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Incredible Shockers! GOT MIKE!

Soap Opera Update, '99


Is This The End For Dr. Mike?

DAYS' Craig and Nancy have got Mike..right where they want him! The weeks ahead are pretty rocky ones for good doctor Mike Horton, as we know made one fatal mistake- sleeping with Ali. However, executive producer Ken Corday points out, "This story has a very big surprise ending with high suspense. In the last two weeks approaching Labor Day, you will see a number of very unexpected twists and turns. Viewers will be on the edge of their very seats for several days before it comes to a crashing halt!" he says, and adds: "Hint, hint!"
Meanwhile, Mike is sweating through the arbitration hearing. Ali wins points and Craig's testimony deeply injures Mike. Roark Critchlow (Mike) admits, "Mike was really pissed off. He finally saw through Craig, Ali is a psycho-wacko, but ultimately, I don't think we're blaming her or her mother, who will stick by her daughter through anything. Craig is the villain."
Kevin Spirtas (Craig) acknowledges, "Craig is planning on being Chief Of Staff. He's quite confident about it. I feel there are a few more hurdles to overcome. Craig is focused and pulling strings as much as possible. It seems just too easy right now."sou '99
Patrinka Darbo (Nancy) concurs: "Nancy is very happy about Craig's very likely victory. For Nancy, Craig is the number-one issue. Ultimately, power is her goal."
When Carrie is called, Mickey intervenes when questioning turns to her personal feelings about Mike. However, Mike is humiliated when he has to admit that he spoke of the Head Nurse position while he and Ali were in a sexual situation. While waiting for the arbitration decision, Ali spins a secret plot and Carrie affirms her love to Mike.
"Mike is just as stupid about Carrie as he's always been," says Critchlow. "He really cares about her. She's in a bad situation, and now he's just trying not to do anything else that will hurt her or anger her. He's blown it in a large way. He's feeling hopefully resigned. Mike explained, apologized. It was a mistake- sleeping with Ali- but it was not malicious. It seems pretty dismal, but Mike tries not to give into defeat when it comes to him and Carrie. Keeping the friendship level solid is important."
During the arbitration, "thinks still look pretty dim," says Critchlow about Mike's love life and professional future. "Mike is not giving up. Like myself, when things go wrong, I tend not to bow my head and shuffle away. I never intend for things to go wrong or do things that deserve to be punished. Mike has faith in himself. He blew it large, but he must learn never to do that again!"
Feeling confident, Ali invites Sami and Austin, and hospital board chair-persons, Winston and Lewis, to dinner. She doesn't want them to miss her very special surprise that could ruin Carrie and Mike, and shake up others in Salem.
ĎAli was not doing this for the money," says Corday, "but to get Mike back and hurt Carrie. Craig and Nancy have their own agenda: They want Craig to be Chief of Staff And that's certainly possible if Mike is thrown out of the hospital because of the scandal or some other reason. Craig would be logical choice. I'm not saying yes, but it's plausible."

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