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The Crossing

I woke up this morning,
With a smile on my face,
And my heart filled with bliss,
A feeling of peace filled me up,
Who knew it would be like this?

All my troubles washed away,
No more feelings of dread,
Only peaceful thoughts remain,
Flowing through my head…

My body is completely healed,
No more pain or affliction to tend,
All my worries have gone away,
My spirit is on the mend…

No more fretting over money,
No unpaid debts await,
I lay here pondering beautiful clouds,
that surround those golden gates…

My journey has been long and hard,
On those that I truly love,
Great Spirit said to me,
He will watch over them from up above…

I have no more worries,
My spirit now flies free,
Please tell them how much I love them, Grandfather,
And that you are taking care of me…

Bring a smile to their faces,
And fill their hearts with peace,
Let them feel your warmth,
your wisdom and your love,
help my family to understand,
this is paradise up above.

Joyce Mountain Lion Kozic
July 29, 2004
All rights reserved

Reflections Of Mountain Lion