go here for an interview with luscious jackson about the bboys

"now, in retrospect, i think they're brilliant orators and storytellers. if we ever do a new 3rd bass record, i might have to put an apology song on there." mc serch

"sabotage is the greatest music video. it was the first time a band that had worked so hard to be taken seriously could put on funny costumes-and still be taken seriously." jake fogelnest

"sabotage was a finely aged appenzell gruyere." nathaniel hornblower

"if it wasn't for the beastie boys, hip hop would never have reached the glorious state that it's in today." qtip

"my son d'son, saw the 'intergalactic' video on mtv, so i had to buy him a microphone and take him to the beastie's concert. now he runs through the house screaming beastie's 24/7 claiming he's the 4th member." DMC

"the beastie boys have shown great personal integrity and energy in discovering and speaking out for the tibetan's cause. they have brought knowledge of one of the greatest tragedies of the 20th century to millions of young people." robert thurman

"i don't care what anybody says-the beastie boys are for real. i'd love to go on tour with them because they know hhow to put on a show." jermaine dupri

"when the beasties put together punk rock riffs and knockout punk rock tracks, it's authentic early 80s hardcore. it's as good as minor threat, faith, reagan youth, and the circle jerks." rancid

"those were some bugged out gentlemen." grandmasterflash

"the beastie boys to rap music was the flipside of what jackie robinson was to baseball." chuck d (well i think i got that quote correct.)

juvenile on 'paul revere' "i love that beastie boys song. if i was gonna do a song over, that would be the one."

BEASTIE BOYS INTERGALACTIC shirley manson:"beastie boys!" butch vig: "thumbs up. this is one of the more bizarre tracks they've put out. i can't even understand everything they're singing through the vocoder but it's got a vibe." manson:"it's irresistible. two bees up, as we scots like to say."

"we weren't trying to be down and the beasties were the same way. they were like, hey we ain't trying to be you, don't worry about it, we're just gonna do some songs about motherfuckin pirates robbin ships." everlast

beastie boys and courtney love...a love story excerpt from spin mag***Love's prickly personality exploded backstage-when hoping to bond with a enlightened adam yauch-the would be spiritualist dropped by the beastie boys dressing room with her yoga instructor in tow. the hole frontwoman, apparently not realizing that the beasties were onstage accepting an award at the time, took their absence personally, cursing up a holy storm (fucking attitudinal assholes...) right in front of her yogi, who later returned to apologize for her temperamental pupil.

a lil expert of an interview jake fogelnest of the now defunct squirt tv (ohh swwooonnn)did with bis...whatever...i just thought it was funny.

JOHN DISCO -- No, it's MIKE D!
JOHN DISCO---- Brother Mike.
JAKE--- Does it bother you that you're on a label that a really, really old man runs?
SCI-FI STEVEN--- Yeah. He's a business man.
JAKE--- He's REALLY old isn't he?
SCI-FI STEVEN -- He's going on 45.
JOHN DISCO -- 45-50.
JAKE ---- 50-60-70.
SCI-FI STEVEN --- He's still got that essence of a young man. You'd think he was 30 or something.
JAKE-- Grand Royal's like ANCIENT!
SCI-FI STEVEN -- We were like intimidated by them `cause they know far too much.

WHAT THE ALMIGHTY COLIN (WHO FEELS HE MUST EMAIL ME ABOUT TWENTY TIMES A WEEK TO EXPRESS HIS BEASTIE OPINIONS)THINKS~"Beastie Boys are annoying. They need to start acting their ages and quit prancing around in orange jumpsuits. They suck and should be locked up away in a cave where they never will be seen again. Beastie Boy fans are worse then all those teenybop boy band fans and your page expresses this notion above all others!!!"

thank you. i try.

colin seems to like to annoy me about beastie boys and i'm sure he wants to annoy you too. email him here

another one from MC serch
Back in their early Def Jam days, did you ever party with the Beastie Boys in their younger, saucier days?
Nah. What? They hated us. I mean we dissed them. They hated us. Sons of 3rd Bass, know what I'm sayin'? We tried to sun them. They definitely weren't happy with us. There was one instance with Pete Nice at a barber shop, where the Witz (Adam Horovitz) came in, the same barber shop, and at this time me and Pete were just rebel rousing them, and in the shop Pete don't say shit to him. And I'll never forget that because we read an interview in SPIN and Ad-Rock said that shit, 'Yeah, I saw that kid Pete Nice gettin' his hair cut and he didn't have jack shit say.' I mean, what's that? I known Mike D. When I first signed to Def Jam I went to see Mike when he lived on the same block as Russell, and this is why I diss them, and I was like, "What's the science on Russell?" I was lookin' to get the scoop to protect myself. And Mike gave me really concerned answers, but when I said goodnight I was like, 'Thanks a lot, man, I appreciate this, I'll talk to you soon.' And he started laughin' and throwing shit at me. Like playin' around. So then we diss him and then this motherfucker says in a magazine that I came to his crib and he opened up his window and started throwin' shit at me. Whatever. Over the years I've become real cool with MCA and I respect what he's doin' and, you know, we all grew up. Mike D, I think really has a respect for the records I put out, I know he liked the OC record and the Nas. So I feel like my relationship with them has grown. I haven't talked to Horovitz, but I heard he has no nice things to say about me still. It's all good, 'cause I was an asshole. I became an asshole. Fame really got to me. We weren't kickin' back no Budweisers back then, it was definitely some wartime shit.