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This latest news posted on PhatForum about Left Eye's new album and her track with Tupac:

A fair share of stars guest on the album. Look for appearances by Carl Thomas, Esthero, Blaque and Tupac Shakur.

''The track with Tupac is titled 'Untouchable,' and it speaks for itself,'' Left Eye said. ''Tupac and everything about him is untouchable to me. I didn't record the song with him. I got a copy of the song and his lyrics were on the track. If you want to talk about whether I recorded it before or after his death, I can't answer that. It's still a mystery to me.''

Left Eye said she asks about the mysteries of life, and the mysteries of Pac's life, on the track.

''I'm basically asking him to answer those questions for me,'' she said. ''In the third verse he gives me his view from the other side. Some of the song's lyrics are so heavy. He says things like, 'You remember me legendary, I live eternally.' He produced the song. It's dynamite to me because he isn't known as a producer. It's like a double whammy because I get a song produced by Tupac a song featuring him that actually features me. I'm featured on a Tupac song on my album.''

Tupac is featured on Death Row's latest release "Tha Dogg Pound 2002." Pac is featured on the track "Don't Stop", which is track number 8 on the album. Also featured on the album are Snoop, Xzibit, Jay-Z, Memphis Bleek, Beanie Siegel, Nate Dogg, Crooked I, Tha Relativez, and more.

DPG Recordz is releasing a new album at the end of the year by Dillinger & Makaveli (Daz & Tupac) titled "Don't Go 2 Sleep: Tha EP." DPG is only selling the CD on their webiste(www.dpgrecordz.com) and it is a limited release. There are only like 750 copies left and they are $39.95 a piece + s/h. Be sure to order your copy now, because soon there won't be any left, and it won't be available in stores.

Supposedly, Tupac will be featured on Ja Rule's newest album "Pain is Love." Rumor has it that the track "No More Pain" (a remake of Tupac & Stretch's "Pain") will be featured on the album. On the mixtape version of this track it has Ja doing the first 2 verses (almost identical to Pac & Stretch's originals) and Tupac on the 3rd verse, using the same 3rd verse as on the original. Whether or not Pac will indeed be featured on the track is still unknown, but we'll know October 9th, when its slated for release. Ja also remade Tupac's "Pac's Life" (renamed "Thug Life") with R&B singer Case, using a beat almost identical to Tupac's. That song was a DJ Juice mixtape exclusive, and will not be featured on Ja's new album.

Here's the latest info from PhatForum on the new "Untouchable" Left Eye and Tupac track:
Pac talks about coming back reincarnated, saying things like, "...expect me like you expect Jesus to come back, expect me I'm comin I'm comin..." He also mentions Nas in the lines, ''...no offense to Nas, but this whole fucking world is mine, even if you're blind you can still see my prophecy, my destiny to overthrow those on top of me...'' The beat is the one used in Pac's unreleased "Drunken Freestyle"(aka "Untouchable Freestyle.") Some say there will be an alternate version of the track featuring the Outlawz, whose name Pac mentions many times in the track ("...we Outlawz...") The song is available in Real Audio format at www.eyenetics.com, Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez's website.

On a weird note, Pac's name appears on page 55 of the August '01 issue of The Source Magazine. In an ad for ESPN's X-Games there's a whole bunch of pictures with words under them (ex: a snowboarder doing a move with the word "eggplant" under the pic) Well there is a pic (WTF is that?!?) with the text "Tupac" under it. Check it out, and tell me whatcha think it is or means.

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