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Renner Motorports is the creation of it's driver, Dave Renner, of Mason, Ohio. If being a racer is a condition, Dave certainly has it. He has raced everything from karts to bikes to stockers. He's turned only left, he has turned right and left, and also just gone straight on occasion. He has achieved success in all of his racing endeavors.

Dave's career started at the early age of 3 in go-karts. Dave then moved on to dirt bikes. Since he grew up near Queen City Speedway it was a natural that he wanted to race at the track, which is now closed. "I rode my bicycle to the track and rooted for Dave Jackson, Gene Harsh and Glenn Allen, but I had to be home by dark, so I never got to see who won!", said Renner. Dave and boyhood friend, Freddy Hall, started helping Brent Robertson. Then with the help of Glenn Allen, they built a mini for Freddy Hall. "We really didn't have a clue about the cost of racing, we thought we were going to hit the track for $800." said Renner.

After graduating from the University of Kentucky, Dave started his racing career again. Dave started driving at Queen City in an old Dodge Daytona Sportsman car which had previously belonged to Dave Jackson. After Queen City closed Dave quenched his thirst for speed with some go-kart racing and a little drag racing, however, it didn't fill the void. After building a Firebird, Renner returned to competition at Shady Bowl Speedway, where he competed for 3 seasons. After that the fun continued at Kil-Kare Speedway.

After achieving success at local short tracks like Shady Bowl and Kil-Kare, the team's next assault was on the infamous 1/2 mile high banks of Winchester Indiana. 1997 brought a new opportunity for Dave and the Renner Motorsports team. After a year of construction and development work on the team's new #51 Nascar racer, Dave and the team were optimistic about the upcoming season at Winchester Speedway. Renner commented, "It's a new track, a new car and a new motor combination, but I know we're ready for the challenge. I hope to be a strong contender during the 98 season. Regardless, I am sure of one thing, it will be anything but boring." Renner Motorsports began working with sponsors, who benefitted from the high degree of visibility that Dave and the car were now enjoying.


The new car featured a unique state of the art Rusty Foley Chassis, based on a 108" Pontiac Grand Prix. Power roared from a 406 c.u., 14 to 1 Bobby Jacks Chevy. Most of the Nascar Super Stocks are based on a older, larger G.M. chassis. The new Renner Motorsports car offered some distinct aerodynamic advantages, but lost some advantage in the track width. However, Renner Motorports thought that this was the wave of the future and looked for success after the bugs were worked out.

The highlight of the 1998 season was winning the Anchor Glass feature on August 22. Dave commented: "We had a great season. We ran strong all year and we finished races." The AE Door Pontiac was a factor each and every race. "We've won a lot of races, but to win at Winchester is no doubt the biggest win of my career."


 AE Door

Bob Williams Ford

Smith Trailers

Schaeffer's Specialized Lubricants

 Bob's Braided Lines

 County Line Mulch

 Renner Transport

 Valco Cincinnati

In 1999 they moved into the ARCA super car series with optimism, and eagerly sought the challenge of racing in this premier division. Renner Motorsports is always looking to the future with new goals and challenges, and takes the plunge into a new series, a new car, and even several new crew members. The new car is a former Jeremy Mayfield #37 Ford Thunderbird, Banjo Mathews chassis, and a 730 HP RDI/SVO Ford engine built by Jeff Collin in Mooresville, NC. Sponsors included AE Door, Kings Ford, Smith Trailers, and Bob's Braided Lines.

The team also acquired a Super Speedway car, the former Cale Yarborough owned, John Andretti driven Ford shown here. This car is being prepared to enable Dave to compete on ARCA's super speedway schedule as well as on the short tracks. This added venue will showcase the team and it's sponsors on a much larger scale than ever possible before.

"Our goals for this year aren't to set the world on fire, but to learn the new tracks, and what the car wants to make it handle. We hope to qualify for all our races and run in the top 15, and if we can sneak into the top 10 on occasion, it would be a good year."

Dave Renner and Renner Motorsports anticipate the challenges facing them. At this point Renner Motorsports will be running a 5 to 9 race schedule, depending on corporate backing. The future looks bright for this new year, and Dave will face it, as always, sideways, and with the tires on fire.

Dave is also the host of "Pit Talk" on WMOH 1450 AM. It is the only local 'call in' racing show in Cincinnati. WMOH is also a Motorsports Racing Network affiliate which carries all the NASCAR Cup races, Truck races and the whole M.R.N. talk show schedule. You can listen and bench race with Dave every Thursday evening between 7 and 9 p.m. (The phone number for the show is 868-9664)

To Contact Renner Motorsports:
309 Bainbridge Ct.
Mason, Ohio 45040
(513) 573-0051


Dave Renner:

Hometown: Mason, OH
D/O/B: May 17, 1964
Height: 6'
Weight: 215
Marital Status: Single
Children: None/ Cat named Clifford
Occupation: Owner, Renner Transport, Inc.


Special Thanks:

Rusty Foley, Bob Ryan
Glenn Allen Jr. & Sr, Bobby Jacks Racing Engines
Advanced Suspension, Ron Richards
Bill Renner


Crew members:

 Bill Renner

 Dave Renner

 Leah Wilson

 Tom Fischer, crew chief

 Terry Garvin

 Bruce Garvin

 Jim Godby

 Chris Streng

 Kirk Troescher

 Annette Troescher

 Gary Hall

 Gary Teeters

 Carroll Hargis


1999 ARCA Bondo Mar Hyde Super Car Series Race results:

July 30, 1999 Kil-Kare Speedway: In Dave's premier in the ARCA super car series, he qualified for the race. An early pit stop with radio trouble put Dave down three laps, and from there he raced with, and challenged, many of the established names in this series. By the race end, Dave had climbed back to fourteenth place, a large achievement in this series.

July 31, 1999 Flat Rock Speedway, Michigan, Dave again qualified for the race. Another early pit stop, again with radio trouble, cost Dave three laps. Dave was climbing back through the field again, when he was hit in the rear and the side, and was spun to the infield, which was still soaked from an earlier rain shower. Dave had to wait until a tow truck could pull him from the infield, at which point he resumed a march through the field, and finished 18th.