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Poetry of the Realms

These are my personal works, I hope that you enjoy them

'The Flames of Destiny' a work inspired by the eternal mystery of love...

Our lives are written upon the walls by the shadows of a fires light
The flickering illumination of chance moves us with destinies might
Touched by the gentle sway of the flame, our hearts decisions no more steady
Seeking the way to the truth of our lives, souls that are afraid... yet, always ready
Drawn to the flames warm glow like a moth, yearning for a lovers embrace
Searching the shadows that dance on the walls, searching for a lovers face
Can a heart withstand the molten flow of time, any more than a flame too hot
Can a soul ignore the warm glow of love that is given.... I think not
As a moth, we are drawn... only to be engulfed in the flame of desire
To deny this calling to the soul is impossible, for it lifts us from the solitary mire

'The Flower'is one of my favorites, a dedication to the fairer sex...

To be embraced in her most eloquent folds
They touch me ever so lightly
Dreams of dew upon delicate petals, are no softer
With form as graceful as a willow gently swaying in the breeze
Dancing lighter than the first rays of dawn on a morning mist
My senses soar upon the gossamer wings of her fragrance
Lifting me gently to that place between heaven and earth, and beyond
The truest wonder cast from the busom of nature, so beautiful, so pure
The warmth of sunshine rests within her gaze
Never now, never before has man been blessed in so many ways
Never again, the truest of flowers, their gifts are timeless
She is eternity
She is woman

This poem which I call 'Crimson Tears' is about the turbulent times we live in...

I watch with tears of blood
How will I stop this crimson flood
I behold the world in agony and pain
Why must they behave so insane
Please stop them with your light
They have lost their way, their sight
May they cast down the gauntlet of steel
And embrace what it is to feel
The agony I bear witness to is too much to bear
They have forgotten what it is to care
Bless them now before it is too late
Give them love instead of hate

The following is a story-poem of a Drow Elf, a being of an evil race. But something is different about this one...

From out of the depths of the eternal earth I rise
shrouded in shadows, a mystery to all that see
Eyes drawn deep into my cloak..I venture forth, my prey to surprise
In anticipation of their fear, the fear of how they react to me
Across the leaf encrusted earth, not a sound befalls my stealthy tread
Nary a trace of my footfall is left behind my path
For the folk whom I seek, I am the one they most dread
Heaped upon their eternal souls...they shall feel my wrath
And before this night is over, one of us will see the morrow...the other will be dead
The prey is now within my sight, my heart races in anticipation
For it is here where my life will be redefined, by the heat of my bloods fire
Finally, I look at the heathen kin I was taught to scorn...and after time...I am struck with a realization
All my life was filled with lies...these cannot be our enemies...I feel as if my mind was realeased from the mire
The beauty...the laughter...strikes a chord deep inside my heart, my soul
Something that was never mine...never I long for these things now
My weapons drop from my nerveless hands...forgotten in my hearts know
These are things I could never find below...things unacceptable to my the Drow
So, with trepidation, I step into the village of singing and dancing kin..the surface elves
With a start....with a leveling of bows, the drawing of me..they come
Their only intent, upon seeing their dread enemy was to protect themselves
To protect from the scourge of their ancestors...the dark elven scum
I held my hands in the sign of peace, they looked unbelieving..... They bound me... and searched the area for others
For they well know that Drow are notorious at deceiving
Then I drew another look of a tear flowed unstopped down my cheek, wrought from watching the embrace of lovers
Never before has my eyes beheld tenderness...such pure undying devotion
These eyes of mine have witnessed naught but the scenes of pain...the senseless killing
So it is not so strange that my heart be touched with such emotion
To risk all to find this unknown feeling...this I knew I was willing
When the elves learned I was truly alone, and that I was a different case
They offered their hands for me to dance...with elation I joined them with something I never had before... a smile
After time, we came to know one another.....and they asked where I would wish to live now...knowing of this place
In answer, I looked into their eyes and asked if I might stay with happiness for awhile
From their fold...a tiny girl came forward and offered a flower and hug to me
Tears flowing... heart soaring... I took the flower and returned the hug with a heartfelt sigh
The elders with a smile said.."the little ones actions will the answer be"
And with that, the little ones mother came forward placing her hand in mine, and says "stay with us, there is no need to say goodbye"
Taking them, mother and child, in my arms...I knew that my lifes quest has drawn to a close
For here I have found all that I could ever want...all that was missing before
This is my true home, and here is where I will discover who I am the most
And with my lady...and with our child...we shall dance together...forevermore....

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