Rockerbaby: Bring Him Back

Sequel to: 'Moment I lose you'

Copyright 2001.

Written By: Danette and Terri R.

Authors' notes: this story uses characters from the movie 'life-size.' some scenes that are similar to those in the movie, won't go the same in this story. some things are changed around a bit. Enjoy! excuse any errors.

Song Credit: Christina Aguilera and Celine Dion

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Summary: It's been 2 years since Clu died and Fi is 18 with a record deal, she just got done touring with Nsync and is on her way to California to visit her friend Casey and her father Ben but when Casey and Fiona get together strange things will happen and might bring back a loved one she thought she had lost forever.

Fi sat on one of the couches in the common area of the MP/Rockerbaby 2000 tour bus in a state of content and silence; her hair was up in a tight bun and she wore a black beanie over her hair; the tour bus was also accompanied by Jack, Carey, Molly, Ned and Irene; they were on their way to California where Casey and Ben, who were close friends of the family, lived. Fi is on her 2-½ week break, she had just got done opening up for *Nsync on their worldwide tour; Fi closes her eyes and started thinking about how she exactly got her record deal.

:::Flashback (1 year and 3-1/2 months earlier):::

“Guys, um I don't know”

Jack pulled Fi up from her seat and pushed her towards the stage despite her struggling; Fi had been down so lately so Molly, Jack and Annie had come up with a plan to drag Fi to a karaokee bar for some fun, this would actually be her first outing since Clu had been torn away from them.

“It’s will be a blast Fi, we'll be right here”Jack smiled and waved to Fi as she made her way up to the stage, he walked back over to the table where Molly and Annie were and sat back down.

“Um okay here we go”

Fi went to look down at the screen to read the lyrics of the song she would have to sing but when she heard the music she didn't need to look down at the screen, because she already knew the song. It was “Obvious” by Christina Aguilera, she should known, this had become her favorite song, she started listening to it non-stop the minute Clu died, she somehow related to the song. Fi licked her lips nervously, she didn't usually sing karaokee, she looked into the crowd and saw Jack, Annie and Molly smiling big at her, cheering her on, she gulped and started to sing.

Can you hear it in my voice?

Was it something I let slip

Does the whole world know?

Isn't it obvious?

I'm the one who's in control

Now I'm acting like a fool

Do my feelings show?

Is my face aglow?

Isn't it obvious?


That I don't know what

I'm doing anymore

I'm feeling like a little girl

Caught up in emotions

I'm out of control

Isn't it obvious?

Do you see my hands, they tremble

Wonder why I can't

Look you in the eyes

Don't know how long

I can keep this inside

Isn't it obvious?


Suddenly these emotions are

In control of my heart

Can you see it in my eyes?

Every glance, every smile

Must give me away

And I feel so much I can't hide


Fi held onto the microphone tightly as she finished the chorus; she finally let herself look up to see Jack, Molly and Annie clapping loudly, she looked around surprised to see that all the people were clapping and whispering something to the person next to them. Fi gave the microphone, which was still in her hand to the guy by the karaokee screen and smiled at thanking him. Fi hopped off the stage and walked towards Molly, Jack and Annie but was stopped short as they ran over to her with huge grins on their faces.

“Oh wow baby! You were great!”

“Yeah sis, I had no idea you were such a great singer”

“Yeah Fi, you could be the next Molly Phillips.”Fi smiled at Annie; Annie already had her record deal and she was just about done with her 1st record.

“You think? I mean I don't even really know what came over me, it was just…”

“Natural, you have the most beautiful voice I have ever heard”Fi turned around to see a tall medium aged man with short black hair and glasses.

“Thanks and you are?”The man laughed.

“You have to excuse me, I'm Bob Johnson, here’s my card”Fi looked at the card with an intense look in her eyes.

“You’re a record executive?”Bob Johnson nodded smiling the whole time.

“Yes and to answer the question you are probably asking yourself right now, I want to give you a record deal, you are an excellent singer”Fi stared at her mom for a second but then advanced her eyes back to Bob.

“For real?”

“Yes for real”

:::End of Flashback:::

Fi opened her eyes and scanned the tour bus; Jack had his whole body stretched out taking the remaining space of the couch, he had his head partially resting on Fi’s leg. Molly was sitting on the other couch with Irene and they were busily chatting about the article in the seventeen magazine about Fi, with proud smiles on their faces and Ned well as always he was driving the tour bus and Carey was in the room he shared with Jack playing his guitar. Fi closed her eyes again and saw the image of Clu; he was smiling and his eyes were sparkling and he looked so handsome. Fi fought back the urge to try to touch him; she knew it was only a memory, nothing more nothing less. Fi let her mind wander to memories of him and her and how happy they were as a couple and would have been, Fi knew Clu would want her to move on with her life and to be happy but she couldn't move on and the hard truth was she could never be happy… not without him in her life. Fi shook her head and slowly moved, letting Jack’s head fall down slowly; once she saw that he still was asleep she walked into her room. Fi pushed her door open and walked over to her bed, she sighed and turned on the radio and also turned on her computer logging on to the Internet.

“You've got mail”

Fi ignored the female computer voice and smiled when she saw that Annie and Casey were on; Annie was on tour with the backstreet boys now and they were touring through Germany. Fi turned her head when she heard a familiar song come on; she smiled, it was ‘Never give up’. Fi leaned over her computer and set up a chat and then invited Annie and Casey.

“Fiona’s “So Weird” Chat”

Rockerbaby: Hey Casey, Annie. We’re almost to California Casey; I can't wait to see you and what’s up Annie? Never give up just came on, how’s the backstreet boys?

Annie: Hey Fi. It’s awesome hanging out with them and no I'm not just saying that because I have the biggest crush on them, it’s totally professional. Btw Germany rocks

Casey: Hey Fi, Annie. Sure we believe you Annie but you should know about being around older guys first hand since you toured with Jack, and Carey for a whole year. I can't wait for you to get here Fi, so what have you been up to?

Annie: Yes please fill us in girl.

Rockerbaby: We'll I'm on my 2- ½ week break right now, I just got done opening up for *Nsync on their worldwide tour

Casey: You are so lucky! To be around Justin and Lance… I would die if I even “accidentally” bumped into them

Annie: I am like in love with JC but don't tell anyone! Nick, Kevin, Brian, Howie and AJ would kill me. How are you Fi? You sounded down on the phone

Rockerbaby: Well to tell you the truth I have been feeling down lately…

Casey: Clu?

Annie: ????

Rockerbaby: I know Clu would want me to move on and be happy but I just can't do that, he was and still is everything to me.

Annie: Well it’s not like you can bring him back from the dead or anything. Brian says hey Fi

Rockerbaby: Hey Brian! Hey Casey do you still have that book?

Casey: What book Fi?

Rockerbaby: Holcroft’s book of the dead volume 1

Annie: Okay what in the world is that?

Casey: Yeah I do. Why do you ask Fi?

Rockerbaby: Because I want to try to bring Clu back with that spell you used on Eve

Annie: Someone please answer me?

Casey: Aww! I miss Eve so much. Sorry Annie. It’s this book to bring back the dead, like restore a soul

Annie: I don't know, that sounds dangerous

Rockerbaby: Believe me it’s not. Casey explain to Annie what happened

Casey: It really isn't dangerous Annie.

Annie: Who did you bring back?

Casey: Well it was meant for my mom but I accidentally brought my Eve doll to life. It was kinda funny and sad because my dad and me fell in love with her and she had to leave… hey do you think??

Rockerbaby: Are you actually thinking what I think you’re thinking?

Casey: Well… the Eve dolls are doing great now and I really miss her…

Rockerbaby: Well we'll talk about both of our problems when we get to your house. Ned says we are only five miles away… sorry for ignoring you Annie.

Annie: It’s cool I have to go anyways, hey Fi I heard your song on the radio last night. So cool

Rockerbaby: Thanks

Annie: Well I must jet. Sayonara!

Casey: Bye!

Rockerbaby: Bye Annie!

{Annie has left the conversation}

Casey: Well dad is calling me; see you in a few… we'll talk about Eve and Clu later?

Rockerbaby: I promise bye Casey

Casey: See Ya!

{Casey has left the conversation}

{Rockerbaby has left the conversation}

“We’re here everybody!”Ned hauled the bus to a dead stop and opened the doors and watched everyone except for Fi run off the bus.


“Coming Ned!”Fi smiled at Ned and hopped off the bus with him following shortly behind her.

“Fi!!”Casey ran up to Fi and pulled her into a bear hug while Ben talked with Molly and the gang.

“Well they certainly missed each other. Casey and Fi were chatting on the computer while you guys were on your way here but don't ask me anything about computers because I have no idea”Molly laughed and hugged Ben and they all proceeded to walk to their house.


"Guys, I'm kind of tired" Fi stated as they walked inside Ben and Casey's house. "Think I could lay down for awhile?"

"Sure Fi, "Casey replied, "Come on you can sleep in my bed."

"Thanks." Fi smiled. Casey smiled back.

"No problem."Fi and Casey headed up the stairs to Casey's room. Casey turned her computer off as Fi took off her shoes and laid down on the bed.

"I'll wake you up in a couple hours Fi. Is that okay?" Fi nodded and yawned. "Okay. Sweet dreams." Casey quietly shut the door and walked downstairs.

Fi yawned once more and closed her eyes, letting sleep take her prisoner.


*"I don't know about this Clu..." Fi stated as they were being hooked up. *"Don't be such a worrywart, nothings gonna happen."

*"Still... you sure this is safe?" *Clu laughed "Is big bad Fi, who's chased the paranormal, afraid of a bungee ride?"*Fi hit Clu in the arm, "I'm not scared." She kissed him "Let's do it."

*"Stellar." Clu slapped her a high-five.* -----

*"Hey umm... are you guys getting along okay?"*"Yeah we're fine... just messing around..."*"Did you get a tape of the foul ball Jack just hit?"*"I think so. Why?"*.......*"Fi where were we? What was that place?"* -----.

*"Clu, Jack's not listening to me!"*"Moooo! *laughter*"*"Clu!"*"*more laughter* Of course he's not listening to ya Fi. He's in serious like... its way romantic."* ------.

*"Fi?" *"Yes Clu?"* "Can I talk to you alone for a sec?"* *"Sure."....*What's up?" "Fi.... I've known you since you were born. In my heart, I knew we would be together for our whole lives... At first I tried to ignore it, thinking it was just a crush but it wasn't.... I was scared, I didn't know why I felt this way about you or when these feelings started... I just knew they weren't going away.* * What are you saying Clu?" *"Fi... would you be my girlfriend?"* *"Yes Clu. I will be your girlfriend* *Smiles and a passionate kiss*

*music in the background* *"Fi...I wanna tell you somethin'"*"What Clu?"* "Well you see... ummm... Man this is harder to say then I thought it would be.* *"Clu... you can tell me anything."* *"I love you Fiona." After a minute of shock Fi smiles. *"I love you too Clu."* ~*~

"I'll wake you up in a couple hours Fi. Is that okay?"

Clu watched with intensity and love in his eyes as he watched Fi nod and yawn; When Clu had died he had certainly gone to a better place, the place a person could go when they died; he went to heaven and he was among Fiona and Jack’s father and a second father to him, Rick Phillips; Clu had become Fiona’s guardian and Rick did and watching Fi was number 1 on his priority list.

"Okay. Sweet dreams."

Clu watched Casey leave the room quietly not to disturb Fiona; he watched her shut the door quietly and he listened to her footsteps fade down the hall.


Clu felt his voice crack with emotion and he felt a feeling in his stomach; a feeling he knew all too well; but he wouldn't cry! He had to fight back the urge to cry, he had to be strong for Fiona, that’s all he ever wanted to be for her… strong.

Rick watched his son, who he still called his little boy, talk with the elder boy Carey, he didn't really care what they were saying, he just loved to watch Jack.


In Ben and Casey's living-room

Jack sat in the couch, watching TV. Well he was channel-surfing. There wasn't really too much on yet. Jack turned MTV back on. He smiled when he heard Fi's music video being introduced.

"Up next, we got a video from that HOT new singer, 18 yr. old Fiona Phillips. Fiona has had major success in only a year. This girl is burning up the pop charts. Here is her video ' Because you loved me.'

"For all those times you stood by me

For all the truth that you made me see

For all the joy you brought to my life

For all the wrong that you made right

For every dream you made come true

For all the love I found in you

I'll be forever thankful baby

You're the one who held me up

Never let me fall

You're the one who saw me through it all...."

During one part of the video, Jack noticed a necklace around Fi's neck. It had a little alien charm on it. He smiled as he remembered when Fi got that necklace. They were in Texas at the mall. Carey, him, Clu, and Fi walked into a store called 'Spencers.' Carey saw the Britney Spears merchandise and headed straight for it. Jack shook his head at Carey and looked over at Clu and Fi. They were looking at the necklaces. ~~~~ Clu had bought Fiona the alien necklace and Fiona had bought him a Hawaiian bead necklace.

Clu. Jack sighed. He really missed his best bud alot. He still couldn't get used to the fact that Clu was really gone.

Carey walked into the livingroom. He saw Jack sitting on the couch, with the TV on and a sad look on his face. Carey walked over to the TV and turned it off then sat beside Jack on the couch.

"Hey Jack." No answer "Jack?"

Jack snapped out of his trance and looked over at Carey. "Oh. Hey Carey."

"What's wrong?"

"Just thinking."

"About Clu?" Jack nodded.

"I miss him so much."

"I know Jack. We all do."

"Why did he have to leave us Carey?"

Carey sighed, "I don't know Jack. I don't know what God's reason is for taking Clu out of our lives."

Jack hung his head low and started to cry. Carey pulled Jack into a hug. He started to cry himself.


He knew they were talking about Clu, lately all Jack could think about was Clu. Rick shook his head and turned his head to see his fellow guardian angel close to tears; Rick looked where Clu was and shook his head sadly.

“Cluet”Rick notices again the near to tears look Clu had on his face; Rick walked over to Clu and put his arm around Clu’s neck.

“I miss her so much Rick”Rick nods.

“I know you do Cluet, so do I”

“Maybe if Jack and I had never fought, none of this would have happened and Fi and I would be together right now”Rick looked at Clu sympathetically.

“You have to stop blaming yourself Cluet. Ever since you have come here all you have done is blame yourself for how things have turned out and you have to stop. This is no one’s fault! It’s not yours, it’s not Jack’s and it’s not Fi’s”Clu looked at Fi once more and felt like crying even more.

“Why hasn't she moved on Rick? Why isn't she dating someone new? She’s so beautiful, and funny and she is the perfect girl, why hasn't she gone out with anyone?”Rick smiled to himself; Clu really didn't understand did he?

“Cluet the reason she hasn't dated anyone new is so obvious… it’s because she still loves you. Even though you are gone, her heart still belongs to you and I'm afraid it will only belong to you”

Clu nodded and remained silent on the outside but in the inside he was going crazy.

*I wish I could just see you one last time Fiona. To be able to stroke your hair, kiss your forehead one more time would be the world to me; to tell you that I love you and I will always love you, that’s all I want, I wish I could do that*

Rick noticing the sudden silence from Clu looks over to Clu and notes to himself he must be thinking to himself again; Rick closes his eyes and feels his and Clu’s minds connect and he reads what Clu is thinking.

“I might be able to do that for you Cluet, just give me a minute”

Clu watched Rick start to walk off and then he saw Rick’s image fade away.

*I wonder what is he going to do?*

“Gabriel?”Gabriel looked up to see no other than Rick Phillips.

“Hello Rick… father of Jack and Fiona Phillips, husband of Molly Phillips and mentor of Cluet Bell”

Rick smiled and did a little bow before coming eye to eye with Gabriel.

“You always seem to amaze me Gabriel; but my visit isn't that one of pleasure, actually I am here to ask you a favor. I know you have every right to reject my favor, but please listen out?”Gabriel smiled; Rick Phillips was a brave soul alright, that is why he liked Rick so much and had grown to love his daughter.

“Ask away Rick, you have been very good to me in the past and I believe you will be in the future”Rick nodded.

“You know Cluet Bell right?”

“How can I forget? He’s been here two years and he still blames himself; he must have loved your daughter very much and also your son but I suppose the feelings are very different between Jack and Fiona”

“I suppose”Gabriel and Rick shared a laugh.

“What did you want to ask me?”Rick walked up closer to Gabriel.

“All Cluet needs is to see Fiona one more last time”

Gabriel thought.“That could be very dangerous, what if she saw him? What if someone else saw him?”

“Please Gabriel, he is suffering, he needs to see her one more last time”Gabriel nodded.

“Fine, but only for a few minutes and then he will be brought back, do you understand?”

“Yes and thank you”Rick smiled and walked off and then faded off into the distance.

“Cluet! Cluet!”

Clu turned around to see Rick coming into view.

“Rick? What did he say? I mean you did go talk to Gabriel right about me seeing Fiona?”Rick nodded.

“You only have a few minutes, hurry now Cluet, you don't have a lot of time”

“Thank you---“Clu’s voice faded out, as did his image.

Clu floated into Casey’s room with such elegance and grace, like he had been doing this for centuries.


Clu finally landed beside Casey’s bed to see Fiona sleeping on it peacefully, looking like such an angelic being, like she always did. He smiles to himself and kneels down next to the bed and looks down at her for a second but then starts stroking her hair.

“I love you so much Fiona”

Clu feels the urge to cry come over him again but this time he doesn't push it back, he lets the tears flow freely without a second thought. Clu hears footsteps heading towards the room and he feels himself getting pulled back, his time was short; Clu leans over the bed and kisses Fi on the forehead and whispers another ‘I love you’ and fades out of the room right when Casey comes in.


Fi slowly opened her eyes. She sat up and stretched.

"Hey sleepyhead." Fi jumped and turned to see Casey on her computer. "I was gonna wake you in a couple minutes."

"Hey," Fi replied, yawning "What's up?"

"Not too much, just surfing. Have a good nap?"

Fi nodded, "Yeah I did..."

Casey noticed something in the tone of Fi's voice and became concerned. "What's wrong?"

"I had a dream..."

"About Clu?" Casey asked. Fi nodded.

"What was it about?" Fi didn't answer, "If you don't wanna talk about it, you don't have to."

“No it’s alright. I should talk about it anyways”

Fi suddenly looked up at Casey. Casey looked back at Fi and nodded encouragingly urging Fi to go on but not wanting to rush her.

“Well I don't think if it would actually qualify as a dream more like flashbacks, a variety of them. In the dream I keep having these flashes of memories of Clu and me. It’s like a sequence of flashbacks… one of them is of the first time Clu told me he loved me. Another one is when Clu asked me to be his girlfriend”

Casey stared at Fi sympathetically.

“Are you okay with the dreams? I mean do you wish you didn't have them?”

Fi took of the beanie off of her hair then pulled the rubber bands out of her hair and let her hair fall out of their braids and shook her head.

“I don't wish I didn't have the dreams. I mean besides the memories and pictures the dreams are all I have left of Clu. It’s just that the dreams make me miss Clu even more.”

Casey nodded.

“It must have been hard for you Fi. I mean to move on with your life, I admire you for that”

Fi smiled.

“It was hard but Clu would have wanted me to get up and do stuff with my life, he wouldn't want me to mope over him 24/7. Although sometimes I can't help myself”

“What’s that saying? Um it is better to have loved and lost then to have never loved at all. Seems fitting doesn't it?”

Fi nodded slowly.

“Yeah it is fitting. I would of rather had a relationship with Clu to never had one with him before he left me. I don't know how my life would be if I never been able to kiss or hold hands with Clu or even being able to know he’s my boyfriend”

Casey went over and hugged Fi.

"Can I see that book Casey?" Fi asked after the hug ended.

"Sure." Casey replied. She got up from her computer and went over to her bookshelf. After a couples minutes of searching, she pulled the book out then walked over to Fiona and sat down beside her. Casey flipped through the pages until she found what she was looking for.

"Here we go... Resurrecting Lost Life Forces."

"What do we have to do first?" Fi asked her friend.

"Prepare the altar." Casey replied, looking over at Fiona. "Do you have something personal of Clu's to put in the center of the altar?"

Fi lowered her brown eyes thinking for a minute, Fi was racking her brain for something of Clu’s that was close to him that they could use in the spell. Fi suddenly and out of the blue popped her head up finally realizing what she could put in the center of the altar for the spell… the Hawaiian bead necklace.

“I know what we can use Casey to put in the center of the altar for the spell! It’s Clu’s Hawaiian bead necklace. He loved that necklace; he always used to wear it. It’s on the bus, come on”

“Okay come on Fi”

Fi and Casey got up and walked out of Casey’s bedroom and down the stairs and proceeded out of the house and walked towards the bus. Fi and Casey walked right up to the bus and Fi climbed up the bus steps.

“I'll only be a second Casey, I know exactly where the necklace is”

Fi ran into her room and walked over to her bed and grabbed something from underneath her pillow, the necklace; Fi stared at it for a minute and then ran out of her room and up to Casey.

“Let’s go”

Casey nodded and hopped down the bus stairs with Fi right behind her.

“I have to get a few more things for the spell so meet you in my room in 10 minutes”

Fi nodded.

“10 minutes, see you there Casey”Fi and Casey smiled at each other and went their separate ways.


That Night - 6:36pm.

Casey shut her door then walked over to her bookcase and took out the book.

"Are you sure you want to do this Fi?" She asked. "'Cause the spell will only work once."

Fi nodded, "More sure then I've been about anything in my entire life."

Casey took a deep breath, "Okay lets do this." She handed the book to Fiona then turned off her light.

Fi placed the candle by the altar then struck a match and lit it. She opened the book and turned it to the page that said 'Resurrecting Lost Life Forces.' Fi's eyes scanned the page until she found the incantation. She gulped and looked over at Casey, who was beside her. Casey smiled at Fiona and squeezed her hand and gave her an encouraging nod. Fi hugged Casey then turned back to the book.

"Clu you were always by my side through everything. " Fi took a deep breath, "Please,... just be here for me again." She looked down at the book and quickly committed the spell to her memory. "Here goes nothing...."Fi squeezed Casey's hand once again and closed her eyes. She began reciting the spell.....

"Zambartar ka ish too nebari,...zambartar ka ish too nebari, zambartar ka ish too nebari...."All of sudden,...smoke filled the room. Fi and Casey screamed and covered their faces.

After a couple minutes, the smoke cleared out. Fi and Casey slowly lowered their arms and gasped. Clu was standing in front of them! They could hardly believe it really worked. Fi snapped out of her shock fast and hugged Casey.

"Thank you Thank you Thank you!" After she released Casey, she jumped up and ran over to Clu and hugged him tight.

"I've missed you so much Clu." She said as tears of happiness flowed down her cheeks. "I love you so much."

Clu smiled and wrapped his arms around Fiona, breathing in her perfume. "I love you too Fi."

Casey smiled inside and out as she watched Clu and Fi. It was great to finally see them together again.

After Clu and Fi pulled away from each other, Clu looked over at Casey.

"Hey Casey."

Casey smiled again and walked up to him "Hey Clu." she hugged him "Its great to have you back." Casey released him and stood by Fiona.

"Good to be back." Clu paused for a second, "There's one thing I'm confused about though..."

"What is it Clu?" Fi and Casey inquired.

"How exactly did I get here?How long will I be here?"


Casey and Fi stood by each other’s sides still staring at Clu in a mix between awe and shock; Fi grabbed a strand of her brown hair and tucked it behind her ear and opened her mouth but suddenly looked at Casey.

“Well see what happened Clu was that we recited this spell out of this book”

Clu looked away from Fi and stared at Casey with a look of pure confusion on his face.

“What kind of spell book? Like the book of Celtic magic?”

Casey shook her head and walked over to her bed and grabbed the book and held it tightly against her chest.

“Well not exactly. This is 'Holcroft's book of the dead volume 1: Life reborn'”

Fi nodded and stepped closer to Clu.

“Me and Casey recited a spell to bring someone back from the dead”

“Hence you being here from the dead”

Clu opened his mouth to say something but nothing would come out, instead he just nodded and waited for the answer to his second question. As if reading his mind, Fi grabbed Clu’s hand and smiled at him.

“In four days the spell will be permanent”

Clu looked at Fi.

“Meaning I'll be back for good?”

Fi nodded and before she could say anything she felt Clu hug her.

“What happened?”

Molly walked into Casey’s room with Irene, Ned, Jack, Carey and Ben in tow; at first they had a look of concern on their faces wanting to know why the girls had screamed but then the looks on their faces transformed to utmost shock and horror.

“Am I seeing things Irene?”

Irene shook her head.

“Then I must be seeing things”

Fi looked away from Clu and back at Casey and then back at Clu and then the three of them looked directly at Jack, Carey, Molly, Ned, Irene and Ben and smiled nervously.

“There is a perfect explanation for this”

:::4 days later::::

“Breakfast Clu!”

Clu let out an aggravated moan as he pushed himself out of one of the spare beds in the guestroom he was sharing with Carey and Jack.


Clu grabbed one of Carey’s sweaters and pulled it over his body and groggily made his way out of the guestroom and towards the kitchen.

“Shut up Jack!”

Fi threw a rolled up napkin at Jack laughing at something he had said; Casey and Carey smirked and continued their conversation about bands; Molly, Ned, Irene and Ben were standing behind the counter with cups of coffee in their hands watching everybody interacting.

“What’s so funny?”

Fi looked away from Jack to see Clu standing between Jack and Fi; Fi watched Clu warily, she noted the dark circles under his eyes.

“Morning dude, hope we didn't wake you up”

Clu advanced his eyes to Jack when he heard his voice.

“Of course not, loud laughing and screaming never wakes me up”

Fi looked at Clu oddly when she heard the rudeness in Clu’s voice; she shook her head and swatted Jack on the head.

“Can you move over so Clu can sit down?”

Jack nodded and moved over to the seat next to Clu and watched Clu sit down next to Fi.

“Are you okay Clu? You look tired, if you needed some more sleep, one of us could of brought you up some food or something”

Clu looked at Jack once more and rolled his eyes.

“You don't have to be nice 24/7 Jack, it’s getting annoying”

Fi looked at Clu with a look of shock in her eyes.


Clu ignored Fi’s voice and took a sip of his orange juice. Jack shook his head and grabbed for a muffin at the same time Clu did and their hands bumped.

“Sorry Clu, you want it?”

Clu shook his head.

“Go ahead and have the last muffin”

Jack grabbed the muffin and handed it to Clu.

“No it’s okay, me and Fi have had enough muffins anyways, go ahead and have it”

Fi smiled at how nice Jack was being.

“No! I don't need your stupid charity”

Clu grabbed the muffin and pushed it towards Jack rudely.

“That’s it Clu!”

Fi pushed herself up from the table and pulled Clu up with her, Jack got up as well; Carey and Casey watched the commotion in silence.

“What Fi?” Fi shook her head and held her ground as she stood between Jack and Clu.

“Why are you being so childish? Jack didn't do a thing to you expect being overly nice when he didn't have to be”

Jack nodded. Clu advanced his stare to Jack and rolled his eyes.

“I'm being childish? He’s being childish! Look at him Fi! He’s enjoying this!”

“No I'm not!”

“Will you please shut up?”

Fi put her hand on Clu’s chest pushing him back a little.

“Stop it Clu! Stop being so… so... so idiotic!”

Clu looked at Fi with sadness in his eyes. He looked over at Jack and shook his head and ran away from Fi and Jack and up the stairs heading to Casey’s bedroom. Clu threw Casey’s bedroom door open and stomped into her room, throwing himself down on her bed.

“Idiotic? How could she call me idiotic?”

Clu felt his anger rise and started to pound his fists into Casey’s pillow, hoping his anger would go away. He was so outraged! Why had Fi taken Jack’s side over his? Her own boyfriend? The guy who loved her no matter what? Clu popped his head up as an idea entered his brain. He pushes himself up and walks over to Casey’s bookcase and started searching for the book Fi and Casey used. Clu sees the book and grabs it and starts flipping through the pages looking for a spell to reverse the spell Fi and Casey used on him. Clu sees the spell he is looking for and closes his eyes memorizing the spell; Clu shakes his head and walks out of Casey’s room and then downstairs, knowing what he had to do, no one cared anyways did they? Clu lowered his eyes and began to walk faster not paying attention and rammed right into Carey.

“Whoa baby bro, what’s going on?”

"Nothing Carey, just going out for a walk." Clu told him. He started to walk away but Carey grabbed his arm.

"What was that fight about Clu?"

"It was nothing Carey. Don't worry about it." Clu turned and walked towards the door. Carey grabbed his arm once again.

"Don't tell me its nothing Clu. You had no right to snap at Jack like that! All he ever did was be to nice to you. I can't believe you were such a jerk!" Carey shouted. He shook his head in disgust at Clu and walked back into the kitchen. Clu put his head down and let out a shaky sigh.

"No-one cares about me. I'm doing them all a favor by leaving." Clu lifted his head up then opened the door and walked out of the house.


After Breakfast

Carey, Fiona, Casey, and Jack put their dishes in the sink and headed upstairs to change out of their pajamas.

"I can't believe Clu was acting like that."

"I know Jack, what's his problem?"

"Don't ask me Carey."

"We're just as confused as you are Carey. I mean Jack was being extra nice, he was going out of his way to make Clu feel comfortable and the more nice Jack was the more Clu was mean... it just doesn't make sense"

"Okay enough on this subject, come on Casey let's hang out in your room"


When they reached the top of the stairs, Casey and Fiona went into Casey's room to pick out what they were going to wear for the day.

"So what are our plans for today Fi?"

Fi shrugged, "I dunno. Wanna catch a movie?"

Casey nodded, "That sounds like a good idea."

Fi smiled and continued looking through her stuff for something to wear. She pulled out a black alien t-shirt that had 'take me to your leader' printed on the front and picked out some flare jeans and laced up her white sneakers. As she was putting her hair up, Fi saw 'the book' lying open on Casey's bed. Confused, Fiona walked over and picked it up.

"Hey Case?"

"Yeah Fi?" Casey replied, turning towards her friend.

"Didn't you put this back in your bookcase?"

Casey nodded "Yeah I did." She walked over to her friend "Why is it lying on my bed?" Casey looked down at the open book, " And why is it open to the counterspell that you and I used on Clu?"

Fi felt her heart leap into her throat,"Oh No... He's going back"

Casey and Fiona looked at each other. Fi dropped the book and ran out of the room, Casey on her heels. On their way to the stairs, the girls bumped into Carey and Jack.

"Whoah guys what's your hurry? The mall won't close before you two get there." Normally Fiona would have rolled her eyes and said something back to Carey but she and Casey had no time to waste.

"Carey, I don't have time for your smart comments right now. We have to stop Clu." She turned to leave but Jack grabbed her arm.

"Wait a second Fiona. What do you mean you have to stop Clu?"

Fi got out of her brother's grasp and took off down the stairs. Casey looked at Carey and Jack then followed Fiona.

Jack and Carey let out aggravated sighs and ran down the steps and out of the house after the girls.


On the bus

Clu sat on Jack's bunk in the room he had once shared with Jack and Carey, his eyes were lowered and he seemed as if he was deep in thought, in fact he was. A lot of things were flying through his mind; he did his best to keep control of his emotions. He had felt so left out of certain things Jack, Fi, Casey, and Carey talked about, maybe that was why he mainly started that stupid fight with Jack; to get some attention, because he surely wasn't getting it before the fight. And then his brother flew through his mind; Along with Fi, Carey was also surprised at Clu's behavior, who wouldn't be? Clu himself was surprised with his behavior; he acted mean for no reason, only if they had known how left out he felt. Clu felt hot tears spill out of his eyes and roll down his cheek slowly. He shook his head sadly and wiped them away and he pushed himself up from Jack's bed. Clu turns around and sees a picture; he looks at the picture more closely and saw that it was a picture of him, Fi, Jack and Carey playing the guitar. Clu smiled sadly and touched the picture and turned away taking a deep breath.

"Here goes nothing"



Fi and Casey were halfway to the bus, running as fast as their legs could carry them. They stopped for a moment to take a quick breather. As they started towards the bus again, Casey and Fi felt someone grab them from behind. They turned around to see Carey and Jack looking at them half-confused and half angry.

"What is going on you guys?" Jack inquired.

"Yeah I'd to know too." Carey added.

Fi and Casey tried to run again but the boys kept their grip tight. The girls knew they weren't gonna get anywhere until they explained what was going on. Fi decided to speak up first.

"Clu is going back."

"What do you mean Clu's going back?"

"He's going back to heaven Carey."

"Wait a second Fiona." Jack told his sister, "Clu wouldn't leave us again. He's just upset."

Fi wiggled out of Jack's grasp and looked him in the eye.

"I'm telling you Jack, he's going be gone forever unless we stop him."

"Fi look---"

Fi didn't wait for Jack to finish speaking. She took off in the direction of the bus ,running as fast as she could.


At the bus.

Fi hurriedly opened the door and ran up the bus steps. She stopped in the community area of the bus. Fi rested for a couple seconds then started calling out Clu's name.

"Clu! Clu! Are you in here?" Fi got no answer. Frustrated, she pounded her fists on the table. Tears started pouring down her cheeks.

"I have to find him." She put her head down.

All of a sudden, Fi heard something coming from the boys room. Lifting her head up, Fiona wiped away her tears and quickly walked down the hall. As she got closer, Fiona heard Clu saying something. Her stomach dropped as she realized what Clu was saying. Fi sprinted down the rest of the hall to stop the love of her life from disappearing from their lives forever....


"I'll miss you all." Clu whispered. He looked up, "Rick, I'm coming back to where I belong." He took a deep breath "Suns of Suns... Moon of Moons" Clu swallowed the lump in his throat and continued the spell. "Once awakened, now..." Clu stopped again. He took another deep breath and started to finish the spell.

"Noooo!" Clu jumped and looked over to see Fiona running over to him. Once she reached Clu, she wrapped her arms around his waist.

"Don't do this." she whispered, holding onto him tight "Please." Clu slowly wrapped his arms around Fiona as she started to cry.

"Fi I---"

Fiona interrupted him again "I'm not letting you go. I can't lose you again, I won't."

Clu said nothing as they stood there, Fi still sobbing into his chest. He began to wonder why Fi had stopped him, she was angry at him earlier, and now she was begging him not go. 'What is going on here?' Clu asked himself.

Clu heard footsteps and looked up to see Casey, Jack, and Carey run into the room.

Carey saw Fiona holding onto Clu and crying. He felt his heart drop down to his stomach. 'Oh my God...No!!!'

"We're too late aren't we?"

Clu didn't answer. He looked down at Fi then back at his friends and brother.

"I-" Clu gulped "I didn't complete the spell." Fi let go of Clu and looked at him with her tear-filled eyes and smiled. Carey walked up to his baby brother. Fi stepped back and Carey wrapped Clu in a tight hug. They broke apart as Jack spoke up.

“Clu! Why would you want to leave us man?”

Jack stared at Clu waiting for an answer.

“Yeah baby bro, I was thinking the exact same thing. We just got you back and now you want to leave us? Why?”

Carey joined in with Jack and stared at Clu searching his eyes for some sort of an answer to why he would want leave them. Leave Fiona.

Clu ran his fingers through his blonde hair; he let out a tired sigh. Clu didn't know how he would explain to them why he would want to leave. He didn't know how to explain the feeling of not fitting in anymore. He felt as if he was a loner now, a nobody, how could he explain that to them?

“Isn't it so obvious? I made a complete jerk of myself starting fights with Jack every five minutes. It’s clear that I don’t fit in here anymore; I mean you guys talk about stuff I have no idea about. You guys have your moments and they have nothing to do with me. I don’t belong here”

“What are you talking about Clu? Every time me and Fi chat on-line she is always talking about how much she misses you and how much she wishes you could be in her life again” Carey nodded.

“You’re my baby brother, of course I want you here”

Jack remained silent but felt Fi nudge him in the back.

“Clu I don’t want you to leave. Sure have our fights but you know I love ya man”

Fi emerged from behind Jack and stared at Clu.

“I don’t think I should have to explain how much I want and need you in my life.”

Clu looked back at Fi, Jack, Carey and Casey and suddenly half-smiled.

“But what about earlier?”

“What’s going on guys?”

Clu, Fi, Carey, Casey and Jack looked away from each other to see Molly, Irene, Ned and Ben staring back at them with a look of concern on their faces.

“Yeah we’re worried about you kids. The fight you guys had earlier was pretty intense”

Molly stared back at Jack and Clu waiting for some reaction from either boy.

Jack messed with a loose strand of his sweater for a few seconds before turning to Clu; Jack stared at Clu for a second before letting out a grin.

“So man are we cool? I'm not good at the apology stuff. So um I'm sorry”

Clu remained silent for a second but then smiled reassuring Jack.

“Me and Carey are sorry too. We should of known you were having a hard time dealing with this. I'm especially sorry Clu”

Clu smiled.

“Fiona, no I'm sorry, I was acting like a major pain but I'm alright now. I hope you still love me”

Fi rolled her eyes moving closer to him.

“Of course I do silly, always”

Clu and Fi smiled at each and then they leaned in close to each other and met each other’s lips in a passionate kiss.

“Ugh will you guys please get a room?”

Jack made a gagging face but almost fell over as Casey hit him over the head with a book that was in her hand.


Fi and Clu tore away from the kiss and started laughing as everyone started to do.

“Okay guys, let’s go”

Clu nodded at Molly and they all walked off the tour bus and into the house, still laughing and making conversation.

Rick watched Fiona, Clu, Jack, Casey, Carey, Ned, Irene, Molly and Ben walk into the house and a big, wide smile came across his face as he saw that everyone was happy again. Gabriel sat down next to Rick and also watched them in silence.

“Things are certainly looking up Rick”

Rick nodded and finally turned to Gabriel.

“Yes they are Gabriel, things indeed are looking up.”

:::Later that night:::

Clu is stretched out in his bed, his feet dangling over the edge of the bed, his body entangled in two blankets and a sheet, his head lazily lying on the pillow. Clu flutters his eyes open slowly, he blinks and kicks off the blankets and throws his legs off over the side of his bed.

“Hmmm” Clu pushed himself up out of bed and walked out of his room and into the kitchen to go get a drink. Clu stops looking for a glass when he feels a cold wind enter the kitchen, Clu turns and sees a glowing white light appear out of nowhere. Clu would have usually been freaking out but he already knew who it was.


The white light forms into Rick, Rick looks at Clu for a second and then smiles at him.

“Everything worked out didn't it Cluet?”

Clu nods.

“Yes it did Rick”

Clu and Rick stare at each other for a second and then they hug each other. Clu holds onto Rick but he feels Rick disappear.

“Take care of her for me”

Clu could hear Rick in the distance and he nodded. Fi entered the kitchen and saw Clu just standing in the middle of the kitchen.

“What are you doing Clu?”

Clu turned around to see Fi and he walks over to her.

“Just grabbing a drink, but I'm done now”

Fi nodded and leaned up on her tiptoes and kissed Clu.

“Good night Clu”

“Night Fi”



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