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The JOHNSON-MYRICK Informer Online

"We Have Deep Roots"

Hello Family,
I hope that you are all doing great. I am Tracey Dornita Johnson and I live in Philadelphia, PA. I am the youngest daughter of the late Stanfod Preston Johnson who was the youngest son of the late Andrew Johnson, who was the son of the late Lee Grant Johnson and Martha Myrick.

I 'm very honored to be a part of this family and am willing to share any expertise from my personal and professional experiences with all of you. Apparently, we have deep roots of our own and our own story to tell.
Lovingly submitted by Tracey D. Johnson, Philadelphia, PA

Lester Rhynes Recognized

Many years ago Lester Rhynes, the husband of the late Parilee Johnson and the son-in-law of the late Lee Johnson, bought some land, in Chipley, FL, and built 10 rental houses on it.

He placed a street on his property in order to have access to all of his homes. The city of Chipley paved this street a few years ago and named it 10th street.

Last year the city renamed this street after our family patriarch. It is now called Lester Rhynes Avenue.
Lovingly submitted by Arrie Lee Carthon, Chipley, Florida

More Family Has Been Found!

Thanks to the efforts of Arrie Lee Carthon, more Johnson family members have been found.

Arrie recalled the timee her mother, Parilee Johnson-Rhynes, was in the hospital in Panama City. A lady came to the hospital saying she was Parilee's first cousin. Her name is Annie Lee Johnson. she is the daughter of the late Walter Johnson. Walter and Lee Johnson were brothers.

After several phone calls and trips to Panama City, Arie was able to locate Annie Lee after all of these years.

Annie is alive and well living in Panama City, Florida. She has a son named Jerry McCoy, who lives in Panama City and a daughter named Faye Johnson who lives in New York.

It takes a lot of persistence and patience to find long lost family members. Congratulations and thank you to Arrie for finding the Panama City connection.

A special welcome to our newly found cousins. We are so happy to have you back with the family.


For questions or comments about contributing to the newsletter or questions about the reunion, please feel free to contact:

Jeannine Fisher

108 Deerfield Drive

Pittsburgh, PA 15235

"When the root is strong, the fruit is sweet."
~ Bob Marley~

Our Newsletter Online

As you all remember from the last issue of the Johnson-Myrick Informer, there was an internet version of our newsletter available to us. Well, I am pleased to announce that many people have found our site and are very impressed with it's content. On this site there is not only the current version of this newsletter, but there is a page of web links for others who are doing genealogical research of their families, a photo gallery of old family photos, a link to newspaper articles of family members in the news and a partial listing of our family tree.

There is an international genealogical group, called Afrigenas, whose main focus is on African-American and Native American genealogy who thought so highly of our site that they've added a link to our page on their site. In addition, our site is linked to a Johnson page that lists all Johnson web sites. Also, there is a Jackson County Florida web page, connected to the international genealogy project called the GenWeb Project, who has linked to our site as well. There are many others who have found information on our site interesting and informative enough to add our link to their page.

That is a very high honor, we all should be very proud of our family history.

Added Notes

  • If you or a family member have been written up in a newspaper article, please submit a copy of it along with the name, address and phone number of the newspaper so permission can be obtained to reprint the article.

  • If you haven't done so already, take a look at our web page, JOHNSON Roots: Pages of Time. The address is:

  • Be sure to read and sign the guest book and to sign up for the family email list.

  • In the future there will be a family talk room. This is different from a chat room. With our own talk room we will be able to talk to family all over the country through the computer. There are no long distance charges since the conversation goes through the online service. The only things you will need are a computer, of course, Windows 95 or 98, an online server, a microphone and speakers. Keep an eye out for more information on that in a future issue of the JOHNSON- MYRICK Informer.

    Five Generations of Beauty

    By Tracey D. Johnson

    Before you can even begin to think you'll look good by placing Bobbi Brown make-up on your face, Brooks Brothers tailored suits on your body, or Gucci shoes on your feet, if you don't feel good inside the outside just won't matter. My beauty tips will start from the inside out.


    1. For attractive lips, speak words of kindness
    2. For beautiful eyes, seek out the good in other people
    3. To lose weight, let go of stress and the need to control others
    4. To improve your ears, listen to the word of God
    5. Touch someone with your love
    6. Rather than focus on the thorns of life, smell the roses and count your blessings
    7. For poise, walk with knowledge and selfesteem
    8. To strengthen your arms, hug at least three people a day
    9. To strengthen your heart, forgive yourself and others
    10. Don't worry and hurry so much
    11. Walk this earth lightly and yet leave your mark


    Tiffany Watkins-Tiffany graduated from Chipley High School in May 1999. She plans to go to college in Florida, but hasn't decided if she wants to be a history teacher or social worker. Tiffany is the great granddaughter of the late Parilee Johnson Rhynes and the great great granddaughter of the late Lee Johnson and Josephine Miller.

    Tiffany Fisher- Tiffany just entered the sixth grade at Linton Middle School in Pittsburgh, PA. She has been chosen, by the coaches of the ninth grade football team, as their new manager. That is quit an honor for a young lady just entering middle school. Tiffany is the great granddaughter of the late Bessie JOhnson Moore and the great great granddaughter of the late Lee and Martha Johnson.

    Tracey Johnson-Tracey auditioned and was selected as a model for the 23rd Annual Congressional Black Caucus & Spouses Convention in Washington DC. The gala event took place September 17 & 18 1999. The proceeds went to raise money for college scholarships. Tracey was one of 35 models out of over 100 who auditioned. Tracey is the granddaughter of the late Andrew and Juanita Johnson and the great granddaughter of the late Lee and Martha Johnson.

    If you have any interesting news you'd like to share with the family, please submit it before December 15th, the deadline for the next newsletter.

    Happy Birthday

    These family members are celebrating a birthday in November/December:


    Carlos Rhynes 10th

    Jeannine Fisher 14th

    Arrie Carthon 24th

    Andrew Johnson 24th

    Oscar Rhynes 29th


    Amanda Moore5th

    Hasina McGann 12th

    Lester Rhynes Sr. 25th

    Please excuse any errors or omissions for the birthday list. If you have a birthday or anniversary in January or February and would like to be listed in the next newsletter, please submit it by December 15th. Also, please send corrections ASAP.

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