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Mike's Triumph Spitfire: 32 Years of Fun!

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Owner of the Month

Choosen by
"Triumph Spitfire & GT6 Magazine"
as their 'Owner of the Month'
in April 2001!


North American Spitfire Squadron

held one of their four annual

Spitfire/GT6 gatherings "Spit-Together"

at the Pensacola British Car Show
on April 19th, 2008!

Gulf Coast Spit-Together 2008 in Pensacola, Florida
magazine cover
Check it out! I'm on the cover of
"Triumph Spitfire and GT6 Magazine" !!

Issue #28

NOTE: The image of the magazine cover is used here with permission of the magazine editor who photographed & designed it.

I have kept my 1977 Triumph Spitfire 1500 for 32 years since April 1981.

It was and is my FIRST car the month before my 16th birthday. Therefore, British sports cars are one of my hobbies. It was in storage for only some of my Navy years and some of my college years. After graduation, I was finally able to restore it and drive it. They are a lot of work, but a lot of fun too! Below are my Spitfire adventures.

We had 5 Spitfires at our 2013 show out of 131 cars

We had 3 Spitfires at our 2012 show out of 113 cars

We had only 2 Spitfires at our 2011 show!
Where were you?

We had 7 Spitfires at our 2010 show out of 104 cars

We had 8 Spitfires at our 2009 show out of 91 cars

We had 6 Spitfires at our 2008 show out of 90 cars

We had 8 Spitfires at our 2007 show out of 100 cars

Please try to attend the Pensacola British Car Show next year in April sponsored by the Panhandle British Car Association in Pensacola, Florida! In 2004, 2007, & 2009 we had eight Spitfires! As club webmaster, I'm inviting all Spitfire/GT6 owners in the Southeast and all over to come have fun with us by Pensacola Bay in April. One Spitfire couple drove all the way from Indiana and three groups came from Kentucky! Another has attended from south-central Louisiana for the past six years! You can too!
Pictures and details on the PBCA site.

My 2 Spitfire 1500's in my back yard.  This photo was published in 'Triumph Spitfire & GT6 Magazine'
My Current
my 1977 Triumph Spitfire 1500
My 1977 Triumph
Spitfire 1500
my 1966 Triumph 2000
My 1966 Triumph 2000
Mk1 Saloon
My Past
my 1974 Spitfire
1974 Spitfire
Parts Car
my 1974 Spitfire
1975 Triumph
Spitfire 1500
my 1969 GT6
1969 GT6
my 1965 Triumph Spitfire Mk2
My 1965 Spitfire Mk2
My Triumph
Spitfires with Blue Angel's F/A-18 Hornet
Spitfires with Blue Angel
F/A-18 Hornet 2008
Spitfires at PBCA 2007
Spitfires at
PBCA 2007

Spitfires at PBCA 2004
Spitfires at
PBCA 2004
for sale

My Spitfire 1500 Restoration & Activities summary

  • [Year 2009] Shows attended: New Orleans British Car Day, the Pensacola British Car Show (my club), the European Car show at NAS Pensacola.

  • [Year 2008] Shows attended: New Orleans British Car Day, the Pensacola British Car Show (my club), the European Car show at NAS Pensacola.

  • [Year 2007] Shows attended: New Orleans British Car Day, the Pensacola British Car Show (my club), the Silverhill Alabama Old Library Benefit show, Five Flags Speedway track event.

  • [Year 2006] Shows attended: New Orleans British Car Day, the Pensacola Beach British Car Show (my club), the European Car show at NAS Pensacola, and the Shriner's Hadji Temple Benefit show.

  • [Year 2005] Shows attended: the Pensacola Beach British Car Show (my club), the European Car show at NAS Pensacola, and the Shriner's Hadji Temple Benefit show. Original center arm rest restored with new vinyl (GT6 one returned).

  • [Year 2004] Attended the New Orleans British car show and my club's show on April 17th! We had eight Spitfires but no GT6!

  • [Year 2003] Attended the British Motoring Club New Orleans 2003 show in March, the Pensacola British Car Beach Bash in April, the Haji Shrine Car Show to benefit Shriner's Hospitals, worked on more engine compatment detailing, installed new lug nuts and wheel trim rings, attended the Montgomery British Car show, and attended South Alabama British Car Festival.

  • [Year 2002] Replaced the rear leaf spring, installed Lucas Sport coil and yellow battery, replaced axle u-joints. Attended shows in New Orleans, Pensacola Beach, Tennessee, Lillian Alabama VFD, AACA Seville Square Pensacola, South Alabama British Car Festival, and drove in my club's "Poker Rally".

  • [Year 2001] New interior parts: glove boxes, door panels, "Triumph" seat covers. Center arm rest borrowed from my GT6 (sold 2006) until restoration begins on it. New trunk mat and replacement used spare tire cover and lens-back covers. More engine compartment detailing. DRIVEN from north Pensacola to shows in New Orleans, south Tallahassee, Panama City, Fairhope(AL), and Pensacola Beach totalling more than 1300 miles. Now have 2 overdrive transmissions and a driveshaft but still need its solenoid to swap out on the car someday!

  • [Year 2000] More engine detailing, more interior parts cleaned and re-installed. Trailered to New Orleans British Car Day 2000 and driven to local Pensacola Beach British Car Beach Bash and Mobile Hooter's Car Show. But the highlight of the year was getting married!

  • [Year 1999] The Spitfire was taken apart, all non-painted parts removed including engine & transmission. Body brought to paint/body shop for dents, dings, and one quarter panel replacement. Mimossa Yellow paint applied. Returned to home and reassembled by owner (me!). Only driven on short trips during 1999 to test it and enjoy the work done for the remainder of the year.

  • [Beginning] I took my first long trip for the weekend since getting it out of storage and back on the road in June 1998. The car performed beautifully! I drove from Pensacola to Seagrove, FL near Panama City just over two hours each way. My only disadvantage is that the original owner did not order the optional overdrive transmission. The speed limit was only 55mph in 1977, after all. So with only a four-speed, the 1500cc engine really winds up there at today's higher speed limits. For those who don't know, the redline is at 6000rpm.

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    • I am also the webmaster for the Panhandle British Car Association located in Pensacola, Florida. We have club meetings each month (except December) and club outings throughout the year. Every April, the club has its annual British Car show down on Pensacola Bay. In April 2013 there were 131 cars of all types at our show. We need more Spitfires & GT6s! If you live near Pensacola and would like to join, we welcome all British cars. Just click_here for our application form!

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