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GIF's and Images

Here are my list of FREE GIF's and animations. They are arranged in certain catagories. Feel free to shop around and look at them.
All of these GIF's I collected from many hours of surfing the web, and ALL were taken from sites that were offering them for FREE.(Although I am not responsible for the locations that they may have gotten them from.) If I run into any problems with any I will be happy to remove them. But every source I got them from was offering them as FREE GIF's. And I am now returning the favor, and I am offering everything here FREE to any one that wants them.Hopefully everyone will find something they need and something they haven't seen before.

The top of every page will give you the address needed in order to use the GIF's. The bottom of every page will give you a link back to this main index page and also to my Home page.

Assorted GIF's

Disney GIF's

Florida State Seminole GIF's


Web Elements
Backgrounds,Lines,E-Mail GIF's,
Welcome Signs & more!