jEvOn jOnEs aka tHa rEaLeSt

About the artist Tha Realsest, signed to The New and Untouchable Death Row Records at this time:

Is this Tupac disguising his voice with a southern accent? Is Tupac alive and writing lyrics for Tha Realest? Is Tha Realest a wannabe-Pac, jocking his style and lyrics? You decide.

Some facts and lyrics from his appearances on Death Row's latest release.

"Chronic 2000: Still Smokin'" :

"I'm Comin' Home" - Tha Realest

- "...I realize that I made a mistake(sexual assault charges), I lost my number 1 homie(Stretch), was a given or that..."

- "...Guess what, I made parole today, I had to send for my homies from the other way"(Pac met with Treach right after he got out)

"They Wanna Be Like Us" - Tha Realest feat. Top Dogg & Doobie

- "The way the story was told, I was murdered at 23 years old"( Pac was 23 when shot in '94)

"Gotta Love Gangstas" - Tha Realest feat. Scarface & Ri¢hie Ri¢h

- chorus - no southern accent

- "Richie Rich, ha, ha, ha, ha" - no southern accent, identical to Pac

"Chronic 2000" - VK feat. Treach

- at the end - "Westside, Eastside..." - no southern accent, identical to Pac

"It's Goin' Down" - Mack Shawn feat. Tha Realest & Daz

- "holdin on to a life thats soon to be missin'(dying)"

- "was evicted from this west coast"(had to find somewhere else to chill while "dead")

- "its time to eliminate my competition"(biggie, king tut, ?jay-z)

"Easy To Be A Soldier When There Ain't No War" - Tha Realest feat. Swoop G & Lil' C Style

- chorus - no southern accent

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bAcK 2 mAiN pAgE