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Heritage Toy Figures, Inc.

Welcome to the old HTF website!

IMPORTANT message;
HTF has moved to a new website due to a problem this host dealt us one weekend and years/tons of annoying pop-ups.
Our new home is not quite finished, but better in some ways. Here's the URL;
(put this in your favorites!)
(yes, there is no "www" in this URL)
It looks just like this one (first page) but it has lots of little improvements.

We proudly sell only REALITY,
not LEIRTs (Licensed Entertainment Industry Related Toys).

Find out War of 1812 History and News;
Unspoken Shame; The Battle of Bladensburg
Riversdale Re-enactment / Bladensburg Anniversary event

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We accept cash and checks but not credit cards at this time.
For details on payment and returns policies, click here
Orders are nice but we're also glad to answer questions and provide information.
You can either write to us the old fashioned way at
Heritage Toy Figures, Inc. 422 SW Colgate Loop
Ft. White, FL 32038

(Note that this is a new address as of July 2009, after being in Gainesville for 15 years! But we're just 30 min away from the ol' joint)
Our email is:

An important non-toy note:
Tired of the same-ol' plots and the same-ol' authors?
Tired of Hollywood's remake drivel and copying?
There IS good stuff WORTH YOUR TIME, but tough to find.
Peek at a NEW novel/movie synopsis. A major studio would dumb it down and trash it up. If an independent makes it, how will you ever see it?.
Catch it while you can is all I can say. Click Here

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