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Reiki Symbols

The Reiki Symbols - This has been the most controversial and sensitive topic surrounding Reiki. For many, many years the symbols have been shouded in secret shared only from Master to Student. Diane Stein,

in her book "Essential Reiki" changed this.

Now the secret symbols of the world of Reiki, were revealed to the world. Many feel that her decision to end the secrecy was wrong. In my opinion, the symbols are of no use without the attunements, therefore, what harm is in sharing this information. There are other sources of these symbols on the interet today. I am giving you examples of each symbol for you knowledge as well as examples of how to use them in your Reiki practices.

There are many variations on the symbols. You can use other symbols if you prefer them, you are not limited to use the symbols that were used during your attunement, the symbols represent an energy, they are a symbol. This is why there are various alterations within the Reiki world and yet all symbols work the same, it is the representation of the symbols that give them their power.

No. 1. Power Symbol = Cho ku Rei

No. 2. Mental Emotional = Sei he ki

No. 3. Distance = Hon sha ze sho nen

No. 4. Master = Dai ku Myo

The names of the symbols are the Mantra's that go with the symbol.

1. FOCUS The Power boost Symbol Cho Ku Rei Cho ku rei (cho koo ray) (long o in cho ) is used to increase the power of Reiki . This energy has been used to clear rooms and crystals and to charge food and water.

2. HARMONY The Mental and Emotional Healing Symbol Sei He Ki (say hay key) . The mental-emotional function is used to heal on a mental/emotional level. It is often used for healing unwanted habits or for programming in desired habits.

3. CONNECTION The Distance Healing Symbol Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen (hawn shaw zay show nen). It is used for healing from a distance and treating Issues from the past, present or future, including past life issues.


4. EMPOWERMENT The Spiritual Empowerment or Master Symbol Dai Ku Myo (dye koo myo, (mm yoh long o ). It activates a powerful energy for Self Empowerment it is used for opening Spiritual connection and intuition and cellular healing. Once you are attuned for this energy I reccomend using it for treating yourself and others each time you activate Reiki . It is said to work at the cellular and genetic levels. Many people have found that the reiki Attunement particularly to this Reiki tool increases the intuitive and psychic awareness. It connects us with our higher self and to God. To use for manifestation, you activate this energy and clearly visualize what you intend to manifest this will not bring you things that are not in accord with your high self and soul purpose. You can also use a Manifestation Grid to bring to you what you seek.

The Dai ku Myo is also known as the Master Symbol. This is the energy that the Reiki master activates to do the Attunements that make the Reiki energies permanently accessible to the new practitioner.

There is one more symbol, that is used in passing attunements from Master to Student. It is the Raku, it isn't used by most traditional teaching, but has been used by modern day Masters. It's use is to ground the receiver to the Reiki energies. It is used to seperate the attuner from the attunee at the end of the attunement process.

It has also been used to seperate you from a person or situation that you feel is threatening or oppressing you. It can be used as a protection symbol, to keep out what you wish to deflect away from yourself. Simply draw the symbol between yourself and the person you wish to create space between. If it is a protection, you use it at the boundaries of your property or room walls if it is for an inside space. If it is from a situation, you can write the problem on a paper as a surrogate to represent it and then place the paper in front of you and then draw the symbol between you and the paper. It has even been used to help lose weight, by drawing it directly on your body, on the areas you wish to have reduced, stating your intention to remove the extra weight. Or it can be used to keep you away from things that are unhealthy for you, such as snack foods, cigaretees, bad habits of any kind.

It can also be used to ground you to the earth and if drawn in reverse, from bottom to top, it can help you in leaving your physical body during meditation and for out of body experiences.

These are the Reiki symbols for level 2 and 3. How to use them? There are many ways, following is examples of how to use them.

Distance treatment

Some ways of doing distance energy treatments with Reiki

There are several ways to do a distant healing. First select a method

Some people use a photo or drawing as a focus or direct the energies by imagining the person as laying on your thigh or putting a pillow on your lap to represent the recipient.

You can imagine the person as being between your hands and either mentaly go through the hand positions or just send the Reiki to the healee's entire being with the intention that it go where needed.

Another technique is to substitute your body for theirs putting your hands and or intention on your body and intending that the energies run to them in those places. I usually just say the persons name and if I know it location and intend that the energies go to them for their highest good. I do also state what the problem is and ask for pain relief if that is wanted in addition to healing as pain relief and healing are not the same thing and spirit, that is healing energies and angels and such do not always seem to understand all that much about pain (they don't have bodies). I do specify the body area some of the time but where needed most, most of the time.

The most important symbol in distant healing is the 3rd symbol which allows you to bridge time and space. Draw the distant healing symbol on the photo, surrogate (whatever you have chosen to use) and say the name of the symbol (mantra) three times. Now Draw the 2nd symbol, and repeat it's mantra three times. Then draw the 1st symbol, the power symbol and repeat it's mantra three times. Now you may begin sending Reiki engery to the surrogate. (If you have been attuned to receive the level 3 energies, you would also use the master symbol during distant healing)

In distance treatments the energy often just runs until it's done. Some Teachers suggest a 15 minute session for distance work . I have had the energy run as long as two hours. I reacitvate the energies if my attention and intention wanders so far off that the energies shut down or whenever I feel that I should.

When the energies stop running. I end the treatment by honoring what we have intended gently releasing the connection and thanking any angels guides. I clear and release any excess or uneeded energies that may have accumulated or stuck to me.

You can send Reiki to more than one person at a time by using a stack. Distant healing stacks don't change the amount of Reiki energy, only how it is delivered.

Because you are sending to more than one person there is an amplification of the energy.

Since the amount of energy is increased, a distant healing stack will take the same amount of time as 1 person.. Stacks send out more energy than normal single distant healings. The greatest thing about this technique is that you can place yourself in the stack at the same time as other people even put yourself on top.

You may put inanimate things in a stack after the people, but please don't put them before. Remember to get permisson from all people included in the stack.


Determine what you will use as a surrogate. Use all the Reiki symbols to empower something fully. You could just draw a Master symbol and be done with it. But by using all the symbols for every empowerment helps the Reiki guides to understand you want all the energies when you empower.

Trace a Distant Symbol, say it's name as usually 3x & empower it with a Power Symbol and say it's name 3x with the intent to do a Reiki Distant Healing Stack.


  I recomend using a statement like,

"I would now like to send Reiki healing energy to _______ for their greatest and highest good."

Trace a Power Symbol with that person in mind. Continue to add the people one by one with the affirmation and trace a power symbol for each one.

When you get done with people, you can move right along to inanimate objects.

When finished with the levels in the stack, trace an emotional symbol and empower it with the power symbol with the intent that the energy be available for all in the stack who need it.

Finish off the stack and seal it with a very large power symbol and press it all down.

A Reiki stack with all of the people and inmate objects will take no more than 15 minutes. Sometimes only five or ten minutes.

End the healing session as usual.

There are other ways to use the symbols, following is a collection of uses.

Taken from the Archives for the Reiki-Info-Pool at

Techniques for using the First Symbol

Drawn or visualised under the hands to 'switch on' and 'switch off' the reiki flow.[Matthew]

Drawn or visualised over individual chakras to energise them. [Matthew]

Drawn or visualised to dispell negative energy in a room or anywhere. [Matthew]

Drawn visualised or stirred into food or drink to energise it. [Matthew]

I literally "throw it around" to clear rooms [Karen]

I offer it to people, often on a sub-consciuos level, if it looks as if they need it. [Karen]

I also use it to seal any distant healing and attunement.  [Karen]

Techniques for using the Second Symbol I interpret the second symbol to be a stylised sillouette of a head looking left. The third and fourth strokes I see as the crown chakra, and the rear of the third eye chakra respectively.[Matthew]

I will often draw it on myself if I am distressing about things.  [Karen]

1] Mental Treatment - method submitted by [Matthew Berry]

Right hand over the person's crown and left hand over their causal chakra [behind the head, covering the occipital lobe of the brain]. Only the right hand draws the following symbols. Draw and name #1, wait for reiki build up draw and name #2, repeat recipient's name three times, and say three times 'i send this reiki mental treatment to the cause of fred's.....' Visualise a wave of intense white light flowing from your hand into their skeleton from their head down to the toes and back up to the head. Then a second wave fills their entire body, before flowing back to the head. Then a third wave fills the body, and expands out until it encompasses the entire universe. Visualise and name #1 under you right hand stay in position for about ten minutes. Draw and name #1 to close the treatment.

Techniques for using the Third Symbol

Have you tried using your body to represent the person...either you put your hand on that bit and so you would put your hand on your knee and say 'this knee is Karen's knee in Ipswich and i send reiki to her at a time that is appropriate for her own highest good....etc...' [Karen]

1] Distant Treatment - method submitted by Matthew Berry

I find that it is easiest when I don't use a doll or anything, just visualisation, as it allows me to grow or reduce and turn the recipient. For example if I know that they have a kidney stone, I will visualise them getting bigger until they're about twice life size, and literally put my hands around the stone. Over a pillow, doll, picture, or just a bit of air name and draw #1.Wait to feel Reiki. When you feel it then visualise the recipient between your hands/as the doll etc.... Draw #3 over them, name it three times, and say three times 'i send this distant reiki treament to jeff in london to be received at a time when it is safe for him to do so' Visualise #1 over the recipient and name it. Begin the treatment. If you want to send a distant mental, then visualise the recipient lying in position and follow the instructions exactly as before.  at the end of the treatment draw and name #1  

2] Distant Mental Treatment - method submitted by Matthew Berry

It is imperative that you ensure that they will receive this treatment when it is safe to do so because even a distant mental can knock a person for six! Follow the instructions above up until 4. Visualise #1 over the recipient and name it. Enlarge the recipient to life size, imagining their head in your lap. Place your hands on their crown and back of head respectively and follow the instructions for a mental *

3] Sending Reiki to Issues - method submitted by Matthew Berry

Have your hands resting on a cushion on your lap, palms facing each other. Visualise #1 between them, feel the Reiki build up. Visualise the issue or situation [eg an interview] between your hands. Draw #3 over it and name it three times, and say three times 'I send this distant reiki treatment to the issue of my job interview tomorrow'. No need for the 'for my highest good' stuff because reiki only does things for your highest good. Visualise #1 over the issue and name it. Continue giving reiki for about ten minutes or until the flow ceases. As your energy grows and you develop more and more, you will find that issues take less and less Reiki because your life is on track!

4] Distant Treatment - method submitted by [Colin Powell]

Here is a technique that I use for sending distant Reiki:

If I have a photo, I draw the symbols over it. If not I try to visualise the person or think of something that reminds me of that person. If I do not know the person, I say their name and their location. Visualise CKR (repeat the name x3). Visualise HSZSN (repeat the name x3). Visualise CKR (repeat the name x3). Feel the energy begin to flow. Intend that Reiki flow to "Joe Bloggs in Anytown, Anywhere, for the Highest Good, to be received when it is safe to >do so, and continue to flow until he has what he needs". I have several methods of doing the actual treatment, including:    a) Using a surrogate (a cuddly chimpanzee, called Reiki *lol*)     b) Hold the whole person in my cupped hands and send to whole body. c) Hold out my hands and imagine each position on the person in turn, underneath my hands. Say thank you to the Universe. Visualise CKR (repeat the name x3). If I know or feel that the person needs some help on the mental/emotional >level then after step 3, I visualise SHK (say the name x3) and follow it >with CKR (say name x3).

5] Distant Treatment - method submitted by Light and Adonea - Homepage

The simplest technique for sending Reiki to someone at a distance, is through the use of a photo; a first generation 'Polaroid' is best; the more a photo is copied, the weaker the energy connection to that person through the photo. But with the use of Reiki symbols, that connection can be strengthened. Physically draw the three symbols (with writing instrument or with finger and always say the names of each symbol three times) on the photo and say (mentally or verbally), "By the 'Law of Correspondence', this photo is filled with unlimited Reiki treatments". Then draw the symbols on the photo again, and say, "By the 'Law of Correspondence', this photo represents (insert name of recipient, age, location, and condition)". Then draw the symbols once more onto/over the photo, and say "By the 'Law of Correspondence', as long as I do Reiki on this photo, (insert name of recipient) also receives a complete and continuous treatment". You can then place the photo between your hands, on your heart, on each body/hand position, or any way that you have been taught or create intuitively.

6] Distant Treatment - method submitted by Light and Adonea - Homepage

One way we send treatments is by the knee/thigh method: we draw the three symbols (say names of each three times) on our right knee and we say, "By the 'Law of Correspondence', my right knee represents the four head positions of (insert name of recipient)". Then we put the photo on our right knee, our hands over the photo and do Reiki as if we were doing a hands-on treatment. We hold for a minimum of five (5) minutes, or longer as guided by intuition or inner-knowing. Then we draw the three symbols (say names of each three times) on our right thigh and we say, "By the 'Law of Correspondence', my right thigh represents the four front positions of (name of recipient)". Then we put the photo on our right thigh, our hands over the photo and do Reiki as if we were doing a hands-on treatment. We hold for a minimum of five (5) minutes, or longer as guided by intuition or inner-knowing. We repeat again, this time using the left thigh to represent the four (4) back positions of the intended recipient. At this time, we can finish or if we are led to do more, we usually add the left thigh, stating our intention that it represents the 'joy' level, cause of any imbalance on any/all levels, the consciousness or awareness, or anything that we might have picked up intuitively after doing a standard treatment on all twelve (12) body/hand positions. If you feel anything amiss while doing any of the grouped body/hand positions, and you would like to find out precisely where in the recipient's body the imbalance is, you can do the following. Say that you feel something in the 'front positions' (right thigh), then you can empower each of the knees and thighs.....the right knee would represent 'front position #1', right thigh would represent 'front position #2', left knee would represent 'front position #3', and left thigh would represent 'front position #4'. You would use the symbols and names in the same way described above. This should help you to become more sensitive to the exact location of any imbalance (trauma, injury, memory, implanted thought form, etc.) and you would probably want to treat that or any other area of imbalance you may find with extra treatment time. You would increase the energy going into the recipient with any extra Power symbols that you would use, while doing Reiki on any body/hand position. This would specifically work on any imbalances you find in the physical level. And if you suspect that the causation of any problem might be on the mental, or emotional levels, you would want to add extra Mental/Emotional symbols together with extra power symbols, and the Reiki will work deeper on those levels. If you suspect that a discovered imbalance might be spiritual in nature, then it would be wise to add additional Distance symbols, along with extra Mental/Emotional and Power symbols.  

Other Treatment Techniques

1] Chakra balancing treatment - method submitted by [Karen Sweetman]

put one hand on heart chakra and other on base chakra.  Send reiki to self (give reiki....whatever you say)  Mostly one chakra is more *energetic* than the other and you wait until they both match in energy and you go onto the next one.  I always keep one hand on my heart, i do not move it because i donot like to break the link when it is established.

2] Chakra balancing treatment - method submitted by [Karen Sweetman]

put one hand on crown, other on base.  do as above.  Then swap hands, so lower goes to third eye and upper hand goes to sex chakra.  continue until you come to heart where both hands go.

3] Chakra balancing treatment - method submitted by [Matthew Berry]

Begin as for the mental treatment number one above. Place one hand under the head and the other over the chakra you wish to treat [in the case of the mental treatment this is the crown]. Follow the instructions for the mental, except that all symbols are placed on this chakra, and not the crown.   More Techniques