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Soap Opera Digest/Nov, '98

Splits, Fits And Divas In The Pits Make For A November You Won't Forget!


"November's explosive stories lead into spectacular stuff happening at Christmas and New Year's," promises Executive Producer, Tom Langan.
Austin/Carrie/Mike: Says Langan, "Austin and Carrie are at loggerheads. He has become embroiled in Sami and Will's point where he has become Sam and Will's protector. This creates a big problem or Carrie because she doesn't want to raise Will. She thinks he should be with Lucas. Mike agrees with Carrie, of course, because he's in love with her.Mike & Carrie It will keep building to the point where it creates a big problem for Austin and Carrie. Austin feels responsible for Will and thinks Sami is going to prison. It's for the greater good that he allows this tension to continue with Carrie. She is desperate to hang on to her marriage, but her heart is with Mike. Ultimately, Mike knows he won't be able to continue with Ali because he's in love with Carrie. But if Carrie and Mike admit their love for one another, you can be sure they'll be fraught with guilt."

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