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This website was updated on November 29, 2000.
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Room Descriptions

The Political Pages
Last updated on November 29, 2000.
Contains resources for conservative Americans, including activist alerts, 2000 presidential race links, and a countdown clock to George W. Bush's Presidential Inauguration!

The Gallery
Last updated on November 4, 2000.
London photos are up! Also up are the photos of Governor George W. Bush's visit to Jacksonville on October 24, 2000. Please don't link to any of the images, read more about it at:

        Width Theft

Screening Room
Last updated on April 2, 2000.
Contains reviews of films in current theatrical release and on video.

The Library
Last updated on September 16, 1999.
Contains reviews of fiction and nonfiction books, still under construction.

The Bookshop
Where you can find all the books reviewed and more. Buy them online at discounts of 10% to 90% off list price.

The Conservatory
Check out the Web's newest online music source, including soundtracks from film and television.

The Computer Room
Looking for software to balance your budget, chart your family tree, or a new game? Find it here, along with news about the latest in hand-held fiction - The Electronic RocketBook(TM).

Provides links to several fun sites and useful resources, from "this day in history" to free downloads to shopping. Have a favorite site that isn't listed? Suggest it by clicking here.

Visit the largest online bookstore for books, film novelizations, or political treatises - fast, friendly, and convenient!

All proceeds from Review Pages links' sales will be donated to the Humane Society of the United States. To learn more, click here.

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Shareware Download
Download Shareware from all over the net. Get WinZip, PaintShop Pro, ICQ, Webshots Desktop, and more.

Personality Test
Try the online Kiersey Temperament Sorter to find out whether your personality is Artisan, Guardian, Idealist, or Rational.

For other great sites, visit Reference.

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