Moment I Lose You

By Terri R. and Danette.

Copyright 2000.

Synopsis: Don't take someone close to you for granted, it may be the last time you see them again...alive.

Authors' notes: I know nothing weird happens but, I hope ya'all enjoy it anyways Ok so its not really a SHORT story, but oh well lol. Excuse any errors please. I can't spot them all :).

Thank you's:





Everyone watched as Clu and Jack fought. They couldn't believe what they saw. These two had been the best of friends for years and now they were treating each other like dirt. No-one knew what had started the fight anyway. One minute Jack and Clu were talking, and the next they were throwing insults at each other. Carey started to walk over to them but Ned stopped him.

"They need to work this out themselves son." he stated. Carey reluctantly agreed and stayed where he was.

"We should have never been friends!" Jack shouted. He raised his fist and connected with Clu's face, sending him to floor. Everyone gasped at what Jack had done. Clu shot Jack daggers as he stood up.

Clu stepped up to his friend, "Maybe I should just kill myself then you won't have to deal with me anymore. Would that make you happy Jack?"

"Very happy Clu. In fact, I would gladly hand you a knife myself."

Clu pushed Jack back and glared at him; "I wouldn't give you the pleasure you stubborn jerk"

"What are you gonna do about it Clu huh? Go to my sister and curse me out and cry your eyes out to her?"

Clu pushed Jack back a little too hard then he had planned to, Clu watched Jack fall to the floor. Fi who was watching the whole scene pleaded inside her head for Jack to just stay on the ground but of course he didn't. Jack pushed himself up and pushed Clu back and then they started to get into something worse then the scene they were in before, because this one was violent...too violent.

"Guys stop it!" Ned yelled. He ran over to the boys and pried them apart. "What has gotten into you two?"

Jack and Clu said nothing and continued to glare at each other. " I want an answer now."

"Why don't you ask your braindead surfer son Mr. B? He seems to think he knows EVERYTHING." Clu was angry and tears were threatening to fall but he tried to hide it. He wasn't gonna give Jack the satisfaction of seeing him break down.

Molly spoke up, "That is enough Jack, apologize right now or your grounded."

Jack turned to Ned "Sorry Mr. Bell" He turned to Clu "But I'm not sorry about what I said to you 'friend' I meant every word of it!" He shouted. Clu broke from his dad's grasp and flew out the door. He climbed into his car and started up the engine.

Fi walked over to Jack. "I can't believe you!" She slapped him and ran out after Clu. Jack held his hand over his throbbing cheek, still in shock at what had happened. He looked at his mom, who was giving him a look. He avoided her gaze and thought about what had just happened.


Fiona ran out the front door, desperately hoping Clu hadn't taken off. She let out a sigh of relief when she saw that the car was still parked out front. Fi quickly ran over to the car and tried to open the door. It was locked. She pounded on the window. 'Please Clu let me in.' she begged mentally. To her relief, Clu reached over and un-locked the door. Seconds after she climbed in and shut the door, Clu sped away from the venue.


Clu drove along the highway, not talking. Fi looked over at her boyfriend for what seemed like the millionth time. She knew something was wrong but was afraid to ask for fear that it would set Clu off. She turned away from him and looked out the window at the passing scenery. She tried to get her mind on something else but it kept wandering back to 'the fight' at the club venue. 'What happened back there?' she asked herself.

Fi fidgeted in her seat trying not to worry every second Clu wasn't talking to her, but she couldn't stop herself.

"Clu please talk to me" Fi looked at Clu pleadingly but he still didn't say a word.

"Please don't do this to me, will you please tell me what happened back there, I need to know if you are okay"Still no answer. Fi reached out and put her hand on Clu's shoulder. "Your freaking me out Clu. Say something." No answer yet again. Fiona sighed and went back to looking out the window.

Clu finally spoke up," I-I don't even know what happened back there." He looked over at Fi then back at the road.

"Why were you guys fighting in the first place?" Fi inquired.

Clu sighed, "I don't remember. All I know is we were joking around one minute and the next my dad was pulling us apart from fighting." He looked into Fi's eyes, " I'm not sure what came over us."

"All best friends fight Clu..."Fi replied. She scooted over in her seat.

"But have you ever seen best friends fight like Jack and I did today?" Clu asked. She shook her head.

" No, but you guys will work this out Clu. You guys have been best buds for too long to stay mad at each other."

Clu looked over at Fiona,"Yeah, I guess,... but you know how it is, staying on the bus together all the time would just make this problem get bigger and bigger and--"

Fi cut him off "Clu! Look out!!"

All of a sudden after sounds of loud, thunderous , crushing metal, Fi found herself stuck in the car in a weird position. She, barely saw Clu passed out at the drivers seat, and faintly heard car horns blaring and she felt everything slowly slipping away, She blacked out.


That Night

Jack looked out the window for the 100th time that night. Fiona and Clu still weren't back yet and it had been 4-1/2 hrs. Everyone was worried. Carey, him, Molly, Ned, and Irene had been taking turns watching and waiting for them to come back. 6 cars had passed by the house but none of them were Clu's car.

Jack sighed and sat back down on the couch. He jumped up and ran to the window when he heard a car pulling into the driveway. His hopes were dashed when he saw it was just someone turning their car around in the driveway.

'Where could they be?' Jack asked himself. 'I hope nothings happened.'

Jack sighed and walked away from the window and into the kitchen to get a drink. When he walked in, everybody was sitting around, doing nothing. Jack opened the fridge and grabbed a Coke.

"Any sign of them Jack?"

Jack shook his head, "Nope. Not yet."

"Where could they be? Its been almost five hours."Irene asked, twisting her hands.

Molly put her hand on Irene's shoulder, "I'm sure Clu and Fiona are fine. Maybe they stopped to see a movie or something."

Irene kneeds her hands together again and pours another cup of coffee with her shaky hands. "I hope your right Mol." Thoughts of Clu kept flashing through her mind.

Ned saw her distressed face. "Carey, would you turn on the television to the news please. Maybe it will help Irene to stop worrying."

Carey nodded, "Sure Dad." He picked up the remote and turned it to Channel 7 then got a soda can out of the refrigerator.

News Broadcast:

"Thanks for tuning into News 7 at 7 I'm Kathleen Turner" "and I'm John Walsh" Kathleen: "We've got a lot of news to bring to you tonight including information about a shooting outside a local high school. Also on news for your health we have information about at home tanners and what they really could be doing to your skin. We also have Larry Miller here to give your 5 day weather forecast. But first, there was a drunk driving accident on highway 326 this afternoon and with more on this story here is Jenny Sanders."

"Thank you Kathleen. I'm at here at St. John's memorial hospital. Today at 4:45pm, a young man and woman were involved in a drunk driving accident. They were hit head on. The car rolled thrice, landing upside down against the guardrail. The two teens were identified as 18 yr. old Cluet Bell and 16 yr. old Fiona Phillips, who is the daughter of rock star Molly Phillips. Both are in fair condition. Back to you John and Kat."

Everyone stared at the tv in shock as the broadcast ended. Molly was the first to snap out of it.

"C'mon gang, we gotta get to the hospital!" She tossed the bus keys to Ned and sprinted out the door. Carey, Jack, Ned, and Irene were close on her heels.


Hospital - Nurses Station

The gang got out of the bus and sprinted across the parking lot, into the hospital and over to the nurse's station.

"Excuse me, what room are Cluet Bell and Fiona Phillips in?" Molly asked. The nurse put her glasses on and typed the names into her computer.

"Room 596." She smiled. Irene thanked her quickly and everyone rushed to the elevators. When the gang got in, Carey pressed the 5th floor button and they waited impatiently for the elevator to get to its destination. When the button dinged, signaling the elevator stopped, everyone got off and looked for Room 596.

In the room:

When Carey, Jack, Irene, Ned, and Molly entered the room, Clu and Fiona were sleeping. Irene, Carey, and Ned sat by Clu and began to talk to him. Meanwhile, Molly and Jack sat by Fi and talked to her.

"Hey Clu"

Ned and Irene stood tall and brave as they looked down at their youngest son who had tubes sticking out of him and iv bag by his bedside; they may of looked tall and brave on the outside but in the inside they were short and scared. Carey who stood in between his two parents noticed the pain in their eyes and he so wanted to push Clu awake and make everything better for everyone but he knew it couldn't be that easy, nothing ever was in their lives, nothing ever was.

Carey ran his fingers through his hair which was messy, he smothered an sympathetic sigh and shuffled his way over to his baby brother's bed; Carey didn't quite know what he was going to say but he knew he couldn't just stand there and do nothing.

"Hey baby bro, um it's Carey, you're at a hospital---"

Carey had heard once that reminding the person in a deep sedated sleep or coma could make them come to... or... Carey didn't really know what the reporter had said, he didn't really pay attention to tv much it was all about music to him.

"You and Fi got in a car crash and yes baby bro Fi's fine, I know you too well to not to tell you she's fine, you always worry about her before yourself. Fi has a broken arm but she is going to be in tip top shape in no time.. can't believe I just said tip top shape-" Carey stopped talking to snort out a little laugh, the laugh was mostly for his parent's benefit.

"Okay Clu, I know you and Jack had a fight and yes it was bad but Jack would never want this. Jack may hate you for the rest of your life---" Carey stops himself short before Ned or Irene could hit him. "I mean sure things won't be the same between you guys but he'll still love you and you got Fi and Jack loves Fi more then world itself so he would have to come around. You can't leave us Clu, we love you too much"

Jack sat at Fi's bedside with a heavy look on his face and the look on his face wasn't the only thing that was heavy, his heart was also heavy. Jack held on to Fi's hand tightly not wanting to let go, afraid he would lose her for the last time, Jack moved the thick strands of hair out of Fi's eyes and he smiled, even when she has her eyes closed he could picture her beautiful eyes.

"J-Jack?" Jack looked down to see Fi looking up at him with her eyes half open.

"Fi," Jack knew he should of said more but he didn't know what to say.

"What happened?"

"You and Clu were in a car accident." Jack told her. Fi sat up rapidly.

"How's Clu? Is he okay?" she asked, panick in her voice.

Jack nodded, "Yeah Fi. He's fine." Fi sighed with relief. Jack smiled at her. "How do you feel?"

"Like I've been it by a truck." She replied. Molly and Jack laughed.

Molly stared at her baby girl for a second; Molly was overcome with joy that Fi hadn't died in that car crash. The thought of losing Fi was still raw in her mind, it terrified her; Jack and Fi was all she had in this world and she vowed to Rick she was going to die before them, she wouldn't let them leave her as well, she would never be able to handle that.

"Oh baby!" Molly pulled Fi in for a hug; Molly wrapped her arms around Fi's body and held on tightly, not wanting to ever let her go again."I'm so glad you're okay. I was so scared, whenever a car would pass by and it wasn't Clu's I feared that you were taken from my life like your father was. And then the news, and the thought of you not being in my life anymore registered in my brain, and I felt so miserable, so scared, so alone" Fi smiled and pried out of her mother's grasp and looked over at Jack slowly; Molly nodded, knowing that this was a private conversation and walked over to Ned and Irene.

"Jack" Jack inched in closer to Fi and looked into her eyes.

"What's up?"

"You need to apologize to Clu for the things you said and did"

Jack shook his head furiously. "Fi I don't thi--"

Fi put her left hands up interrupting him; Fi grabbed his hand and squeezed it tightly.

"For me? Will you please do it for me?" Jack looked back at Fi and nodded.

"I will. After he wakes up okay? When Clu wakes up I will go talk to him and apologize for the things that were said and done, but I am only doing this for you, understood?" Fi nodded happily.


Fi looked over at Clu's bed and felt the need to talk to him, to hold his hand, to brush his hair, to kiss his forehead, even though she knew he was still unconscious.

"I'm gonna go talk to Clu--" Jack put his hands up in the air, interrupting Fi as she did earlier to him.

"Sis, you don't need to explain it to me. He's your boyfriend and you love him and yada yada yada. I haven't expected it yet and I'm not to the point of respecting your guy's relationship yet so let's just not talk about this until we all come to terms with it okay?" Fi nodded and pushed herself and made her way over to Clu's bed slowly while Jack watched after her.


Fi held on to a cold steel bar on the side of Clu's hospital bed for support, her legs were shaky, they felt like rubber; she felt a huge lump form in her throat as she stared down at a motionless Clu.

"It's me Fi. We're at a hospital--" Fi heaved a sigh.

"I guess that's kinda obvious huh? Being in a car crash usually ends up being taken to a hospital. Do you even remember the car crash? You were upset at Jack remember? You jumped in the car and you let me in and you sped off, I know driving as upset as you were wasn't the best thing but I didn't know how to tell you to stop so I just let you drive off and stood by your side. It was a head on collision with a drunk driver, the car toppled upside down, I don't know what happened after that, it all went black and then when I woke up we were here. I know you are going to make it through this Clu, Jack wants to talk to you when you wake up, so hey that is a plus, and you always have me. You can't leave me, you're my everything" Fi gulped and leaned into Clu and kissed him on the forehead and staggered back a little when she saw that Clu was starting to wake up.

"Fi?" Clu asked.

"Hey Clu..." Fi smiled and climbed into the bed beside him.

"Where are we?"

"In a hospital Clu... we were in a car accident." Clu noticed the cast on Fi's arm and ran his hand over it. "Are you okay?" He asked, looking into her brown eyes.

Fi nodded, "Yeah Clu, I'll be okay." She kissed him, "I love you."

He smiled, "I love you too." Fi and him hugged.

Just then a knock came to the door. A nurse popped her head in the door.

"Visiting hours are over. The doctor will be in shortly." she stated and closed the door.


A few minutes later.

Not too long after the nurse left, Dr. Johnson opened the door and walked into the room.

"Hey folks." he greeted. Molly, Ned, and Irene came up and shook his hand. "Yours kids are going to be fine. Cluet has 4 broken ribs and some bruises on his abdomen and legs. Fiona had a broken and some abrasions on her legs and arms from the crash. With a little rest, both of them will be up and around in no time."

"Thanks Doctor." Irene smiled.

"No problem." he replied then turned to Clu and Fi, "You'd better get back in your bed young lady. I don't think you two should be sleeping in the same bed just yet." Everyone laughed as Dr. Johnson said goodnight and left the room.

Fi and Clu kissed each other then said goodnight.

With Jack's help, Fiona got back into her bed and pulled her sheets up to her neck. She gave Jack a look. He sighed and nodded then walked over to Clu's bed.

"Hey man, can I talk to you for a second?" he inquired, sitting down in a chair. Clu nodded, "What's up?"

" you see.." Jack paused for a second. He looked down at the floor then at his best friend. "I'm sorry about what I said and did to you earlier."

"Its alright man." Clu told him. He coughed then continued, "I'm sorry too."Jack stared back at Clu for a minute, his face a little hard but then it softened as his anger at Clu started to go away.

"Hey we're best friends.... even best friends have fights but they always get over it" Jack smirked and hugged Clu; Clu smiled and hugged Jack, finally feeling perfect.

Molly watched Clu and Jack and she smiled in and out; she was so glad to see these two boys finally on good terms again. She had been distraught at how two people who had been so close at one minute and then the next mortal enemies, but she saw things getting back to the way things used to be. Molly looked down at her watch and shook her head not wanting to break things up between the two boys but they really did have to go.

"Jack... honey we have to go"Jack pulled away from Clu and stared back at him for a second and then laughed.

"Moms... they always know how to break up a good thing"

Clu smirked; "Isn't it true man" Jack slapped hands with Clu and went to walk over to his mom but stopped when he heard Fi whistling, he turned around and smiled.

"Come over here Jack" Jack nodded and walked over to his sister.


"Thanks Jack. You don't know how much that means to me" Fi pulled Jack into a tight hug.

"I think I'm starting to" Jack kissed Fi on the top of her head and walked over to Molly, Carey, Ned and Irene.

"We'll see you guys soon" Fi and Clu watched Jack, Carey, Molly, Ned and Irene walk out of the hospital room. Fi and Clu turned around and stared at each other smiling at one another as the lights are turned off; they both smiled again and then they closed their eyes letting the sleep take them over.

:::The next day:::

Jack stood outside of his sister and best friend's hospital room, tapping the edge of the door frame as him mom, Ned and Irene talked to Dr. Johnson; they were going to get released; Jack turned to Carey and they both shared a smile.

"Okay you guys take them home, but they must get a lot of sleep" Molly nodded and watched Carey and Jack come out of Fi and Clu's room with Clu and Fi in their arms.


At the venue - Rehearsal

"Okay are you guy sure you don't want to come to rehearsal with us?" Ned turned his head around as he brought the bus to a dead stop.

"Nah dad, as the doctor said, we need our rest" Jack nodded and patted Fi on the head and slapped Clu on the back as he hopped off the bus with Carey right behind him.

"Okay son, Fi... get some sleep" Ned smiled and walked off the bus with Irene and Molly.

"Sleep.. you know that sounds really good right now"

Fi crawled closer to Clu and cuddled up next to him and smiled as he put his arms around her; they both closed their eyes and let the sleep take them as its prisoners.


From the hotel -On the bus- To the concert venue Clu sat around joking with everybody. All of sudden, he got a feeling in his stomach. 'Oh boy.' He jumped up and ran into the bathroom. He quickly shut the door and lifted up the toilet seat.

Clu vomited into the toilet for awhile. After the nausea stopped, he shakily lifted his head up and reached for the flusher. Clu slowly stood up, holding onto the sink. He felt another wave of nausea hit him.

He dropped to the floor and vomited into the toilet again. Clu waited for a minute after he stopped throwing up to make sure it wasn't going to happen again. He pulled himself up and looked at his reflection in the mirror. His eyes were bloodshot, his skin was pale, and he was sweating. Clu washed his face and hands then stumbled out of the bathroom. He became dizzy for a minute and balanced himself against the wall before going back into the kitchen. When he walked in, everybody was looking at him concerned. Clu avoided their gazes and sat down by Carey.

"You alright bro?" Carey asked. Clu nodded his head slowly.

"Yeah I'm fine." Clu felt dizzy again and put his head between his knees.

"Are you sure you're okay?" Molly asked. Clu muttered something that sounded like a yes. Molly looked at him skeptically then went back to reading her magazine.

Irene knelt in front of her son; "Look at me Clu." When he didn't, she lifted his head up. When Irene saw how Clu looked, she became worried.

"Honey, you look awful." She put her hand on Clu's forehead "Your burning up. I'm gonna call a doctor."

"Mom don't. I'm fine." He said quickly. Irene gave him a look so he continued, " I just need to lay down for awhile." Clu got up but sat back down. The dizziness had hit him again. He felt someone sit down beside him. He looked over and saw Jack.

"Need any help buddy?" he inquired. Clu nodded and stood up again. He leaned onto Jack and they walked into the room that they shared with Carey on the bus. Jack let Clu lay down on his bed.

"Thanks Jack." Clu whispered, yawning. He felt himself being sick again but kept it down.

"No problem dude." Jack smiled. He turned off the light then walked back into the community room.


Later on

"Could somebody wake up Clu and tell him we're almost there?" Irene asked.

Fi volunteered, "I will." She got and walked down the hall to the boys' room. She opened the door. "Clu?" No answer. Fi walked in further and shut the door behind her. She walked over to Jack's bunk and saw that Clu was still sleeping.

Fiona smiled and gently shook him, "Clu, Clu wake up, we're almost at the venue."

Clu stirred and opened his eyes. He yawned and smiled when he saw Fiona.

"Hey." He whispered.

"Hey." Fi replied, smiling at him. "How ya feelin'?"

"A little better." Clu answered. "I'm just a little dizzy."

Fi lay down on the bunk with him; "Do you want to stay on the bus instead of going to the concert?" She asked, stroking his hair. Fi heard Carey saying that they were at the venue now.

Clu shook his head; "I'll be okay."

Fiona kissed him, " I love you Clu."

"I love you too Fi."

They got up and walked out of the boys' room and walked into Fi's Room. Clu waited while she grabbed her laptop. After Fi grabbed a couple floppy disks, they walked off the bus and into the venue.

At the Concert:

"She sells, She sells, She sells, She seeellllsss... Goodbye,... Goodbyyyyeeee!"

"Your mom is doing great out there Fi." Clu stated as the crowd cheered and whistled.

Fi nodded, "Everyone loves her music."

Clu stood up, "I'm gonna get some grub. Want anything?"

"French fries and a coke."

"Comin' up ma'am" Clu replied in a goofy voice. Fi laughed and rolled her eyes at him. Clu smiled and kissed her then headed over to the snack bar. Fi watched Clu walk away until he was out of sight then turned back to watch her mom sing.


Clu picked up the tray holding his orders and started walking back to his table. On the way over, he thought about Fiona and how lucky he was to have her in his life. 'She's an angel from heaven. I don't know what'd I do without her---'

Clu was jerked from his thoughts when he got a sudden pain in his abdomen. He stopped and leaned up against the wall, taking slow deep breaths hoping it'd go away. Another sharp pain came instead. Clu felt the tray drop from his hands. He sank down to his knees, holding his stomach. The room began to spin around rapidly. All the people and lights blurred together, like a life-size Picasso painting. Clu felt himself falling to the ground. The surroundings went from blurry to black.


'So many times I would've called you

If I had your number in my head

You were the one I would have turned to

But things didn't go the way i'd planned

I never got a chance to tell you

Things didn't go the way i planned...'

A wave of terror came over Fi's body and she stopped singing. She looked around for Clu but didn't see him anymore. 'Okay Fiona, calm down. There's probly just a long line for the food. Clu is fine. Quit worrying yourself to death.' The vibe disappeared and Fi started singing along again. The bad vibe came rushing back at her again. She gulped and looked around for Clu. Her eyes spotted him lying on the floor, not moving. Fi felt her heart leap into her throat.

"CLU!!!!" She screamed. She jumped up, knocking her chair over, and ran over to him.

Carey felt his thoughts tear away as Fi's scream ripped into his ears making their way into his head;

Carey jumped up suddenly throwing his chair back and then a second later Jack jumped standing beside Carey. The two boys stared for a second but then Clu registered through their minds and they ran as fast as they could over to where Clu was; there was food all over the floor and Clu was in the middle of the mess with Fi huddled over him whispering something under her breath. Carey kneeled next to Clu meanwhile Jack just watched his sister, he could hear her sobs but all he could think of was Clu; *he's going to die and there is nothing we can do*

Molly jumped a bit when she heard her daughters loud scream. At first, she thought nothing of it, thinking the boys had played a practical joke on Fiona. As she finished her last note and the crowd cheered, Molly saw that the kids weren't in their seats. Confused she looked around and spotted them off to the left. Clu was lying on the floor, not moving.

Fi was huddling over him crying while Carey was sitting by Clu and Jack just stood there. 'Oh my God.'

Molly jumped off the stage and ran towards the kids. Irene and Ned were confused as to why Molly left the stage. They walked out from behind the curtains and saw the audience looking to the left of them. Irene and Ned looked over at what everyone was staring at and gasped. They leaped off the stage and ran over to Clu.

"Carey go call 911." Molly stated. Carey just sat there, in shock. Molly repeated what she said again. Still no answer. She let out an aggravated sigh and got up to run to the payphone. She saw Ned and Irene standing a couple feet away. Molly took Irene's cell-phone and called for an ambulance.

Fi was still huddled over Clu, crying. She didn't hear what was going on. All that was in her mind was Clu. 'I can't lose him, not now. Please god keep him alive. We all need him Lord. Please don't rip him from our lives.'



Everyone sat in the waiting room; Ned, Irene and Molly sat together watching the hospital doors waiting for the one door that the doctor tending to Clu would walk through; Fi and Jack sat by each other, Fi held on to Jack's hand for support while he stared off into space not knowing how to think or even react; Carey sat on the other side of Jack, his eyes scanned the hospital, it all seemed a blur to him, Carey took in a breath and shuddered; he hated the smell of hospitals and now he knew why.

Irene popped her head up from her hands when she heard a door open, she felt her heart stop when she saw a doctor start to walk up to them.

"Excuse me, are you here for Cluet Bell?"

Everyone jumped up the second he ended his sentence causing him to jump back a little but then he regained his posture.

"Yes, yes we are" Irene's voice was full of dread. "Is he okay?"

The doctor took off his cap and ran his fingers through his hair trying to find the easiest way to tell these people the truth.

"I'm so sorry everybody but we lost him, there was nothing we could do, I'm sorry" The doctor looked back at them and nodded, walking off.

Irene began to cry as the doctor walked off like it was nothing, but of course he had to do this everyday, Ned put his protective arms around Irene. Carey stood in the background, for a second he made no movements but after the news registered into his brain he felt his knees start to give out and he started to cry as he fell into the hospital chair. Fi and Jack stared back at each other and tried to push tears out of their eyes but in the state of shock they were in they couldn't do nothing but stare at each other; Molly looked at the doors of the hospital as if Clu would walk through laughing saying it was a big joke but she knew he wasn't going too... they had lost him forever.



Everyone walked up to the casket to pay their respects to Clu by laying flowers, crosses, or saying prayers for the Bell family. Ned and Irene stared at their baby boy, lying there in the casket. Irene leaned down and kissed her son's forehead then started crying again. Ned embraced his wife and held her tight. He was trying to be strong for her and not break down but it was hard. He felt a tear sliding down his cheek, more began to follow. After a couple minutes of standing there, Ned and Irene walked away and sat down on some chairs that were set up against the wall.


After Ned lead Irene away from the casket Fiona and Jack walked up to Clu. Fi kissed the red rose she had in her hand and laid it in Clu's casket. Jack placed a picture in the casket. It was of him, Carey, Clu, and Fiona at the beach two months ago in California.

Jack looked over at his sister as she ran her hand across Clu's cheek then sighed and looked back the picture. The memories came rushing back like a great tidal wave.


"Oh come on Carey. Fi and Clu are not crushing on each other."

Carey shook his head at how naive Jack was being "Yes they are Jack. Look at them."

Jack looked over to where Carey was pointing. Clu was trying to teach Fiona how to surf. He watched as

Fi paddled out further into the water with Clu watching her.

"Hey dude!" he called out "Don't kill my sister!"

Clu turned to him, "I'll try my best not to" then turned back to watching Fi. Jack rolled his eyes and turned back to Carey.

"Your crazy. Clu and Fi are just friends."

Carey opened his mouth to say something then thought better of it and closed his mouth. Instead he looked out onto the ocean where Fi was trying to stand up on her surfboard. Jack and him laughed as she fell off and landed on Clu, dunking them both in the salty water. Carey turned back to Jack. 'Why can't he see that Clu and Fi are into each other? He must be blind.'

Jack watched as Clu and Fi bobbed out of the water. He laughed as Clu gave Fi a noogie then dunked her under the water and tried to run back on the sand. No such luck. Fi caught up to Clu and tackled him to the ground. Both of them were laughing hysterically at they sat up.

"Jack, I still don't get how you can't see Clu and Fi liking each other. I mean, its so obvious."

Jack let out an aggravated sigh and once again turned towards his friend, "Carey, drop the subject okay?"

Carey shook his head and looked away from Jack and in the direction of his little brother and Fiona. What he saw made his eyes nearly pop out of his head. Jack was confused and looked to see what had his friend so shocked. His jaw dropped. Clu and his little sister were kissing! Jack felt a rage beginning to build up inside of him. He began to walk over to them. Carey saw the look on Jack's face and grabbed his arm before he could go over and yell at the two lovebirds.

"Carey let go!"

"Jack stop it."He told him. "I got a better idea."

"Oh yeah? Like what?" Jack inquired. Carey pointed to the cooler and whispered to Jack.

A grin creeped up on Jack's face. "I'm game, whatever it is" He slapped Carey a high-five and they grabbed the cooler, taking all the sodas out of it first, they crept up behind Clu and Fiona, who were still kissing. Carey could barely smother his laughs. He signaled to Jack. Jack nodded and they set down the cooler and opened the lid.

Carey mouthed to Jack "On the count of 3. 1...2...3..." They lifted up the cooler and dumped the icy water over the two lovebirds.

Clu and Fi shrieked as the icy water hit them then glared up at Carey and Jack who were laughing their butts off. Fi and Clu looked at each other then jumped up and tackled Jack and Carey to the ground.

"Hey kids !" Everyone looked up to see Molly holding a camera. "Can you guys pose for a picture before killing each other?"

Fi, Clu, Jack, and Carey stood up and brushed the sand off their bodies. Clu put his arm around Fi and smiled at her. Fi smiled at Clu to then turned to her Mom who was impatiently waiting to take the picture. Clu snapped out of his trance and looked in Molly's direction.

Molly looked into the camera, "Okay everyone... say cheese!"



Jack snapped out of his trance as a family member of Clu's put a wooden cross inside the casket then moved along. Jack looked over at Fi and saw that she was starting to cry. He pulled her into a hug and felt tears dropping from his eyes also.

"I can't believe he's really gone.'" Jack said through his tears. Fi said nothing and sobbed harder into her brother's shirt. They slowly walked away from the casket and sat down beside Carey, who sobbing heavily into Molly's shoulder.


Lowering of the casket - later on Clu's closest family and friends stood by watching the casket which held his poor, lifeless body within being lowered into the earth. Tissues were absorbing tears all around as mourners watched the final specs of dirt being placed on top of the casket that was now placed below their feet. They stood by and asked God to take care of Clu since they no longer could. Everyone retreated to their cars with whispers of conversation all around as many offered their condolences to Clu's family and friends.

Irene, Ned, Molly, Jack, and Carey slowly walk away from the gravestone after saying their goodbyes. Fiona turns to leave but instead stops and walks over to the gravestone. She kneeled down in front of it and touches Clu's name. Tears once again began to flow down her cheeks.

'Cluet Bell

Beloved son and friend

April 25th, 1982- September 28th, 2000.

May God take care of him in heaven.'

Jack came up behind his sister and kneeled on the ground beside her. He put a hand on her shoulder as she continued crying and staring at the gravestone.

"Come on Fi, we have to go." He told her. Fiona shook her head furiously. "Sis---"

Fi cut Jack off "I need to say goodbye Jack."

Jack nodded understandingly then stood up and walked back a couple feet to give his sister a little privacy.Fi stared at the gravestone for a couple minutes, not wanting to say 'those words.' If she did, it would mean that Clu was really gone and she would never see him again but Fiona knew she had to do it.

"Goodbye Clu, I will always love you." she whispered standing up, "Take care of him Daddy." Fi slowly turned around and walked over to Jack. After a hug was exchanged, the two siblings and start to walk away. Fi felt something and stopped walking and looked behind her. Seeing nothing, she sighed and caught up with Jack who was a couple feet ahead of her. They walked back to the tour-bus, neither one saying a word.


Fi walked back to her room and sat down on the bed. She shrugged off her jacket and carelessly tossed it onto the floor. She laid down and looked around her room. Her eyes stopped at a picture on her dresser. Fi got up then walked over to her and picked up the photo, running her fingers over it. It was a photo of Clu and her at a club in New York City 1 week ago. They had had the time of their life there, dancing and laughing. Fi held the picture close to her heart then brought it up to her lips and kissed it. She sat back down on her bed and slid the picture under her pillow and laid back down.

"I love you so much Clu. Your are my only love and I will never forget you.' she whispered to the air. Fi yawned and closed her eyes. To her surprise, she actually falls asleep.

Two figures smile at the sleeping Fi and look at each other then back at her again. They float down into the bus and kneel beside Fi's bed. Clu grabbed a cover and draped it over his girlfriend then kisses her cheek. Rick kissed her forehead and moved the strands of hair that fell over Fi's eyes. She stirs, making Clu and Rick jump a bit. Fi does nothing but smile. Clu and Rick sigh then slowly disappear from the room. Seconds after their departure, Jack and Molly walked into the room to check on Fiona. They see her sleeping and look at each other, smiling. Molly kissed her daughter on the forehead. Jack does the same and puts another cover on his sister. Molly and him stood up and walked towards the door.

"Sweet dreams Fi" Molly and Jack whispered. They closed the door so Fiona could get some much needed sleep.

The MP bus pulls away from the cemetery, and rolled along the road, back to the homes of the Phillips and Bells, minus one dear friend and family member. No-one will ever forget Clu, he will always be remembered in their hearts.


The End.

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