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Welcome to my page about beads. I became interested in beading several years ago. I don't know what it is about beads that called me to them, but I'm glad it happened. I am now hooked! I enjoy working with beads and creating beautiful jewelry.
The pieces on this page are for sale. If you are interested in buying one, please click on the "Buy Now" button beside the piece. Pieces will be removed from this page when sold, and new pieces put up in their place. Prices include postage and handling costs. The piece "Winter Queen" is on this page for display purposes only; it is no longer available.
I also make lampworked beads. I'm still in the "beginner" phase of lampworking, tho I am working my way to "intermediate". I really enjoy bead-making, and use them in the finished jewelry I make.

This bracelet is 8.5" in length. Red glass beads and green pressed-glass beads are accented by multiple stands of black, grey, white, cream, and silver seed-beads. $30.00

This bracelet is 7" in length. It features lampworked beads created by myself. Light blue seed-beads were used as spacers. $30.00

This bracelet is 8" in length. The band is peyote stitched with blue beads. Over the band, I wove a mixture of blue seed-bead strands. The clasp bead is one of my lampworked beads. $40.00

This necklace is 17" in length. Purple and gold glass beads float on a double-strand of black, grey, white, cream, and silver seed-beads. $25.00

WINTER QUEEN: peyote stitched amulet and strap.

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