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Manifesting Goals

For those that wish to know this material, the teaching of Manifestation grids is as follows. There are several methods available to help use reiki and the reiki symbols to manifest goals. Advocates of these techniques feel that they can help manifest changes in your life. Manifestation practices can be done alone, or after doing a Reiki Meditation No matter what method you use to manifest goals, always be ethical in what you ask for.

Sit and relax, breathing gently and deeply. Either out loud or to yourself, say your goal. State it in such a way that their can only be one interpretation and cannot be misinterpreted. Connect to the Reiki energy. Draw the symbols on your palms. In your mind, create a mental movie, or mental image of this goal being accomplished. Draw the reiki symbols on the mental picture starting with the power symbol and ending with the power symbol. Repeat this same procedure for each goal you wish to accomplish. When you are finished, say (out loud or in your mind) "If this be possible within Divine love and wisdom, then let it be so." Finish by drawing all the reiki symbols again on the visualization and sealing it with a power symbol. Believe totally that this process is done and that this goal is already being manifested.

Another Manifestation technique is a Manifestation Triangle. This technique is a better choice for those who are not as good with visualization techniques. Also, because it involves writing, it is more concrete and can help focus you on what you truly want. The first step is to draw a triangle. At the bottom left hand corner write the person's name that this manifestation is to be for (yourself or someone else). Next, at the top of the triangle, write what you want to happen. This should be the best possible solution to the situation. The situation and person's name should be specific. You can say "This will manifest for the highest good of (person's name)". Next, at the bottom right hand corner, write the situation. After setting up your triangle, and writing out the name, solution and situation, draw a power key symbol over each corner. Draw a power symbol over the whole triangle. Place your hands on the triangle picture and do reiki on it, intending it to manifest.

Reiki Crystal Grid

The advocates of this procedure believe that a crystal grid can be created and charged with Reiki energy. These practices seem to come from new age crystal practices. It is thought that it will continue to send Reiki energy for healing, protection, or to assist with goal manifestation for several days or longer. The idea of using charged objects to bring about a desired outcome for the user or wearer is nothing new. Talismans have been used throughout recorded history.

This technique was developed to set up a continuous flow of reiki energy for healing or protection by using crystals and the reiki energy. This technique did not exist in Reiki Ryoho in Japan, and was not part of the Hayashi-Takata Usui Shiki Ryoho, but like most of the add-on's was developed after the death of Mrs. Takata.

To make the Reiki Grid you need eight crystals. (There are many books on crystal selection with rather lengthy guidelines about how to select the "perfect" crystal for you.) For our purposes, the easiest method of crystal selection is to pick the crystals up and just see how they feel to you. Try not to so much "think" about this as "feel" it. Send some reiki into the crystal and see how that feels as well, allowing your intuition to guide you. Most new age shops and many science or hobby shops sell crystals. Regular Rose Quartz, or White Quartz tumbled smooth stones are sufficient for the purpose of making this grid and are inexpensive. You will also need a picture of the person that the grid will send to or protect.

After you have the stones, they will need to be cleansed. Some crystal experts believe you should cleanse them in clear water and then leave them in the sun and moon light for a period of three days. Other experts believe it is best to place them in rock or sea salt or salt water for 24 hours. Say a prayer over them after you have put them in the salt or salt water, asking that they be purified for your highest spiritual good.

Choose a place for the Reiki Grid. The best location is one where others do not go so that the grid is not disturbed. Take the eight crystals that you have cleansed, and choose the one that seems the strongest. This will be the Master Charging Crystal. For your central (Master) crystal, you may want to choose a double terminated crystal, a cluster, a pyramid or a crystal ball. (Some practitioners conceptualize this in terms of yin and yang. You are looking for the crystal that is the most yang or having the strongest male energy.) Next, place six of the crystals at equal points around a circle about 10 to 12 inches in diameter. This creates a hexagon or six sided figure. Place the last crystal in the center. This makes seven stones in the design in total. The eighth will be used as the Master crystal. Play with the arrangement until it feels right.

This arrangement uses a six sided figure. It is possible to construct them in any geometric shape. Choose one that best represents what you are trying to accomplish.

Take a picture of yourself or the person that you want to send reiki to. Draw the four Reiki Symbols on the back, the person's name, and an affirmation to help empower and set the intent of the process. Be creative. You can use a piece of paper with a goal, intent or need on it instead of a picture. Draw out the four Reiki Symbols on the paper and then Reiki it between your hands and place it within the crystal Grid. The belief is that the Grid will continuously send Reiki to heal the person or bring about the goal.

At this point you have the purified crystals and your prepared picture. The next step is to charge the crystals with the reiki energy. This is very simple to do. Take each crystal into your hands and send Reiki into it for about 10 minutes or so. Do this with each crystal, one at a time until all of them are done. You can also say prayers, or ask your Reiki or spiritual guides to assist you while you are charging them. Another way to charge them is to do a Reiki Attunement on each crystal or do an attunement on the grid once it is completed.

Once the crystals are charged put each back in its place on the grid. Put the Master Crystal in last. It is suggested that you not move the crystals after they are in place as it will weaken the energy connections.

The Master Crystal is used to keep your Reiki Grid charged. This stone can be recharged when needed by holding it in the hand during a reiki meditation, beaming reiki into it, or re-attuning it. To finish the grid hold the Master crystal in your right hand. Starting at the top, begin to connect the dots that are formed by the crystals on the grid. You will be starting at the top and making six triangles as you connect the imaginary lines between the stones on the outside and the center stone. Move around the Grid in a counterclockwise direction. You can also say an affirmation or mantra as you do this. Some masters meditate with they Master Crystal frequently to keep their Reiki Grid charged up.

Elaine's manifesting grid method. Elaine is one of my students and a wonderful Reiki Master

First I got the 7 crystals I wanted to use. Which was amethyst and clear quartz. And my extra large rose quartz wanted to be involved on this grid too. :-) I bathed them and blessed them. Cleared any and all programming and energy they may have collected. I bathed them in warm salty water. Then blessed them by saying the Lord's Prayer 3 times over them. Then asked that all things be cleared from them. I then sent healing to them. After this, I took one at a time and programmed them to heal Chuck. Any healing he may need. Also to send this healing to him every hour until he no longer needs it. Then once this was done, I laid them out in a circle with my rose quartz in the middle. I wrote Chuck's name on an index card and sent him healing and asked to send him healing every hour until no longer needed. I placed the index card under the rose quartz. And then in a circle around the rose quartz, I place amethyst and clear quartz. I did this , amethyst, clear quartz, amethest, clear quartz, and so on. There were 3 amethyst and 3 clear quartz. And so I balanced the energy by placing one then the other. Ok, so after doing this, I took my wand. (Clear quartz) and circled each one beginning with the rose quartz. As I circled each one, I ask that it send Chuck healing. Then I would go clockwise on each crystal and do the same. But what I did is the rose quartz, then a crystal, then move back to the rose quartz, then to the same crystal and then to the crystal next to it. Then did that one, then the rose quartz, then back to that crystal, and so on until I completed each one. I did it this way so that each crystal would be connected to the rose quartz and the crystal on each side. So in the end, if you could see how I did the circling, it would look like a bicycle wheel. With the spokes. Connecting them with the center, and then with the other crystals too. Ok, so then I placed my hands over the entire grid and sent healing to it. Then asked that it heal Chuck. And send the healing every hour until he no longer needs it.