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In Word Up magazine, they had a piece on Tupac called "Tupac Revisited." It was about all of the alive rumors and "God Bless the Dead." They were also talking to a psychiatrist about how people refuse to let him go.

There have been a couple references to Tupac in ESPN magazine. There was a little piece where it says "Tulsa's Hill won't hit the court without spinning Tupac" and they had a picture of Arizona's Jason Terry in his room and above his bed was a poster of Tupac flipping off the camera with "Tupac Amaru Shakur 1971-1996" at the bottom.

In this month's issue of The SOURCE(w/ Snoop on the cover), in an article/interview w/ Snoop, the reporter said that right inside Tha Doggfather's door there's a life-size cardboard cut-out of Tupac with his middle finger up givin the Thug Life salute. Snoop also said that he made a Tupac & Biggie tribute song called "How Many Blessings."

In Blaze magazine(w/ Nas on the cover), in their track review section(or whatever its called), they reviewed a "Biggie and Tupac live freestyle", which is probably the one with Scoob, Shaheim, and Kane.

In the May 17th issue of ESPN Magazine, Dan Patrick did and interview w/ Mike Piazza(catcher for the NY Mets.) In the interview he asked him to "attach a rock band to these swings." One of them was (Barry) Bonds, and Piazza said "Tupac." There was a picture of Pac and Bonds(not together.)

In DJ Quik's song "You'z A Ganxta", of his "Rhythm-Al-Ism" album, at the end he says "...this song is dedicated to the 2 most prolific writers in rap music history: Tupac Shakur and The Notorious B.I.G."

On Rap City today, on BET, Master P said "We lost two great rappers in Biggie Smalls and Tupac."

Well, if u haven't gotten "Chronic 2000: Still Smokin'"(Death Row's version), go out & get it. It's a great album. Pac has 2 songs on it, "Who Do U Believe In" f/ Khadafi and "Late Nite" f/ DJ Quik & Tha Outlawz. It also features Treach, Scarface, Richie Rich, E-40, and a lot of Death Row artists. Here's what I think the top 5 songs are:

1)Swoop G "Don't Forget Where You Come From"

2)Soopafly "Like It Or Not"

3)VK f/ Treach "Chronic 2000"

4)2Pac f/ DJ Quik & Outlawz "Late Nite"

5)2pac f/ Yaki Kadafi "Who Do U Believe In"

The album also features new Death Row artists Tha Realest, who sounds almost identical to Pac, and Top Dogg, who sounds almost identical to Snoop. Tha Realest even has a song on the album in tribute to Pac called "Stand Strong." He says "Wussup...this is Tha Realest sendin this out to my big homie Pac...lettin the world know that even thought our plans on puttin heat down got delayed for a little while homie...its still goin down still ridin...n even before u went on ya little mission u left ya little homie ya blessings so now i can't do nothing but stand stong..." Some interesting facts about Tha Realest and this album:

He's is in 7 songs...he's on #7 on the 1st disc...every song he did on the album was part-published by 2 Die 4 Music...Pac's tracks are #4 on the 1st disc and #3 on the 2nd disc(4+3=7)...On the Gang Related soundtrack, Tha Realest, under his alias Tenkamenin, was w/ J-Flexx on track 7 on the 1st disc...

Also on "Stand Strong", Tha Realest says "take care of my little girl"(Pac has a baby daughter.)

On Swoop G's song "Don't Forget Where You Come From" he says "...mashin like Pac & Suge Knight...", he also says right before his first verse "Yo Simon nigga where u at?" In a lot of songs the name Simon is mentioned. Obviously referring to Suge.

In the song "Chronic 2000", by VK & Treach, Treach says "...U might see me, Pac, & Suge buyin weed from a chronic spot uptown, cuz niggaz ain't dead, they fed..." He also says "Ayo Pac, pass me some of that weed nigga, they don't know yet..." in the song.

In The Luniz' song "Is It Kool?" f/ Mokenstef, off their Lunitik Muzik" album, in the chorus, there's a clip of Tupac's "Is It Cool 2 Fuck" in it. It has Pac sayin "tell me is it cool 2 fuck."

In DJ Quik's song "Down, Down, Down" f/ Suga Free, Mausberg, & AMG, off his "Rhythm-Al-Ism" album, Quik says, "...bitch u'll have better luck tryin ta find Tupac then me buyin u somethin off the ice cream truck..."

On a message board, I believe at Pacup.com, someone stated that the next Tupac album on Amaru will be called "Lost Scriptures." And supposedly the 1st single will be "Dope Fiend Diner." On another board I read that the album will be co-released, once again, by Death Row and Amaru. All of this is unconfirmed, but we'll have to see for ourselves.

The new Outlawz album, being released by Rap-A-Lot, will be called "Neva Surrenda" or "Outlawz Neva Surrenda." The album will feature all of the Outlawz except for Khomeini/Mopreme, and of course Makaveli the Don. Khomeini is just not on it, but Tupac isn't on it due to Death Row having the rights to his songs, and Rap-A-Lot not. Even though the album features all new songs, Khadafi be on it: mixed in, of course. Tha Realest aka Tenkamenin will be on the album, as a member of the Outlawz named Doc Holiday. He performed under that name on "MFC Lawz", on Heltah Skeltah's "Magnum Force" album last year.

Even though I heard the Death Row Outlawz album, Retribution, was cancelled, due to them signing with Rap-A-Lot, on the back cover of the "Chronic 2000" CD, the Outlawz are listed as one of the upcoming Death Row projects. So we'll see about that. I have heard it will be released this summer, if its going to be released.

Don't be fooled by Hip Hop Spot's "Retribution." It's only a bunch of Outlawz songs together on 2 disc, like a compilation. But no doubt its a good CD. It features songs like "Novakane" and "Retribution", that I've never heard of before. If anyone picks it up, gimme the 411 on it.

On other boards I've read that the ,Death Row and Amaru, Tupac album will be released under the name Makaveli. And one post stated it might be called "Makaveli 2000." So we'll see about that. Who knows, a new CD may not even be released this year. It wouldn't surprise with all the problems Death Row is having right now.

In Storm's song "Will I Rize", off the Gridlock'd soundtrack, she says "...God help me...black Jesus, ??? immortal, 2Pacalypse is now..." She also says, "...this is dedicated 2 the realest nigga 2 breath: Makaveli the Don; khadafi, hussein, edi mean, kastro, young noble, napoleon, and storm..."

In Public Enemy's new video for "Do You Wanna Go Our Way", Chuck D says, "...who drop the bomb on hip-hop, who got biggie, n who got Tupac...ain't no eazy, no scott larock..." There's pictures of all of them(not together.)

I got this off the "Hot Off The Presses!!" section of the Tupac Shakur & Outlawz web page:

Monday, May 17

BY: Darryl

Ok, Everyone has been wondering what's going on these days with the Outlawz. Well soon, I will know everything. Here's the story... My brother's EX-Girlfriend, is also the EX-Girlfriend of Young Noble from the Outlaw Immortals. Last Friday, she came over, and I got a chance to talk to her. I asked her what's going on with the Outlawz. She said The OUTLAWZ Think that SUGE KNIGHT Killed Tupac!!! She said ALL of the Outlawz live Here in Los Angeles, which is where I live. If any of you know around L.A, they live in Studio City. She said it's like 10 people that lives in they house. And it is one female who lives with them, which is STORM, the female Outlaw. I asked her about L.S, and she said he is the one who does beats for them. She said The ONLY Outlaw who isn't with them is HUSSEIN FATAL. She said he still lives in New Jersey, and he doesn't be out here in Los Angeles a lot, since Tupac died. BUT, he is STILL a member of the Outlawz. She said they are making songs right now. She said they got a studio in their house, which she will take me to see them either before Summer, or during Summer. She said STROM is really messed up in the head. She said when Storm raps, she is REALLY rapping from the Heart, cause she is kinda crazy. She said Storm HATES taking Pictures, that's why YOU NEVER see pictures of her. And I asked would she let me that one, and she said hell No, cause she is crazy, and kinda Ugly. She said Storm has a scar on the side of her face, she got cut. The Outlawz never liked being with Death Row when they seen Suge kind of using Tupac. She said they wanted to leave, and I asked her about a MTV Special where OFTB, and Nate Dogg said Tupac wanted to leave, and she said that is right, he wanted to leave right away. And the Outlawz think Tupac was killed by Suge Knight. I asked about Khadafi, and she said they think Suge Night did that too, cause Khadafi was the ONLY one willing to tell, plus Khadafi knew a little bit more, cause in those last few weeks, Tupac, Suge, and Khadafi was the only Outlaw who was with them when they were alone. She said they DO NOT know when the Album on Rap-A-Lot is coming out. They are just making songs.. Then I asked, cause it was like 6pm, I said, "so what are they doing right now?? What do they do everyday??" And she said, they just be sitting around kickin' it in their house like everyday.. They really don't do anything, and it's NOTHING they can do now, cause they are Broke, and don't have a lot of money. So that is why they made Sooooo MANY Guest Appearences in the last year. She talks to my brother like 2-3 times a week, and she Promised me she will take me to see them either before or during the summer. She said, I can kick it with them all day, and HOPEFULLY, get to know either one or some of them really good, that I would be like one of their new homies. And I KNOW, EVERYONE on the INTERNET wants proof, but I think I just said some things today, that some of you NEVER knew... And I WILL try to get Pictures with them, To SHOW The "SMARTS" out there some Proof. I Will have the pictures at my website, when I get them. So keep checking back.

In Harlem World's new video for "Cali Chronic" featuring Snoop, Huddy Combs says, "...against all odds like Tupac..." Before I heard the song, I was told that it was horrible. Now that I've heard it, I think its a tite song with a phat westside beat. Only one problem with the beat, its phat, but they emphasize it too much and it gets annoying after a while.

On BET today, they had all of Rap City on Biggie. Today is his birthday. They had a lot of good stuff on him. I didn’t get to see the whole thing, but what I saw was good. The only Biggie video I saw was “One More Chance”, which was also the only video I saw. They had a piece called “Biggie, Tupac, Forever.” They were talking to a bunch of Bad Boy people, who were saying that Pac and Biggie would have been making records together, if they were alive, right now. This one guy said it would be called ‘Notorious Pac.' And that it would just kill everything. They were saying the beef would have been squashed, and they would be cool with each other. This lady said she would have loved to hear them together, and that they might even be on tour with each other of they were alive right now. They also played part of the Biggie interview with Joe Clair. They played the part where Biggie was talking about Tupac. That interview was a hidden track after the last song on Life After Death Disc 1. They were also saying what Biggie would have been doing for his birthday today. One guy said he would have had a whole strip bar to himself with like a hundred bottles of Cristal and like 50 strippers. And that across from the street from the strip joint, there would be Biggie’s Chicken & Waffles. He said the strip joint and the chicken & waffles place were both in Biggie’s plans. That’s pretty much all I saw, I would have taped it but I guess they don’t show replays of Rap City, like late at night or something.

Christopher “Notorious B.I.G.” Wallace: May 21st 1972 – March 9th 1997, R.I.P.

In Yukmouth's video for "Still Ballin'", he pours out liquor over a tombstone that reads "Tupac Shakur 1971-1996." E.D.I. is in the video, not rapping, and maybe other Outlawz, but i don't know most of them by face. It's a pretty phat video, except its not really a tribute kinda video. Not even one picture of Pac. But besides that and the fake tombstone(Tupac was cremated, and his ashes were spread over a park near his house in L.A.), its a phat video and a phat song.

In O.F.T.B.'s song "Body and Soul", one of them says "...I can hear Tupac tellin' me 2 be strong, but my nigga got stoled and left the ??? alone..." Body and Soul is track 13 on the Gridlock'd soundtrack.

Yesterday on Rap City they showed a lot of concert footage from Survival of the Illest and other tours. Survival of the Illest included Onyx, Def Squad, DMX, Method Man, Redman, Lox, and Cormega. They also showed clips from Xzibit, Wyclef, Black Star, and Naughty by Nature. After Naughty performed "OPP", either Treach or Vinnie said throw it up for "Makaveli the Don, Tupac!" Or something like that, but he at least said "Makaveli the Don, Tupac!"

On my recent update about Yukmouth's "Still Ballin'" video, I said EDI and possibly other Outlawz were in it. Well as I watched it again today, I realized Young Noble is in it, and possible Kastro. I say possibly because I know most of them only by voice and not by face. Also, Shock-G of the Digital Underground appeared in the video.

In Gangstarr's video for "Full Clip", their tribute to Big L(of D.I.T.C.), Guru said, "...I kept my head up..." Right when he said that, you can see a film of Pac performing on stage in the background.

Today on Rap City, Big Tigger was talking with Gangsta Boo(of the 3-6-Mafia)and he asked who she's working with on Relativity and Hypnotized Mindz, and one of the people she mentioned was Fatal Hussein.

Also on Rap City today, Big Tig did their Hip-Hop Newz. One of the things he mentioned was that Dr. Dre will feature Eminem on a new track for the Wild Wild West soundtrack. Also on the soundtrack are MC Lyte, Common, and Slick Rick. Tig also said that Dre has decided not to release his next album with the title "Chronic 2000." He said that was because Death Row relased their album with that name. He said Dre would not say what the title would be, but Tig said he'd try and find out. Tig also mentioned that Dre's album will be released in late July.

I've been informed that there is a song on the net, by the Outlawz, that says they know who killed Biggie. Supposedly the hook goes: "We know who killed Big Poppa", with the same beat as the Lox's tribute to B.I.G., "We'll Always Love Big Poppa." Huh? Wasn't Suge Knight just considered a major suspect in Biggie's murder? In one of my recent updates i reported that the Outlawz said that they think Suge killed Pac. Now think about that...

I downloaded the unreleased/unconfirmed video for "Who Do U Believe In?" today. It's a pretty good video. It's a lot of clips and pictures from his videos. I'll see if i can upload it to my site. So maybe later i'll have a link to download the video. Or just ask and i'll forward it to you.

In a recent update, I said that Tupac was pictured in Gangstarr's video for "Full Clip." As I watched the video again, I realized it wasn't Pac, but Guru. It showed him from the back, and thats why I didn't notice it was Guru. Full Clip is featured on Gangstarr's "Full Clip: A Decade of Gangstarr", Gangstarr's Greatest Hits.

In Bad Azz'z song "Money, Houses, & Cars" featuring Kurupt, Bad Azz says, "Tupac is dead, stop questioning life, you have to talk to the feds..."

In Cormega's "Testament", he says, "Pac & Biggie rule forever, don't get it confused..."

In an unreleased Flesh-N-Bone song, at the beginning it goes, "Eazy, Tupac, Biggie, rest in peace." The song is a mostly a tribute to Eazy-E, besides the mention of Pac and Biggie at the beginning.

A source of mine told me that Death Row will be releasing a new Tupac album in November. Whether or not it will be released under the name 2Pac or Makaveli is still unanswered. The album is also currently untitled. Who knows, maybe "Makaveli 2000." Also, Soopafly's album is set to be released later this month, and if its not released on time, The Outlawz "Retribution" will be released in place of it.

In the song "Mr. Officer", off Death Row's "Chronic 2000", Cap'n Save 'Em says, "...I'm just a black man in this white man'z world, like Pac say..."

June 16th - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TUPAC! Tupac would be 28 today if he was alive. BET's Rap City did a Happy B-Day tribute to him today. They showed a lot of interviews and some videos. Some of the videos they played were: Keep Ya Head Up, I Get Around, Dear Mama, Brenda's Got a Baby, So Many Tearz, & Changes. Some of the people they interviewed about Tupac were: Yo-Yo, Treach, T-Boz, Dre(of Outkast), Q-Tip, & Biggie(from that old interview with Joe Clair that was a hidden track on "Life After Death." It was a great tribute to Tupac. After about every commercial break, Master P talked about Pac for a sec. The interviews they showed of Pac were very good also. I'd never seen most of them, so they showed a side of him I'd never seen before. Overall it was a great tribute to him, but they could have played more videos(mostly becuase i was looking forward to taping them, but I taped the whole thing anyways.) I just wish MTV would do something like that. By the way, did they? Did they do any tribute to him? If they did, email me and tell me what they did. Tupac Amaru Shakur 1971-1996, Thug in Peace.

While looking over an ad for Naughty by Nature's new album "19Naughty9", I noticed something on Treach's left forearm. He was a tatoo of Pac on there. Its a pic of him, the one where he looks pretty ripped. I've seen the pic used for the bootleg "East 2 West", if that helps you out.

In TRU( Master P, Silkk the Shocker, & C-Murder)'s latest video for the song "Hoody Hoo", at the beginning in the big crowd of people by the electric fences, there's a Pac look-a-like, or at least its supposed to be. He has his bandanna tied in front and kinda looks like him, but to a true fan of Shakur, its obviously not him.

The review of TRU's latest album "Da Crime Family", by one of the best radio stations in Miami, Florida and the dirty, dirty south, WPOW Power 96:

No Limit should seriously consider placing a classified ad to solicit help for their quality control department. Although the No Limit Army can vouch for its fair share of hits, a backlash is slowly rising against the New Orleans squad. And with good reason. With the release of the new album from TRU (Silkk The Shocker, C-Murder and Master P), Da Crime Family, P shouldn't be surprised if some fans ask him to refund a portion of the $56 million dollars they put in his pocket last year.

What makes Da Crime Family sicker than incest is TRU's blatant jacking of Jay-Z, DMX, Cash Money and Tupac's styles, thereby exposing the trio's lack of originality and direction. On "Hou-Di-Hoo," the Miller Boys steal the chorus of OutKast's classic "Hootie Hoo" from the ATL duo's Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik archives. Meanwhile, on "Hail Mary," you get the feeling C-Murder would have ended up on Pac's hitlist if he was still alive. The No Limit Soldier shamelessly pillaged Makaveli's classic of the same name. While Silkk struggles to find the beat on "Stay Real," he aimlessly rips off Jigga's flow and subject matter from "A Week Ago." In addition, listen carefully and hear DMX's dogs howl as Silkk bites X's angry man conversation with God on, "Prayer For A G". Hopefully, Da Crime Family won't add to the flames of the Hot Boys-No Limit feud, as "No Limit Army" sounds like a rip off of B.G.'s "Cash Money Is An Army".

Classics like "I'm Bout It" and "No Limit Soldiers" made the tank a reputable hit making force for millions, but songs like "Tru Homies" and "Don't Judge" on Da Crime Family could easily destroy the tank that P built.

--Miguel Burke

While going over posts on PhatForum's message board, one heading hit me: makaveli posters. So i clicked on it and there was a website to go, photowrld.com, to order Tupac posters. The ones they have up for sale are: "2Pac: Makaveli the album", "Listen Very Carefully...Makaveli the album", "Vibe cover of their Tupac tribute issue", "Vibe's March 14, 1995 issue with Tupac on the cover", "Gridlock'd", "Greatest Hits", "R U Still Down?[remember me]", "R U Still Down?[remember me](2), & "Gang Related." I Hope to get one of the Makaveli posters to put on my wall. If anyone orders, please e-mail me and tell me how long it takes.

I've read that on a recent mailing from Interscope, they have a tentative release for August 17th for Tupac and the Outlawz. I've been told the release will be the single for "Still I Rise."

The new Tupac & Outlawz album will be titled "War Wounds" and is a Death Row/Interscope release which will be released on August 17th. Apparently, the official Death Row Records website is not "www.deathrowrecords.com" And supposedly, the tracklisting for the new album will be posted on the official Death Row website, which i am unaware of its URL. I'll get it up as soon as I find out.

When I was at my friend's house today and looking at his CDs i saw something different on the CDs "THUG LIFE" and "Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z" On both of them there are Amaru Records elbloms. They must be re-releases of the albums, since Afeni owns the rights now.

In Vol 18 of Athlon Sports Pro Football Edition magazine, Tupac's name was mentioned. In the section NFL X Week, on Dec. 5, Simeon Rice(Arizona Cardinals) says "All I got on these phones is some Tupac Shakur and Guns 'N' Roses to pump me up." It was some made up thing, and the phones he was referring to were headphones with a radio reciever in them to intercept communications between opposing quarterbacks.

While on the phone with my brother in Milwaukee, we were talking about the WWF wrestling Pay-Per-View that is on TV tonite. He said he saw a sign with "Tupac" or "2Pac" on it. I'm unaware of the spelling just that it was the alias of the late Makaveli the Don.

Tupac's name is mentioned a few times on Naughty by Nature's new album "19Naughty9". On "On the Run", Treach says, "...two middle fingers, like my nigga mista-fuck-a-cop, Tupac, so fuck them mug shots..." And on "Dirt All By My Lonely", Treach says, "...Above the Rim, word to Birdie, I'm from Jersey..." Tupac played the character "Birdie" in the film "Above the Rim."

The supposed tracklist for The Outlawz/Tupac "Still I Rise" album:

1. Still I Rise (feat Outlawz)

2. Homicidal Fantasiez (feat Kadafi)

3. Friendz

4. Bounce My Way (feat YGD Tha Top Dogg)

5. Cycosis (feat Tech9ne)

6. They Dont Give A F*** About Us (feat Outlawz)

7. Premeditation (feat Jewell)

8. Dedicated 2 Tha Deceased (feat Daz, Fatal, & Michel'le)

9. Deathrow Domination (feat OFTB, Daz, Kurrupt, Snoop, Outlawz)

10. Hard Timez (feat Outlawz)

11. Thorozine (feat Kadafi & Big Syke)

12. Thug Passion 2 (feat Daz, Too $hort, Rage, Jewell)

13. Kriminal Tacticz (feat Outlawz)

14. Eternal Thugz (feat Thug Life, Bone, Outlawz - Supposedly 10 minutes long & produced by Mike Mosely)

15. Outlaw Outro

On the "Is Tupac Alive?" page I have put up links to two pictures of Tha Realest. Yes, they're legit, taken from offices at Death Row Records.

On the link below there is two pages of info supposedly from Interscope Records about the supposed next Tupac album "Still I Rise." Let's hope its real, cause it sounds tight!

In the September issue of Blaze(w/ Mobb Deep on the cover), Tupac's name is mentioned various times:

Erick Sermon: "...Same thing with the Tupac and Biggie murders - niggas started crying, saying they gonna get out of the game..."

About Mack 10: "...New York is also on the rise again with Def Jam consistently putting out chart-topping hits and filling the void left by the deaths of Biggie Smalls and Tupac Shakur..."

About the Hot Boy$: "...Borrowing from Tupac's Makavelian work ethic, the Hot Boy$ sometimes record as many as four songs in one night..."

About Mobb Deep: "Their history of starting fights at numerous industry events and their highly publicized beefs with Keith Murray and the late Tupac certainly didn't help their cause. During the Pac situation, things got especially serious. Prodigy admits to sending one of their boys on the train with a bag of guns when they were scheduled to do shows in L.A. 'Throughout all that,' says P, 'I thought we were going to jail or we were going to die.'..."

In the August issue of The SOURCE(w/ Dre on the cover), Pac's name is also mention a few times:

Review of Big L's "How You Like It": "Unlike the late great ones - Big and 'Pac - Big L didn't leave behind that many jewels to show the world his undeniable talent..."

About Omar Epps: "Fresh out of school, he landed the role of Q in the Ernest Dickerson hip-hop classic, Juice, along side Tupac Shakur. 'I was 17 when I did Juice,' recalls Epps of his first experience working on a feature film. "I learned a lot from Tupac as a man. Anyone who knew him knew about his passion..."

Review of "Juice": I definitely realize that 'Pac was an excellent actor, man..."

10 Favorite Summer Anthems: "#10 - 'California Love', Tupac feat. Dr. Dre '96" About Roger Troutman(R.I.P.): "Dr. Dre, who produced 2Pac's 1996 Top 10 hit "California Love," which featured Troutman, called the singer's death a tragedy..."

Tupac and Biggie are on the cover of the November issue of Vibe magazine. The issue is entitled "Legends of the Fall." Apparently, this statement by Biggie was printed in it:

"I wish Tupac could have heard 'Life After Death'...and there is nothing about him on it..."

Also there is a picture of Tupac's hand-written lyrics for "To Live & Die in L.A." and comments by Money-b, Edi, Mopreme and others.

In the October issue of The Source(w/ Hot Boy$ on the cover), in the ad for Buckshot's 'BDI Thug' album it says "...The late great Tupac Shakur gave Buckshot the name BDI Thug when Buckshot worked on an album with him called 'One Nation'..."

Another thing, something different about Buck's new album, is its being released by Duckdown in conjunction with Ecko Unlimited(clothing line.) On the album cover(which is portrayed as a hard cover book), Buck is wearing the new Ecko MX glove and an Ecko hat.

Sorry for the lack of updates lately, but I've been real busy with school right now. I'll soon be putting up an Unreleased Tupac CD Trading section on my site. I'll have a list of songs I have and a list of songs I want. And we'll trade from there: you get me some songs I want, and I'll getcha some you want. Easy as that. But no sales will be made, just trading. I will probably get my P.O. Box this weekend and from there I'll put up the new section. Well, thats all for now, peace.

New Tupac and Outlawz release! The street date is december 14th for the release 2Pac + Outlawz 'Still I Rise'.Most of the vocals were recorded in 1995 and 1996, but were finished early this year with some of todays hottest rap producers: QD III, Soulshock & Karlin, Quimmy Quim, Mister Lee & EDI. The tracks are as follows:

1. Letter To The President

2. Still I Rise

3. Secretz Of War

4. Baby Dont Cry

5. As The World Turns

6. Black Jesuz

7. Homeboyz

8. Hell 4 A Hustler

9. High Speed

10. The Good Die Young

11. Killuminati

12. Teardrops & Closed Caskets

13. Tatoo Tears

14. U Cant Be Touched

15. Y'all Dont Know Us

Let's hope this is true. See-ya at the store on the 14th!Ps...props to G. Litt and JD Bastin!

This comes from MTV News: "...Aside from those artists, 'Born Again' also features a running monologue from the Notorious B.I.G.'s mother, Voletta Wallace, as well as a haunting appearance from another fallen rapper, Tupac Shakur." Tuac and Biggie had recorded a couple of songs together and this will most likely be a remix of "House of Pain", sources say...

The previously unreleased Tupac track 'Men At Armz' aka 'Get It On', and now renamed 'Brothers At Arms' has recently been released as a B-Side to a Buckshot 12" single.

Tracklisting for the soundtrack to the upcoming Tupac tribute film 'Xchange':

1. Intro (Pac Poem)-Typhoon

2. Cali-California-Mr.Tan w/Alexx Kaye

3. Xchange (rock)-Fencekiller w/Typhoon

4. Story To Tell-Kurupt w/Snoop Dogg

5. Real Thing-Valerie Watson

6. Articulate Thug-Ras Kass w/Eastwood

7. Litany-evenrude

8. Xchange (rap)-Typhoon

9. Bocephus-Fencekiller

10. Whatchu Talkin' About-Daz w/Young Wee

11. Promise Me-Valerie Watson

12. Mo' Chedda-K-Dee w/Glock

13. Lust-Fencekiller

14. Don't Give Ah Fuck-Prodeje, Young Prod, Sanyika Shakur aka Monster Kody, Texas 99 & Young Wee

15. Poetry In Motion-This Guy Mike

16. Ride-Eastwood

17. Undefined-Fencekiller

The upcoming Digital Underground album, "The Lost Files", will feature a Tuac tribute song by Shock-G called 'Mind Bubble', and Money-B will also be releasing a Tuac tribute song, 'Eyez On A Mill Ticket', on his upcoming solo album, "Talkin' Dirty".

Another supposed 'Still I Rise' tracklist(though I believe G. Litt is reliable and that the one above might be the real one.):

1. Still I Rise (New Production, Same Lyrics) feat. Outlawz

2. Why Tha Good Die Young

3. Soon Az I Get Home feat.Yaki Kadafi.

4. Tattoo Tears feat. Outlawz

5. Thug In Me feat. Faith Evans

6. They Dont Give A Fuck About Us feat. Outlawz

7. Passionate Ecstasy feat. Jon B

8. If U Play Your Cardz Right feat. Jodeci & Outlawz

9. Friendz

10. Tear Dropz & Closed Caskets feat. Outlawz

11. Just Watchin' feat. Snoop Doggy Dogg

12. Fortune & Fame

13. Afterlyfe feat. Alanis Morisette & Fatal Hussein

14. Articulate feat. Jewell & Danny Boy

15. SoSo Krazy feat. Da Brat

16. Reminise (Various people talkin bout Tuac over various beats/music, including Alanis Morisette, Fatal Hussein, Big Syke, Buckshot, E-40, Young Ritzy aka Gonzoe, Snoop Dogg, Suge Knight, Jada Pinkett and more.)

17. Bonus Track - 'Soldiers At War' performed by Tupac, Scarface, Tray D, and Redman, produced by E-A-Ski.

Possible tracklist for Biggie's Dec. 7th ,soon-to-be-released, 'Born Again' album:

1. Kiss - (featuring Lil' Kim/Puff Daddy/Busta Rhymes)

2. Can I Get Witcha

3. Dead Wrong - (featuring Busta Rhymes)

4. Party & Bullshit Me - (featuring Faith)

5. Everyday Struggle - (featuring K-Ci/JoJo/Nas)

6. Come On - (featuring Sadat X)

7. Notorious - (featuring Lil' Kim/Puff Daddy)

8. Bust A Nut - (featuring Too Short)

9. Niggas

10. Warning - (featuring Ice Cube)

11. Keep Your Hands High - (featuring Method Man/Redman)

12. You'll See '99 - (featuring Puff Daddy/Shyne/G-Dep/Mark Curry)

13. Westside Story - (featuring Lil' Kim/ Puff Daddy)

Official tracklisting for 2Pac + Outlawz "Still I Rise" release for December 14th!:

1. Letter to the President

2. Still I Rise

3. Secretz of War

4. Baby Don't Cry (Keep Ya Head Up II)

5. As The World Turns

6. Black Jesuz

7. Homeboyz

8. Hell 4 A Hustler

9. High Speed

10. The Good Die Young

11. Killuminati

12. Teardrop and Closed Caskets

13. Tattoo Tears

14. U Can Be Touched

15. Y'all Don't Know Us

Thank you G. Litt!!!Peep out the cover and the tracklisting at www.interscoperecords.com/2pac/tupac.html!!!

Updates on "Still I Rise" album, thanks to 2PacOnline(www.thuglord.com):

The 2Pac and Outlawz album has been moved back to a release date of December 21 instead of December 14. The first single Baby Dont Cry (Keep Ya Head Up 2) is already getting airplay on a lot of radio stations.

MTV will be unveiling a new 2Pac music video sometime early in December, most likely for the first single of Still I Rise: Baby Don't Cry (Keep Ya Head Up Part 2)

Promo singles for another track off of Still I Rise called Homeboyz have been sent out, they include the LP version of the upcoming track as well as an instrumental. A single for the track Baby Don't Cry was also sent out with a radio edit of the track.

The tracks on Still I Rise are different from their bootleg counterparts. Although they were all originally recorded before 2Pac's death, they have been touched up recently with new producers (QD III, Soulshock & Karlin, Quimmy Quim & Reef, and Mr. Lee) and by the Outlawz. Teardrops and Klosed Kaskets was modified slightly, Hell 4 A Hustler is all new except for the one same 2Pac verse, Still I Rise features a new upbeat rhythym with Danny Boy doing the chorus instead of Big Syke, Tattoo Tearz features a new beat as well as Secrets of War, Letter 2 the Prezident has an additional verse by someone unfamiliar, and Fatal has been taken out of the track Black Jesus. The song Killuminati features a verse from 2Pac's Untouchable freestyle, the verse does not seem like it was dubbed into the song straight from the freestyle but rather that 2Pac just recycled the lyrics and did indeed record the song that way.

A friend of mine told me that Tha Realest will be releasing a "Hit 'Em Up" kinda track against No Limit Records called "Lettin' It Be Known."

In 50 Cent's track "How To Rob" featuring The Madd Rapper, 50 says, "...R-I-P B-I-G, nigga, R-I-P P-A-C..."

A source/friend of mine told me that in the new Source magazine (w/ Jay-Z on the cover), that there's something about a new Makaveli album coming out. He says that the new album is called "Makaveli: 9,438"(he wasn't for sure on that though) and that it would be released June, 2000. A few tracks were listed, like "Forver A Ridah" and "Big Shots" featuring Biggie over Swizz Beatz track. I'll have more on this ASAP. If you have more info on this, please email me at Pat0724@aol.com.

MTV just aired the new 2Pac + Outlawz video for "Baby Don't Cry"(Keep Ya Head Up II.) It's a pretty good video, though I feel there's enough video clips of Tupac to have more of him in it. There was only a few clips of him during his first verse and some during the Outlawz' verses. The clips were from the original "Keep Ya Head Up" and "California Love." EDI and Young Noble both had full verses and were featured in the video. Napoleon, I believe, was in the car in the back seat with the girl and there were some other Outlawz in the video too, but I couldn't ID them, cuz there weren't really shown close enough up. The video showed a girl like gettin' snatched up bu these guys in a car while she was walkin' home from school. She was cryin' in the backseat and Napoleon was in the car with two other guys. Eventually, from what I saw, they pulled over and the girl ran away while Napoleon stopped one of the other guys from chasing her. There were also some pretty nice Tupac murals. One of them stated "Makaveli Lives On", which was the fade-out at the end of the video. Um...the video was filmed in L.A.(according to Carson) and was apparently a very strong and emotional shooting of the video. Overall, a very good video, though, again, I believe there should have been more Tupac clips in it. So, vote for the video on MTV.com and buy "Still I Rise" by 2Pac + Outlawz on December 21st.

Tupac mentioned on Biggie's new album, "Born Again.":

"Can I Get Witcha" feat. Lil' Cease - '...my name ain't Tupac, I don't get around...'

"If I Should Die Before I Wake" feat. Ice Cube, Black Rob & Beanie Sigel - (Ice Cube)'...and I can tell, no matter the weather, that you and Tupac got your shit together, California love'

And on the track "Come On" featuring Sadat X( of Brand Nubian), in the second verse(I believe) Biggie uses the same lyrics he used in that unreleased freestyle with 'Pac in 1994 at MSG. Speaking of that track, apparently, it has been released on Funk Master Flex's new mix CD "The Tunnel." But i've heard it was remixed and edited, and that it only plays Biggie and Tupac's parts(like on the Trapp album, no disrespect Flex.)

Another track that has been released is Biggie and Tupac's "House of Pain", which also features Stretch. Apparently, Bad Boy has released it as a B-side on a 12" from Biggie's new album. But i've heard it was kinda messed up with how they remixed it. Apparently, Harve "Joe Hooker" Pierre does the hook to the new version of the song. And if you didn't catch that update about Buckshot releasing "Brothers At Armz"(aka "Men At Armz" aka "Get It On") with Tupac(from the "One Nation/East 2 West" bootlegs), he also released it as a B-side on a 12" from his "BDI Thug" album.

On Will Smith's "Uuhhh", on his "Willennium" CD, featuring Kel Spencer, Kel says, "...dogg, do it how Pac & Big did it, its the Wild Wild East..."

Sorry everybody, but for those who don't know, the track "Afterlyfe"(aka "The Afterlife") by Tupac and Alanis Morrisette doesn't exist. Actually, the so-called track is actually just a clip of Tupac from the "Smile" a capella pasted over Morrisette's unreleased track "On My Own." Untouchable webmaster "G" created the "track" and it has been hyped as one of the rarest(because no one has it, because its not a real song) Tupac songs since the first word of it. Apparently, "Afterlyfe" was even listed as one of the tracks on the new "Still I Rise" album, by Amazon.com. G says it started off as a joke and then people took it too seriously because it connected with what Pac said on "In His Own Words." He also says that that unreleased Alanis Morrisette track was to be released on her "Jagged Little Pill" album, but obviously didn't make the cut. So for all the avid Tupac fans out there with all the unreleased cuts, you can cross this one of your list.

Common (Sense) mentions Tupac in his song "Dooinit", where he says, "you wasn't sayin' you was a thug before Pac came..."

Well, I got my 'Death Row Uncut' t-shirt in the mail today. Its a red shirt with black lettering. On the front it says 'Too Gangsta For TV' and on the back it says 'Death Row Uncut'(the logo) 'For The Millenium' 'Executive Producer: Suge Knight' and it has the Death Row logo under that. It also came with a post card kinda thing that says 'Compliments of Suge Knight' and the DR logo under that. So thank you Death Row Records and Suge Knight. Ps..Death Row is releasing a soundtrack to 'Uncut' sometime soon.

Eminem mentioned Tupac's name in “If I Get Locked Up” on "The Tunnel" album by Funk Master Flex and Big Kapp. Slim says, “...if i only had, some fuckin' hair, i’d pull it, faster than a bullet, outta Tupac’s chest, before the ambulance came, too late to do it...”

Here's MTV's online article on the death of the Terror Squad's Big Punisher:
"Big Punisher Suffers Fatal Heart Attack

Rapper Big Punisher, currently heard on Jennifer Lopez' 'Feelin' So Good' single, suffered a heart attack and was pronounced dead Monday afternoon at the age of 28.

A hospital spokesperson declined to discuss details of the rapper's condition and told MTV News that Big Pun (real name Christopher Rios) was dead on arrival at the hospital at approximately 4 p.m. (ET) Monday afternoon.

Rios is survived by a wife and three children.

Big Pun was slated to join Lopez and Fat Joe for a performance of 'Feelin' So Good' on last weekend's edition of 'Saturday Night Live,' but he did not turn up on the show.

Pun leapt from the underground to the mainstream with his 1998 album 'Capital Punishment' and the hit single 'Still Not A Player.' At the time of his death, the rapper was preparing to release his sophomore album, titled 'Yeehah Baby,' in April.


Rest in Peace Pun, you will be missed.

God. What is going on in this world? Earlier this morning, around 11 AM EST, NFL star Derrick Thomas died. He was injured in a car accident around 16(not sure) days ago and the first concern was that he could be paralized. I recieved no word until today that he was in critical condition, and found out only this evening that he passed away. Rest in Peace DT, we'll miss you. Also, God bless the lives of Bobby Phills( of the Charlotte Hornets) and Big Punisher(of the Terror Squad.) RIP, one love.

Bone Thugs mentioned 2Pac on the track "2 Glocks"(track 3) on their new album "Resurrection." One of them(Bizzy or maybe Flesh) said "...shoot the cops like 2Pac..." By the way, go buy the new album when it comes out, its phat. Tracks 3,4,5, and 9 are the best. So support this album and don't buy bootlegs.

In ECW's(Extreme Championship Wrestling) new video game "Hardcore", for N64 and PSX, wrestler New Jack comes out with a Tupac shirt on.

My new Email address is AmP0724@aol.com, Pat0724 has been deleted.

The Source recently did an article on the Tupac Amaru Shakur One Nation Community Conference, called "Tupac 101." It is in the "Ear to The Street" section under "Styles & Trends." Go buy the mag, it has Ghostface & RZA on the front cover.

Big L, of DITC, will have an album released soon on Rawkus Records called "The Big Picture." Big L was murdered last year in Harlem, NY.

Also in the Source, they did an article on Easy Mo Bee called "Mo' Money, Mo Beats." They said "his sonic vibrations have helped boost the careers of Craig Mack, Busta Rhymes, the late Notorious B.I.G., as well as 2Pac." Also, "he later became one of the few producers to make beats for both B.I.G. and 2Pac individually, and as the only producer to work with both of them simultaneously on the record "Runnin' From the Police." Easy Mo Bee then stated "people always wanna bring out the negative side to their relationship, I was in the studio with all of them-Biggie,2pac, The Outlawz,everybody. And I remember all of us laughing, smoking, drinking, talking and having fun. Fuck that. I'ma speak about the good times, 'cause that's what I seen."

Also in The Source, they had a section on producers and what songs they produced, what rappers they produced for, and so on. Well one producer they mentioned was DJ SHOK. They said that "he's currently providing soundscapes for the likes of Scarface, Rah digga and the late 2Pac (for yet another posthumous album.)" Well now, since "Still I Rise" was already released, this makes me think that they are talking about another album, a newer one than Still I Rise. So you know what that means...WE GOT ANOTHER ALBUM COMIN'!!!!!! Well, lets just hope aight, I'll let cha know on any word of a new album.

In the movie "3 Strikes", at the beginning when all the prisoners were watching the news, all them get up and you can seen "R.I.P. Tupac" on the wall behind them. Go see it, its funny as hell.
Also, Hussein Fatal is aparently in jail and is recieved fan/support mail. I will have the address of ASAP, but u can find it now at 2Pac-Outlawz.com

Well, the Outlawz were on BET's Rap City last Monday, March 27th. They came on for the second half of the show. The four that appeared on the show were the same four that appeared on Still I Rise: Kastro, Young Noble, Napoleon, and EDI Mean. They didn't speak much about 'Pac, but did speak of the future of the Outlawz. They talked alot about Outlawz Records and their next two releases on the label: a new Outlawz(only) record and a Jersey Mob compilation. And when they were on Live From L.A.(also on BET), they talked about a new album from Napoleon's lil brother, Chameleon, on Outlawz Records. I wonder if thats the same Chameleon 'Pac spoke of at the end of "High Speed"("Chameleon out to make a million.") Back to Rap City, they were amazing in the booth. They really tore than joint down, with most of their music being Snoop's "B-Please", with Tigga on the turntables. I taped the show, so if anyone wants a copy, just email me at AmP0724@aol.com.

The Outlawz have filed a lawsuit against Death Row, heres the story from CDNOW.com:
The rap group the Outlawz, best known for their work with the late Tupac Shakur, have filed a $4.5 million lawsuit against Death Row Records, the label's incarcerated chief Marion "Suge" Knight, its distributor Interscope Records, Suge Knight Films, and Suge Publishing. The suit, filed Tuesday (April 4) in Los Angeles Superior Court, cites 11 complaints, including breach of contract, unfair business practices, intentional interference with prospective economic advantages, racketeering, and others. The Outlawz, which signed with Death Row in March 1997 and delivered their first master recordings in January 1998, claim that, "Death Row refused to release said master recordings in retaliation for the Outlawz' refusal to enter into a separate agreement granting to Suge Publishing a publishing interest in the compositions contained in the masters delivered to Death Row."
In July 1998, the group claims that because the label didn't release the recording or give them notice of extending the term of their recording contract that their contract expired on approximately May 6, 1999. The label then released 2Pac + Outlawz' Still I Rise Dec. 21, 1999, while the Outlawz maintain that they were no longer signed to the label. The album debuted at No. 7 on The Billboard 200.
"Beginning prior to the release of Still I Rise and continuing to the present," reads the suit, in part, "Death Row and Knight have falsely asserted to third parties, including representatives of Interscope, that the Outlawz remain obligated under the Recording Agreement; and Death Row and Knight have otherwise interfered with a) the Outlawz' career in the entertainment industry and the value of their trademark, b) the marketing and exploitation of the Still I Rise record, and c) the agreement between the Outlawz and the Estate of Tupac Shakur and Interscope."
The group, which began writing songs with Shakur in 1994 until the rapper's death in 1996, claims that Death Row and Knight had instructed Interscope not to include the Outlawz (formerly known as Dramacydal and Outlaw Immortalz) in any promotion for the album, including videos, radio promotion, street marketing, and press; and that they included their performance in the video Death Row Uncut for Knight Films without any license, authorization, or compensation.
Attorneys for the group sent a cease and desist letter to Death Row and Interscope on Feb. 23 of this year asking them to stop asserting that the group is still signed to the label; to cease interfering with the marketing of Still I Rise; to cease selling the Death Row Uncut video unless the appropriate licenses and releases are issued; and to give the group an accounting of their work with Shakur on the 1997's Gang Related and 1996's Supercop soundtracks, and the aforementioned video, released in 1999.
The Outlawz are credited on Gang Related for three tracks with 2Pac ("Staring Through My Rearview," "Made Niggaz," and "Lost Souls") and one with Daz Dillinger ("What's Ya Fantasy?"). They're credited on Supercop again for "Made Niggaz" with 2Pac.
The full complaint is for unfair business practices, violation of the Lanham Act, intentional interference with prospective economic advantage, violation of civil code 3344, quantum meruit, unjust enrichment/implied contract, negligence, declaratory relief, accounting, breach of contract, and violations the Federal RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization) Statute.

Eminem mentioned Tupac & Biggie on his new track "Marshall Mathers" off of his new album the "Marshall Mathers LP." On track 11 he says, "...drivin' up the block in the car that they shot Pac in, lookin' for Big's killers, dressin' ridiculous, blue & red, like I don't see what the big deal is, double-barrel 12 gauge,bigger than Chris Wallace, i'm pissed off cuz Biggie & Pac just missed all this, watchin all these cheap imitations get rich off em', n get dollars,that should have been theirs, like they switched wallets..." So go get the CD on May 23rd (next Tuesday), and find out what the real Slim Shady is all about.

Malik Sealy of the Minnesota Timberwolves NBA basketball team was killed in a car accident a few days ago after attending teammate Kevin Garnett's 24th birthday party. Mr. Malik, Rest in Peace.

On Lil' Kim's uncut(unreleased) version of "Big Momma Thang" she says, "...let me stress the tatoos on ya chest, B-I-G, u rockin' my property...dedicate this song 2 ya,like R. Kelly, n them twin Pac's in ya belly", about Faith Evans, in verse 2(Jay-Z's verse in the released version.) And "..oh yeah,who shot ya,who knows, but they got ya, fed up, wet up, maybe next time, yo punk ass'll keep ya head up", about 'Pac, in verse 3.

On the new Eminem and Redman track "Off The Wall", on the "Nutty Professor II: The Klumps" soundtrack, Tupac is mentioned. Redman spits, "Doc and Eminem, cock the M & M, blood flows with 2Pacalypse and them."

A 4-disc 2Pac Box Set is supposed to be released later this year by Death Row Records. Supposedly titled "Clearing Out The Vaults", I guess thats what Death Row is doing. It will be the first 4-disc rap album in history(note: Tupac was the first to release a 2-disc album in rap.) It will be all new music(previously unreleased), so be sure to get it. And you should probly start saving up now(think the price range of about $50-60.) More on that ASAP.

I'm not sure exactly when this happened, but I saw it on ESPN Sportscenter that the Carolina Panthers' Fred Lane was shot to death by his girlfriend. Come on, what is going on here. Stop the bullshit, and keep the peace. R.I.P. Fred Lane.

Here's the tracklist for Big L's new posthomous album, "The Big Picture." Be sure to notice number 4!

1. The Big Picture (Intro)
2. Ebonics
3. Size 'Em Up
4. Deadly Combination (Feat. Tupac)
5. '98 Freestyle
6. Holdin' It Down (feat. Stan Spit, A.G., & Miss Jones)
7. The Heist
8. The Enemy (Feat. Fat Joe)
9. Fall Back (Feat. Kool G. Rap)
10. Flamboyant
11. Casualties Of A Dice Game
12. Platinum Plus (Feat. Big Daddy Kane)
13. Who You Slidin' Wit (Feat. Stan Spit)
14. Games (Feat. Sadat X & Guru)
15. The Heist Revisited
16. The Triboro (Feat. O.C., Fat Joe, & Remy Martin)

Haha!!!!Happy B-Day Pat!!!!Yeah its my birthday, thanks everyone, haha. But yeah, on that Big L/2Pac song.....it is a f#¢k!ng deadly combination! The song is phat as hell, but its only drawbacks are that its really short and that 2Pac and Big L didn't record this together. Because apparently the verse 2Pac uses is his one from the unreleased "Representin' For Ron G" aka "Fuck Whatcha Heard" (w/ Stretch & Keith Murray.) But it is defenetely produced by Ron G, because he does a lil' intro/talking thing at the beginning. Great track overall, so go get it. You can get it streaming at www.2paconline.com. Also, vote for the Outlawz for Best New Artist, Group for the Source Awards 2000. Vote at www.thesourceawards.com.

Eminem mentioned Tupac a couple times in an interview he had with CDNow.com:

"I always felt like the more personal Tupac got, the more I could relate to him... I always bought a Tupac CD, a Biggie CD, a Jay-Z CD. If you can afford a computer, you can afford to pay $16 for my fucking CD."

Tomorrow everyone!!!I know it ain't a Tupac album, but if you've ever heard Big L, you know u gotta pick it up. And besides, its got Tupac on it anyways. If you haven't heard already, number four on the album is a track called "Deadly Combination" featuring the one and only, Tupac Shakur. As always Pac tears it up and leaves another blessing for his fans to "munch" on before the next 2Pac album drops. So go get this one, and if we're lucky, we'll see that 4-disc " The Safe"(f/k/a "Clearing Out The Vaults") album drop before year ends.

I also wanna give a shout out to that African cat that emailed me about getting a copy of the Rap City show that the Outlawz were featured on. Sorry bout that man, but its too much confusion(lol,and money) sending packages out of the U.S. So don't get pissed about that shit aight, we cool man. And if your'e ever hear in the states, holla at me and we'll get you a copy of the tape aight. Peace.

If you're an avid Tupac fan, and collector of his unreleased material, than you've probably come across the name of a track titled "Who Do Ya Luv." But you probably haven't heard it yet(or am I the only one?) Well thanks to 2Paconline.com, you can hear it. The song features the late Stretch, and was reportedly recorded around the time of "Me Against the World." You can find it in the news/updates section of 2Paconline.com

Well, it was bound to happen. They've done it. Apparently, on the new "The Safe" Tupac box set, Tha Realest and Tha Top Dogg(YGD) will be mixed in some songs with Pac. Why? Why? I will say this, I like both YGD and Tha Realest, but don't put them where they don't belong. I like "Deadly Combination" on Big L's album, but Tupac and Big L don't belong on the same track. They probably never even met each other. And thats the same with Tha Realest and YGD, although I heard Pac was the one that got Tha Realest signed. But he still never rapped with him, unless there's some other unreleased shit we haven't heard. So you've been warned. But all in all, its 4 new Pac albums, what more could you want?

Finally some news on Death Row's "Too Gangsta For Radio" CD(sorta the 'soundtrack' to DR Uncut.) Well, here's who's on the album: 2Pac, Ruff Ryders, Treach (Naughty by Nature), Scarface (Geto Boys), Crooked I, Above the Law, Tha Realest, K-9, Mack Shawn, CJ Mack, Swoop G, Dre'sta & The Young Hogs. It says that there will be 2 new previously unreleased 2Pac tracks on there, so thats a reason to go out and cop the album. So go buy it, it comes out September 19th(I'm guessing September 19th 2000, haha, let's hope.)

Here's some info on the newly discovered unreleased track "Who Do Ya Luv" by Tupac & Stretch:

Bahx: It was the later half of 1993, just one week before Tupac made headlines by being accused of rape in a Manhattan hotel room. I had just come back from a six month stay in the Bay Area, and I was now producing tracks at a Mid-town, Manhattan studio on 36th street called Skyline Studios. One night I was sleeping over at my cousin's house in the Bronx when something told me to call my friend Arzie Hardin (who I sometimes worked with on studio projects) at the studio. Turns out he was at Skyline working on a session with the then un-signed and unknown female rapper Queen Pen (who later joined Teddy Riley & Blackstreet). He was doing her demo and asked me to come down and sit in on the session.

Once I got there, to my surprise, Tupac and his entourage were on the scene. At this point Tupac's entourage consisted of a then unknown Biggie Smalls (who came off very shy and introverted), and Stretch of the group Live Squad. I soon found out that Queen Pin had managed to get Tupac (then riding high on his first real hit "I Get Around") to rhyme on her demo tape. But after an hour of trying to find a track that suited Tupac, everyone was getting a frustrated, and Tupac was threatening to leave. At the time, I was known for always carrying around a tape of my beats; so I pulled Tupac to the side and gave him an impromptu listening session while everyone else was taking a stress break in the lounge area. To my advantage, my recent stay in California had turned me from an East Coast only beat-maker into a West Coast funk-rap producer, so Tupac soon found a track on my tape that got him excited. Unfortunately for Queen Pen, Tupac liked the track so much, he decided he wanted it for himself. So after a depressed Queen Pen accepted the detour, we went to work on "Who Do You Luv?"

Originally, the track was supposed to feature Tupac, Stretch, "and" Biggie. But while the other two whipped up their verses in 30 minutes, Biggie just couldn't seem to come up with a flow, and finally trudged out of the studio session never to be seen again. We wound up working on the song for about three days, and when we were done we knew that this was the perfect marriage of West Coast beats with East Coast grittiness. Interscope made a check out to me and my boy Arzie (who engineered and co-produced the session) and that was that. To this day "Who Do You Luv?" is one of my favorite Tupac tracks not because I produced it, but because he was using a particularly unique rhyme style that he generally abandoned when he went to Death Row Records. The sound quality on the song is poor because over the years my reference recording has been through some wear and tear. Subsequently I got to hang out with Tupac at various times, most notably right after his release from prison in 1995. Our last time together, we were in an apartment in Los Angeles with the rest of his Outlaw Immortal crew, and Tupac was raging with energy now that he was free of prison life. I hate that he left the world the way he did, in a hail of bullets in Las Vegas. But I respect the fact that he's one of the few people I've ever known who truly lived life on their own terms.

The October issue of The Source (release in September) is going to do a tribute on the Legacy of Tupac Shakur.

Death Row Records will be releasing a compilation album called "Too Gangsta For Radio" this September 26th. The album will include 2 previously unreleased 2Pac tracks, including the first single off the album, "Thug Nature". Rumor has it that the 2nd track will be "Friends."

Apparently the Outlawz were involved in a verbal battle with member of Bad Boy Records at the Source Awards this past week. It is said that one of the 'Lawz spit on someone from Bad Boy.

The Outlawz and Fatal will appear on Do or Die's new album "Victory", released on August 29th. The 'Lawz will also appear on Da 5 Footaz album to be released later this year.

The September issue of The Source Magazine will include "a special look at Tupac's legacy."

On Lil' Zane's "Young World" track off his "Young World" LP, mentions 2Pac and BIG. Zane spits "u seen what happened to 2Pac and Big Poppa..."

Tracklist for "Too Gangsta For Radio", Death Row Records compilation:
1. Friends - 2pac
2. Gangsta Rap - Treach, Scarface, & Crooked I
3. I Ain't Fuckin With U - Cj Mac
4. Everywhere We Go - Above The Law
5. Fuck Hollywood - Tha Realest
6. Murda For Life - Ja Rule
7. Way Too Often - Soopafly & Kurupt
8. In Too Deep - Ruff Ryders with The Lox
9. Fuck Dre - Tha Realest, Lil Cstyle, Swoop G, & Twist
10. Thug Nature - 2pac
11. Death Rizo - Crooked I
12. Projects - Swoop G featuring Keitarock & Juice
13. Gangstad Out - K-9
14. Give It Up 4 Compton - Dre'sta
15. Real Type Gangsta - Mac-Shawn
16. This Is The Thanks You Get -
17. Too Gangsta - Dre'sta featuring The Young

This is also the 4 year anniversary of the night Tupac was shot 4 times in Las Vegas on September 7th, 1996. Keep him in your hearts, and represent on the 13th. Peace.

2Pac *Still I Rise*??Real??
2Pac *Still I Rise*??Real?? Pt. 2
bAcK 2 mAiN pAgE

Email: amp0724@aol.com