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Kim Raver
As Kim Zambrano

Born and raised in New York City, Kim Raver had a regular role on the children's television series "Sesame Street" from the ages of 6 to 9. After "Sesame Street" the young actress joined off-Broadway's first all-children's theater.

A fine arts graduate of Boston University, Raver continues to study theater in New York with teacher and mentor Wynn Handman. She is fluent in French and German, a language that she learned as a child from her German-born mother.

Raver is thrilled to be reunited with "Third Watch" creator John Wells (with whom she worked on "Trinity") and loves the complexities of her character, "She is thrill seeking and compassionate, a dedicated adrenaline junkie with a streak of self-destructiveness when it comes to men."

In the beginning of her career, Raver paid her bills by acting in commercials that brought her to Venice for a Visa ad and in a Jeep for "Blade Runner" director Ridley Scott.

Her big break came with her Broadway debut in the play "Holiday" in which she co-starred with Laura Linney ("The Truman Show") and Tony Goldwyn.

Raver's other television credits include a lead role on NBC's "Trinity" and guest starring roles in such series as "The Practice," Spin City," and NBC's "Law & Order and a recurring role on "Central Park West" She also appeared in the feature film "City Hall" with Al Pacino.

This summer, Raver costarred in the Williamstown production of "The Glimmer Brothers, written by Warren Leight, this year's Tony Award winner for "Sideman." She costarred with David Schwimmer ( NBC's "Friends") and John Spencer (NBC's "West Wing")

Raver lives in New York and spends her free time running, practicing yoga and being near her close-knit family. Her birthday is March 15.