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Date:Wed, 29 September 1999
Subject:britney-stinks n'sync-rocks

just what the title says- you suck
ok, does this make sense to anyone?

Date:Wed, 29 September 1999
Subject:YOU SUCK

NSYNC RULZ AND YOU SUCK!(um you got that backwards) I AGREE WITH YOU WHEN YOU SAY THAT BRITNEY SPEARS SUX (Right On)AND BSB(we didn't say the BSB suck...) BUT WHAT KIND OF MUSIC DO YOU LIKE THEN?? LIMP BISKIT AND KID ROCK??? THEY SUCK!!!!!!!(don't bring them into it, they have nothing to do with this)

Date:Thu, 30 September 1999

NOW LOOK IN THIS FACE HIS GORGES EYES HIS RED LIPS OH AND DID I MENTION THE CURLS.(who's face?) nOw sCrOoL dOwN(no) Enjoy cuz this is something bsb can't give(can't give what?)

Date:Thu, 30 September 1999
Subject:(no subject)

ur dum(d-u-m-B and you say we are the dumb ones...) and ur just jealous of britney(uh NO) cause she is hella fine(no she isn't, she's just some ditz who walks around in hardly any clothes).i agree nsync is gay though.(good)but then again so is bsb.(no, they have girlfriends) from, me(so, you're too afraid to leave your name)

Date:Thu, 30 September 1999
Subject:stop hating talent

N sync is hot(uh no) and you guys are losers not to see that(no we're not losers, we just don't want to be blinded). If you like the bsb, why not n sync?(because nsync sucks and the bsb don't) You all should get your priorities straight.(do you have any idea what our priorities are? no you don't, so you shouldn't tell us to get them straight when you don't know what they are) From A Worried Fan(another one who is afraid to leave their name)

Date:Thu, September 30 1999
Subject:(no subject)

YOU SUCK BIG TIME I LOVE NSYNC,(can we say run-on sentence?) AND I THINK THAT BACKSTREET BOYS.OK!!!(does this make sense to anyone?) HATE YOU,(the feeling is mutual) ASHLEY P.S. YOU SUCK!!!!!!!(what is up with the word suck?)

Date:Fri, 1 October 1999
Subject:(no subject)

i swear you guys are so immature(we are immature? you are the one harassing us, maybe you are the immature one.) if you dont like a certain band keep it to your self(y-o-u-r-s-e-l-f, it's only one word)

Date:Fri, 1 October 1999
Subject:that's sad

you guys live with so much anger inside.(we wouldn't call it anger) i like 'nsync and every body in your "cage"(jail cell) i don't like bsb but i respect other people's opionion(um ok, that's good for you...) and it looks like you guys don't!(OMG yeah we do, we just don't respect yours.) i think that's really sad because i don't like marlin mansion (um...)but i'm not full of anger or rebel cause other people like it(dude, this thing is just a JOKE)

Date:Fri, 1 October 1999
Subject:(no subject)

you suchy (typo...)frecks(what is a freck?)

Date:Sat, 2 October 1999

U SUCK,BRITNEY < NSSYNC < RICKY < 98*,RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!(Can < we < say < use < caps < lock < ? < It < is < way < easier < and < it < never < make < you < look < illiterate < . < )

Date:Sat, 2 October 1999

IF YOU DONT LIKE NSYNC THEN WHY DID YOU PUT YOUR SIGHT ON THE NSYNC WEBSITES(we didn't) I THINK THAT IF YOU PUT IN THE BSB WEBSITE PEOPLE MIGHT ACTUALLY GET A KICK OUT OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(we did)BY THE WAY DID I SAY BSB SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(not until now)OOPS I DID SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(for what?)NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(oh so the BSB doesn't suck?) BSB SUCKS I JUST CANT STOP SAYING THAT BSB SUCKS SEE I JUST CANT!!!!!!!!!BSB SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BSB SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BSB SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(WHOA PSYCHO!! SOMEBODY GET THE HOSE!!!)

Date:Sun, 3 October 1999
Subject:(no subject)

BSB SUCK(you people get more and more original...)

Date:Sun, 3 October 1999

HEY THAT ISNT WRIGHT(wright? wright? Don't you mean R-I-G-H-T) TO WRITE ABOUT THEM(who is them?) THE BACKSTREET BOYZ SUCK BIG TIME (here we go with the word "suck" again) AND ANYWAYS NSYNC HAVE WAY BETTER VOICES(if you like to hear cats screeching and the sound of nail-on-a-chalkboard)THANX NSYNC'S BIGGEST FAN

Date: Mon, 4 October 1999
Subject:Nice site dumb ass (do the words "compound word" mean anything to you?)

Backstreet boys? WTF are you thinking?(do you REALLY want to know?) I dont see how you can like bsb and hate britney spears!(hmm...BSB=Hot, Britney=Slut...hmmm...) AJ and her share clothes!(Like he would ever! You don't know what you could catch from her!! EWWWW!!) And nsync, OMG! are you bitches(potty-mouth) blind or something?(no we just have contacts) They are hot!(OMG you are blind) now bsb lets get the run down on them(don't bother...please) Howie~ oh my lord, can we say Fag?(he has a girlfriend...) AJ~ i thought he was the only one that was ok until i saw his outfit on MTV music video awards... does he know that guys are not supossed to wear mid-drifth shirts?(that is called a costume) Nick ~ How is it that a guy is bloated?(can we please drop the "nick is fat" thing now? He is NOT fat!) Kevin~ There is a such thing a a plucker(tweezers), now obviously he has never heard of one of these since his eye browls(browls...umok) are thinker(thicker) then my hair!(He is a guy, guys don't have to pluck their eyebrows. It hurts so I don't blame him.) Brian~ He Is too good to be a backstreet boy, he should join ummm lets see... yeah he can just go solo.(No belongs with the BSB) Ok so say you dont go for looks and you think they have talent(don't forget personality)... why cant they sing and dance at the same time? (they do) yeah sure 4 of 'em dance while one sings and moves around alittle but cummon(do want them being out of breath and singing? Not a good combination) what the other 4 are doing is not dancing!(yeah it is) Britney and Nsync : Now that is real talent!(AAAHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA) thanx for your time(you're not welcome)~Stacy

Date:Mon, 4 October 1999
Subject: you two are just jealous

i am offended,(that would be the point of this website)you know if nsync was'nt here we'd all be listening to cher and marylin manson as the 1 hits(no we'd be listening to the Backstreet Boys...)
.......you two have no morales (yeah we do) and you r full o envy(we wouldn't call it envy) and if liking nsync is a crime(it isn't) i stand convicted f*** u(no thanks)

Date:Wed, 6 October 1999
Subject:hey...about your site=)

first of all get a life,(have one thank you) whats up with this you make your own site of hate on bands....(yeah)the only reason i'm writing this is because i'm defending nsync,(umok) because i'm a true fan. i mean if you have a such a problem with Nsync..keep it to yourself don't go talking crap about them on-line.(dude, you just spoke your mind...why don't YOU keep it to yourself?) but i hate bsb so if you wanna talk rap about them...(we LIKE them)right on!! woo! (lol)

Date:Friday, 8 October 1999
Subject:nsync rules bsb sux!! big time!!
backstreet boys suck(what is with that word?) so much nsync is the bomb digety and im their number 1 fan got anything else to say???(ummm....go away) hate you,(the feeling is mutual) megAn

Date:Saturday, 9 October 1999
U GUYS HAVE NO RIGHT MAIKIN' FUN OF NSYNC!!!!!!!!!!!!(yeah we do, go read the constitution) THEY RULE MAN!!!!!!!!(no)

Date:Saturday, 9 October 1999
Subject:why cant you guys
Hey just cause you dont like nsync or Britney Spears, why do you have to make fn of them on the internet.(we feel like it) I dont get it to me you r all immature,(your the one who email us, oh yeah you SO mature) so you dont like them thats your opinon but that does not mean that you have to make a hate club.(it's not a club, it's a webpage) YOU ARE IMMATURE(we are SO immature, Oh yeah uh huh, you are the one who is here, if you are so mature why don't you get a job or do something mature like that)

Date:Wednesday, 13 October 1999
ur site is good(thank you) except 4 britney u r just jealous(gawd no!) go to hell(been there, done that)

Date:Thursday, 14 October 1999
Subject:(no subject)
NSYNC DOES TO RULE(is that the best come-back you could manage?)

Date:Friday, 14 October 1999
we love justin and lance and you guys are soooo unbeleivably stupid(was that supposed to hurt?)

Date:Saturday, 16 October 1999
Subject:Hey you2 we just read ur Web Page
Hi, Me and my friend Tabatha is totally against all of the things you had to say.(go cry) You are just jealous of Britney Spears(we'd kick our own @$$es if we dressed or acted like her) and you just wish N'sync was all yours.(OMG NO) Backstreet are ok but N'sync is WAY WAY WAY better than them and to good for you.(well, if Nsync is better than BS and we arent good enough for Nsync, then that puts us on BSB's level...that works) You just think you all are all that and a bag of chips with celery dip!!!!(yeah well, you think you're all that and a bag of chips when in reality you are a couple fries short of a Happy Meal!!) Where are you girls from?(why are you stalkers or something?) Well, I hope that you will stay in touch(with who?) Stef and Tara what UGLY names.(Tab and Tiff? and you say we have ugly names....) Talk to you SNOBS (well we guess that's what money will do to you....something you 2 would know nothing about)in the future. Bye bye PLease write back(no, we'll just make fun of you on our page) Your two new ANTI friends,(you are NOT our friends) Tab and Tiff(Tab and Tiff what UGLY names)

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hey, listen to me i went in this page to see bad things about brittany but dont you ever talk bad about nsync ever agian or you will have to mess w/ me !!!!!!!yeah, we're scared....

you know? you probably havnt ever seen Nsync or heard thier new song Have You?!!How is it humanly possible to have never seen or heard nsync? They pollute the TV and radio daily well its my turn to say that you are soooooo stupid not to like Nsync!!!!!!!!! I AGREEEEEEE with the anti britney spears thing and have some reallllllly funny lyrics about her so if you want some e-mail me!!!!! but I dont think im going to give you any 'cause of the Nsync thing!!!!! We're so sad Ive e-mailed the B-Boys twice about what you say about Nsync! they think its just as mean as I do!!HAHAHAHA....yeah right....HAHAHAHAHAHA they are even beginning to hate your site just as much as I do! I have also e-mailed Nsync too!!!all we have to say is that we are happy you did this (if you really did-probably not) because that is just free publicity for us

HI! I"M LIKE SO LIKE IMMATURE!we're happy for you... LIKE UM....I"M LIKE UM........Inviting you to the planet of immature girls!! You meet all the standards and we would love to have you!!!! on this planet, there's like guys runnning around that look like the backsteet boysthat's not necessarily a bad thing..., almost exact clones! isn't that cool! on this planet you can act stupid and immature like little three year olds all the time and not just some of the time! LIKE OH MY GOsh! Nick's ass id soooo perfect! Oh baby. ummm...another requirement that is need is..you need to judge people before you know them...and you fit that requirement!hey aren't you doing the same thing? You don't know Britney spears personally but yet you judge her! and you don't know NSTINK personally but yet you judge those boys too!you don't know us personally but you judge us It's all perfect! i would be delighted to have all you girls on "Planet for immature girls" for all I know, you girls can be the Queens of the planet!sorry, we already have our own empire Bye now, please consider! so you're already a member, right?

To whom this may concern-Stef and Tara I have a question....why do you feel the need to mock other bands? Dont u find that the least bit mature? I just want to say that i am affiliated with the producers of *NSYNC hahahaand that i find what you have produced in this page very offensive.sucks for you I suggest that what you have written and published in this page to be replaced or i may have to just have 5 very important people tell you to do so themselves,go for it and from the looks of your page that would be the last thing you would want....their names are Justin Joey JC Lance and Chris.HAHAHA! More free publicity Thank You

Okay i would just like to say happy birthday to you.this was recieved March 3...our birthdays are in October and August.... I am so happy you finally turned 3. You stupid b@*#!?s. I think it is really immature to make up songs, captions and all that other shit about *n sync just because your pissed off that bsb sucks. If you don't like them keep it to yourself and don't complain that *n sync supposidly sucks. oh yah and next time you want to try to make fun of nsync or any other bullshit try to atleast make sense to make yourself look a little better. oh yah and even if you voted your ass off for bsb on trl nsync would still be #1. oh ya and just to let you know i brang brang? is brang even a word?your damn hatemail on you stupid bitches. You know that nsync rules. They are way cuter than stupid FAGSTREET BOYS. oh and if bsb is supposidly THE best that must be really cool if 2 of them are ingagedEngaged and the rest have girlfriends. I will now leave before you imbarrassagain with the i instead of e yourself further more. N SYNC FAN #1 StarrM21

YOU PEOPLE ARE SOOOO IMMATURE ABOUT THIS GET OVER IT THERE ARE OTHER BANDS OUT THERE THAT CAN EASILY GET YOU PEOPLE ALL PISSED OFF BUT NO YOU PICK ON NSYNC SO JUST FOR THAT BSB BLOWS.GROW UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!you just don't know when to restrain yourself do you? now who is immature?