People DO Like Us

As odd as this may seem, we acutally get more praise mail than hatemail. Yep, suprises us too. We decided to post some of the praise mail we get. We hope to post more later on.

I love your website. I read the hatemail. These people are such dumbasses. i mean, if they don't want you making fun of `n sync and bitchney spears, why should they make fun of backstreet boys? By the way, i love the backstreet boys much better than bitchney and `n sync. Anyway, i love your site and the the teenyboppers are really stupid for not listening to your warning. They should just shut hell up. From, Leann


Hi, I think this anti N'sync and anti Britney Spears is the best idea ever!! BSB is the one and only and n'sync are music failures.

You go girlies! Hell with N SYNC.. on with BSB!!!

You guys rock! I hate 'N Sync they are total copy-cats, and Britney is sort of a tramp. The BSB rocks, they are the best "boy- band" out there, I totally agree. Thank you for your site.

well I'd just like to say for starters, that I wouldn't have opened this site if I didn't hate N sync and britney spears. I like backstreet boys, but I'm not a teenybopper. I think one of them is cute actually. I'm just glad that there are sane people in this world who agree that N suck and bratney spears are non talented bastards, who make money for making garbage which they call "music" I also believe that slut needs to cover herself up because it's not even the breast implants, no one should wear a belly top if they have love handles hanging out the sides. and another thing about that "teen role model" britney spears, just cuz it's called a belly top doesn't mean you have to have one to show it off. love the site cuz I hate them.

hello....i visited your website about anti nsync and anti brittney spears......well i hate brittney with a passion but i like nsync but the pics were funny as hell.....brittney sux though.....later katt

yall's site kicks major @$$. very good on britney(silicon queen). only thing sucked was how you mentioned she was from louisiana and believe me and all the states around us WE ARE NOT CLAIMING SKANK BITCH WHAT SO EVER! Other than that keep up the good work.

Hey peeps who came up with this site.... it is great!! HAHA!! I love to see stupid copy cats NSYNC and little miss implants in jail!! HAHA!! I do LLLLOOOOVVVEEE the Backstreet Boys! Oh yeah! Great site... see ya! KTBPA!

To the chicks who made this site....ilove nsync and hate the bsb but I LOVE your site!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't know if this is hate mail but I would like to say you are two cool chicks!!!

I like your site, the britney section was funny. I on the other hand like N Sync, but can take a joke unlike some of the fans that send you hate mail( Which I personally think is really childish.) Anyway, I just wanted to say that I liked your page, it was great! Keep putting up new stuff! -Caitlin

i think it is great that u r doing this! i really hate brittany spears and n*sync! they suck soooooo bad! too bad people dont realize how bad they r! more sites should be dedicated to crappy morons like these jerks, saying how bad they really r!

yo i just visited your site and i think it kicks rear. you really brought out the best in brit the brat with those pics.anyway i just wanted to tell you that you should add a five part of the page!!!

that is the funniest damn website ive ever seen thank u for makinG it

I love your page! I hate nstink and britney! I guess u like bsb too huh? I love them! Ur site is so funny! The nstink one is really funny! Keep up the good work!

hey, i am an nsync fan, but i love your site!!!!!!!! call me not a great fan, but i love making fun of them. they set themselves up for it most of the time, and someone needs to call then on it. and as for butney, please just rip on her as much as you want, b/c shes just a skanky hoe with no talent. anyways, keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!

dude!!!!!! your site 4ever rocks!!!!!!!!!!!! any fellow anti nsync haterz/bsb loverz are best friends of mine :) keep up the no scratch that (GREAT WORK!) l8rz


Oh my!! that was absolutley hilariuos!! I have never read funnier things and I love the Nsyc top ten lists!! BSB 4-ever

All I have to say is that you are my complete idols. I ADORE your anti Ho-tney Spears webpage. It is AMAZING!!! I actually have a song to add to your arsenal of Britney-bashing tunes that you can put on your page if you would like to. It's a song that goes to the tune of 'Crazy' and it's about how she turned 18 and can legally be a ho and screw anything that walks. It's pretty cool I think. Anyhow, let me know if you would like to add my song to your page so I can write it up and send it to you. Thanks for putting my opinions into words!!!

*This one was funny* I dont really hate Brittney Spears, but yet I do. I can see why other people do. There's this girl that I work with. Her name's Linsey, and she looks exactly like Brittney Spears. Normally this would make me hate her, but I can't bring myself to, because she's really sexy. Even worse, she tells all the guys in the office that she's in high school so they won't hit on her. (We get the point, Linsey.) I work at this engineering company in Idaho with a bunch of dorks. Well, some of the people there are cool- I even like my boss. But my point is, Britney Spears- and all those girls that look like her- make me wish that I was gay, so I wouldn't be attracted to them. Because, after all, we all know how much Britney Spears really sucks. In the mean time, by the way, since I'm forced to work with this Britney Spears lookalike, is there any way you know of that a guy can change his sexual preference?

I can't say I like BSB,(or can even stand them) but anybody that hates Britney Spears(breast implant girl) can't be that bad!!!!!! The little alerts are funny except for the Backstreet songs. Listen , I got this off another website: Bitchney Queers. Isn't that a great name for the breast implant Queen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BRAVO! You did a hell of a job making fun of the worst boy boyband, N STINC. I love the Backstreet Boys because they're the real deal. They're not posers like N STINC, they're the original boyband. I could give you a whole list on why BSB is so much better than N Stinc. Wanna know some of them? First of all, girls from all different ages love the BSB. I know people in their thirties, in their twenties, and obviously, in their teens that love them. Next, most importantly, all five of them sing! You don't see that blond guy and that superman freak sing. Uh, maybe because they can't? Another reason BSB is so much better is because all five of them are cute and liked by others. In N STINC, only J.C (What a name!) and Justin Timberlake (what a last name!) make N Stinc so popular. You might as well just call in J.C. and Justin plus three! As for the Backstreet Boys, Howie has his group of fans, Nick has his groups of fans as does A.J., Kevin, and Brian. (Brian, by the way is my favorite guy). A final note, N Stinc is just plain ugly! You know the dreadlocks guy? One thing to say to you, MOW THE LAWN! MOW THE DAMN LAWN! If a lawn mower can't cut that mess, than use a weedwacker. As for Lance and that superman freak, how the hell did they get in the group when they're so damn ugly! They don't even sing so what do they contribute except adding more ugliness to the group? Oh, and I really thank you for not having pictures that are shown full size. When I saw their latest music video, BYE, BYE, BYE (right....) my reaction was: "MY EYES! IT BURNS!" PLEASE! NO CLOSE UPS! Anyhoo, great job, sorry if it's too long...


Oh my gosh, i love this site. You guys made me laugh so hard that tears came to my eyes! I absolutely hate nsync. They're a bunch of gay retards. Nothing like (sigh...) the Backstreet Boys. I'm glad your site recognized this! Backstreet rocks, baby!

well i checked out your website and i rather have to say that i didnt agree. i mean i do like nsync a lot and i do like their music. im not gonna jump down your throat and say how much i hate you because of your opinion. its not like the other website that i went to; anti nsync official homepage. that was just cruel and degrating. i however did like the song on britney; one more size. that was funny!!! and i did like the little microsoft internet alerts. they were cute.

Hello!!I love *N SYNC with all my heart and soul, BUT i love these sites!! I think it is great how many people make these, and express there opinions about *N SYNC and other bands/groups/ect. Well keep up the good work!!BEST OF LUCK WITH THE BSB!!