayne Gacy, but it didn't feel right, despite all the children stashed in the crawl space at Gregg's house.

Now, neither one of can recall exactly who said it first, but we both laughed. Deep full bodied laughs when one of us said "Skurvy the Clown". Chuckles and I were at the Kentucky Fried Chicken drive thru in Merritt Island where I was attempting unsuccessfully to hook up with a girl who worked there.

Oddly, enough, we're all pretty sick of telling that story, so if you ask, don't be surprised if the questions not deferred to another band member who'll say, "Chuckles tells it better than I do."

Earth Day/We sound like old REM

Ten days after the dare, we had a show! Earth Day at BCC. I found the guy who was in charge of organizing it and got us tacked onto the bill at the last minute. I lied I said we did some songs about the environment, that we sounded like old REM and a little like early U2. We were the last ones to go on. Everybody got a twenty minute set. We played ten songs. The set list was as follows:

For My Lover (Tracy Chapman)
I'm In College
Rubber Baby Bop (Ramones)
Coulda Been Me (Social Distortion)
Somebody Put Something in My Drink (Ramones)
We're too Old to Live With Our Mother (Jason Walker)
If Karma was a Pick-Up Truck
Opie's Got a Boner

I know, that's only 9 songs but I can't remember the tenth.

And the rest is history! That is the end at least of Alberto's story.

Would you like to get your very own copy of "If I Was Married To Courtney"? Then contact Chuckles at

Recently Skurvy and Gerbilwafer got together to record some of their favorite songs in a compilation CD. The CD is titled The Lewinsky EP. Here you see a glimpse of the recording session.From left to right Mookie, Chuckles and Rob.

If you want to obtain your own copy of the CD you can. You can get one at any local show for $5.00 or $6.00 postpaid to Apathy, Inc. PO Box 1681 Cocoa, FL 32923. 


 Robyn Blair R.I.P. 1948-1999.

Here is Chuckles in action. Look at those legs!!!


The man hiding there behingd the drums or at least trying to hide behind them is the loudest member of the band Alberto

From left to right: Rob, Alberto and Chuckles

You have just been SKURVIED

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