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About Us

As our name suggests, we are a mother and daughter team, Ginny Miller (Mom) and Kim Karrick (Me) who work out of our homes and sell our items at our local crafts shows.  Our goal is to make people happy when they can buy something nice for themselves or someone else at a reasonable cost.


By Kim:

We have been crafting  together for as far back as I can remember.  I recall my mother taking me to ceramic classes when I was very little, and this is where my love for crafts evolved I guess.

I am 30 years old now, and live in Ocala, Florida (very near my Mom) with my husband, Ken and my 4 year old son.   Besides crafts my hobbies include listening to good music (I just love KC & The Sunshine Band!) and surfing the web.

I love to paint and do crafts of all kinds.  I especially like to make crafts using things you might normally throw away.  I am just amazed everytime I complete a project.  The fact that other people, like you, like the things I do and are willing to pay for them amazes me too!

We try to keep our prices very low, so that everyone can afford to buy something nice for themselves and/or for a gift for someone they love.  Kids are particularly drawn to a lot of the crafts we do - don't know why - maybe it's because our items are really simple and bright colored.

If I had to say what my calling would be in life it would be crafting - I don't know why, but it just feels like this is what I am here on this earth do do.  It just feels right.

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