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Welcome to Jacksonville Area Gender Society (J.A.G.S.) Homepage

Jacksonville Area Gender Society in Jacksonville, Florida
A Transgender/Transgendered Support Group
(Formally North Florida Sisters)
If your interested in joining please contact us at either e-mail address below

The Jacksonville Area Gender Society is a non-sexual support and social organization for the Transgendered and their partners. We offer support through communications, understanding, social activities and interaction with other like persons. Due to the serious ramifications that could result from disclosure of activites as a Transgendered person, every precaution is taken to assure a member or visitor's anonymity.

Our meetings are on the third Saturday of each month from 7:30PM till 10:00PM. Disclosure of location of monthly meeting is given to members and invited guests. Sorry, but it must be this way to assure our members and guests anonymity. We hope you will understand.

Updated 9/30/04.

Please check back often as we update our web site.

Please report any broken links to RebeccaTG2@Bellsouth.Net.

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TG Info

Looking for TS info? Try this site.

TS Road Map

Looking for a surgeon? This link is the best for all surgeons in the world. Of course you must make your own decision which surgeon to use.

SRS Surgeon Page

Live in the Jacksonville area or not join our Yahoo Group and discuss TG issues with other like persons.

Yahoo Group "Jacksonville Area Gender Society"