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Boca Grande Art Alliance

P.O. Box 979
Boca Grande, FL 33921-0979

Phone: 941-964-1700

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This page will contain updates between newsletters and unexpected items of interest. Please check here often for important news releases.

Last updated September 30, 2005


The 2004-2005 workshops were a great success. We expect more of the same for 2005-2006. The brochures were mailed September 28, 2005. If you did not receive one, please call the office at 964-1700.

Click here to see what Workshops we have this season.

Artist of the Month

In February 2001 we added a new feature....Artist of the Month. Our feature artist this month is Carolann George.To find out more about Carolann Click here

To view the articles and photos of previous artists of the month click on the name below:

Midge Calahan

Harriet Christakos

Sherren Baughman

Grace Alzamora

Mariana Alzamora

Larry Anderson

Cecilia Jonsson-Bisset

The 2004-2005 Season

The 2004-2005 season is underway. We have a variety of fantastic Workshops on the schedule. Please plan to take advantage of the wonderful opportunities offered by your organization.

"Wildlife of Boca Grande"

The "Wildlife of Boca Grande" books are now available. There are 20 full color illustrations by local artists with descriptions of the wildlife by Delores Savas. It is a perfect companion piece to the Poet Book (see below). They are both available at the Boca Grande Art Alliance office and local galleries and at the Art Shows for $15.00. There are still a few copies signed by all the artists for $30.00.

Third Annual Associates' and Workshop Students' Show

April 2nd and 3rd of 2005 marked the Third Annual Associates' And Workshop Students' Show at the library. The participation was outstanding and the crowd was excellent. By any measure a great event. The weather was threatening Saturday morning but it cleared up beautifully for the rest of the weekend. John Harris once again had an outstanding selection of his hand-carved and painted wildlife.

2005 Spring Show Turnout Sensational!

Once again the Spring Show held in conjunction with the Women's Club Fair was blessed by beautiful weather. By all accounts this was a stunning success.

James Bond with artist Jane Carlson.

2004 Art At Home Tour

Over 200 lucky people had the opportunity to view the art in six of Boca Grande's finest homes. We once again wish to thank these homeowners for their participation. We plan to hold this event again in February 2006 so mark your calendars.

What A Great Party!

We heard this so many times the evening of December 10, 2003 at the Christmas party. Sandi and Tommy Irvine were extremely generous to offer their gorgeous home for the event. Wonderful food and such a warm congenial group. This is what makes the Art Alliance such a wonderful organization.

Seventh Annual Art Walk Turnout Surprising!

With 20 exhibitors, the 2004 Art Walk was a smaller show this year but the crowd was far more impressive than last year and everyone was excited. Perhaps this proves that even four hurricanes can not squash the Boca Grande Community Spirit!! The event this year once again was held on the property between Hudsons and the Boca Beacon. We wish to thank Leslie and Marcellyn Diaz again for their generosity allowing us to use this space. Your Art Alliance continues to grow each year. Be sure to keep up with the events by returning often to

2003 Painted Pieces, Etc. Auction A Stunning Success!

The picture tells the story. The Power House was bursting at the seams with enthusiastic supporters. By my estimate the crowd was larger for this auction than in 2001. By any measure this was a fantastic event. I hope you were there.

Fantastic Turnout For 2005 "Valentine's" Show

Just as in 2003 the red tide was a feature of the weekend but did wane a bit to allow the show to be successful. This year the show was once again for exhibiting members only and was quite successful. There will be an associates show later in the spring. Check your newsletter or call Carlene for details.

The new track lighting and ceiling fans were a welcome improvement and simplified setup and breakdown.

Poets of Boca Grande

This wonderful collection of works from Boca Grande poets and artists is still available.

Several members have found these make a perfect gift for house guests. Weeks later, as they delight in the poems and paintings, fond memories of their visit are stirred.
The price remains $15.00 including tax and they are available at the Art Alliance office. Please call ahead so your order can be prepared.

Carlene Stewart

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