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JOHNSON Descendants

Generation I.
Tob Johnson married Rosa Travice (Travis)
Children of Tob Johnson and Rosa Travice (Travis) are:

i. Richard H. Johnson
ii. Walter Johnson
iii. Solomon Johnson (see page 2 of photo album)
iv. Preston Johnson
v. Lee Grant Johnson

Richard (Ii.) had a girl child with Mattie
Walter (Iii.) married Laura
Solomon (Iiii.) married Blanche
Preston (Iiv.) No additional information
Lee Grant (Iv.) married Martha Myrick in 1898

NOTES: The 1900 census of Chipley, FL shows Rosa as a widowed head of household. It also shows Tob as a widowed head of household. This same census shows Preston (Iiv.) living in both households, but he is different ages. In Rosa's home, he is two years old and in Tob's household he is 15 years old.

Generation II.
Children of Lee Grant Johnson (Iv.) and Martha Myrick (see page 1 of photo album) are:

i. Willie b. 1897 (see page 1 of photo album)
ii. Lovie b. 1899 d. 1955(see page 4 of photo album)
iii. Andrew b. 1901 d. 1974 (see page 2 of photo album)
iv. Lucille b. 1903 d. 1957 (see page 4 of photo album)
v. Bessie b. 1905 d. 1958 (see page 2 of photo album)
vi. Mamie b. 1907 d. 1931(see page 1 of photo album)
vii. Lee Grant Jr. b. 1909 d. 1948(see page 4 of photo album)

Children of Lee Grant Johnson and Josephine Miller are:
viii. Parilee b. 1909 d. 1983 (see page 1 of photo album)

Willie (IIi.) never had any children by Annie May or Fanny
Lovie (IIii.) married Jack Davis then married Carl Miller (see marriage photo on page 4 of photo album)
Andrew (IIiii.) married Rosa (see page 2 of photo album) then married Juanita Scarborougho
Lucille (IIiv.) married Woodrow Smith b. 1910 d.1976-they didn't have children
Bessie (IIv.) married Willis Moore b. 1891 in Newark, NJ
Mamie (IIvi.) had a child with Leonard Brown
Lee Grant Jr. (IIvii) married a Collins woman from Chipley, FL and had a daughter
Parilee (IIviii) married Lester Rhynes b. 1909

NOTES: According to family, Willie (IIi) moved to Buffalo Ave. in Tampa, FL and owned a restaurant there with a woman. No records have been found for Willie to date. Lovie (IIii.) never had any children, but raised her nephew Roland Brown. Andrew (IIiii.) remarried after Rosa died. Lucille (IIiv.) graduated from nursing school in Birmingham, AL. Bessie (IIv.), my grandma, raised three children after her husband, Willis Moore, passed away sometime after 1945. Mamie, (IIvi.)had a son and died at an early age. (no records yet) Her sister and brother-in-law, Lovie and Carl Miller, raised him. Lee Grant Jr. (IIvii.) died (of unknown causes at this time). Read more about him in the photo album. Parilee (IIviii.) was born and died in Chipley, FL. Many of her descendants still live in Chipley. If you are familiar with Chipley, you probably know of the Rhynes store in Chipley.

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