Funny, Embarrassing Nsync Moments

This is a new section for folks who have embarrassed themselves in front of Nsync. You finally get to meet or be in the company of your favorite group and something happens, it always does. Well at least for the folks on this page. Of you have any moments like these please send them in, your real name will NOT be used. Here are some experiences:(newer ones at top)

My friend picked me up from the airport and I asked her to drive me past Transcon. We drove through the parking lot and saw that Justin's Mercedes was there. So we went to turn around so that I could go back and take a picture of it. While we were turning around, we saw some guys walking out the back door. Amy said, "I think that was Joey." I said, "No, that was too skinny to be Joey." She said, "Turn around, I sware that was Joey." So my friend turned around and stopped the cars where the guys were standing. I looked at the four guys and the only one who looked familiar was Justin, which is funny because he was the farthest away from me and had panties on his head. I said, "Are you Justin Timberlake?" DUH!!!! He said, "No, he is." as he is pointing to Lance who is sitting in the back of a truck. He then walked inside. I then continued to talk to Joey, Lance, and Chris. They were all really sweet. Joey had a BIG pole strapped to him, which we later found out is part of their show for the ANSUN tour. It looked a little silly at Transcon, but it ended up being cool!!! When I left I felt really silly!!! I will NEVER tell them that it was me!!!!!
-My name is.....
Well, this is more embarrassing for my friend, by I was just as embarrassed for her, here goes. We were at a meet n greet and it was my friend's turn to meet Justin (her fave, well...ex-fave, anyways) So I look over at her and she's hugging Justin and all of the sudden she screams "I DON'T WANT TO LET GO!" Well we had to practically peel her off of him and he look p.o.-ed. So that was her thing. Then my other friend was about to meet Chris (her fave) and she was giving him some t-shirts. Well, she was nervous so she was talking really really fast and studdering so he got up in her face and started to mock he rand said "uh huh, yeah, uh huh." It was funny but my friend turned bright red. Luckily, through all this, I kept my cool, cuz I am taht good....j/j.
-I'm cooler than my friends
I was in Florida last summer with my grandma. Although I was only twelve, she snuck me in an 18 and over cruise ship and I wasn't tooexcited but I went anyway. Who should I see across the ship but N SYNC. Suddenly I noticed JC and Lance walking towards my direction and as they got nearer, my jaw dropped and I started to shake. I was trembling so badly that JC tapped me on the shoulder and asked me if I was alright. Lance just looked terrified. Then what did my grandma do? She turned to the two guys and told them I was "mentally retarded." Not once but TWICE! I was shaking still and then Justin came towards me, (damn he's hella tall) and asked me if I needed some fresh air. (Hmmm what was he doing on an 18+ ship LAST SUMMER?) Then they started whispering about me. All I heard was JC say, "She's crazy man!" My grandmother finally pulled me out and then after forty minutes, I reached sanity again. I came back in and noticed Lance dancing with this girl and I apologized. He just slowly backed away from me. It was awful!
-Crazy 4 U
I was at N Sync concert (March 12th , Nassau Collesium) and something REALLY embarassing happened there. I looked like a jackass in front of the hottest guy in the world (Justin) But at least I got to touch his hand out of it. Okay, well you know how when they do "Sailing" they fly up on those cables? Well Justin was right over my section, and I was really excited. It was enough having him fly over my head, but then they started lowering him into my section. I was hysterical. I was jumping trying to touch his hand and he was reaching out his but we still couldn't touch. So I did what I thought a would be good idea and I stood on my chair and stuck out my hand. He saw me cuz I was like 2 feet taller than everyone else and grabbed my hand for like 3 seconds. I started jumping up and down, and as soon as he let go, the chair collapsed and I busted my ass on the floor. I could see him laughing, and I started crying.
-Falling for Justin
After the meet and greet... well... after we got our pic taken with those 5 gorgeous and talented guys known as N Sync... I walked over to Steve Fatone to get my camera. As I was walking towards him... Justin yelled, "Watch out for the beanie baby!" as I tramped right on it. Chris yelled out, "Man, that ain't cool." My friend and I just looked at each other... with that HOLY SHEET look... turned to the guys and said SORRY! JC came up to me... grabbed me by the shoulders... and shook me.... (oh yeah baby!) and said "You killed our horse!" They all were laughing and so were we... but we had to leave cause others were waiting. It was truly a funny moment and I think they enjoyed it too....!
-Toby killer
Driving pass a parking lot and seeing JC Chasez would make anyone excited, right? Well after seeing him all I wanted to do was hide. This chance meeting happened so fast but is played in slow motion over and over in my mind. I am far from a teenager but behaved worse than one. As he stepped out of the building I caught a glance of him and at the top of my lungs I screamed his name in a high-pitched, teenybopper way. He was startled and taken aback. I scared him. My friends were embarrassed and wouldn't talk to me. He laughed at me and I just felt the heat of shame go over my whole body. Why did I do it??????
-Ashamed JC lover

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