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Hotel Palace, Levanto, Doorway to Cinque Terre

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The gateway to 5 Terre is Levanto. Place a reservation by FAX (39) (0187) 80.86.13... Come stay in the quiet beachside town and enjoy comfortable rooms. Make a reservation by calling (39) (0187) 80.81.43 or by sending an email to Anna Pilotti at ====================================================================================================================================== WELCOME TO ITALY!!! -- Please also visit and get more information about hotels in Italy. ===================================================================================================================================================================== COMMENTS BY VISITORS: "Comfortable beds! We tried several hotels in Levanto and Hotel Palace has the best mattresses. The Hotel owner, Anna, is second-generation hotel owner and she improves something i the hotel each year. This is our second visit and we will come back! Write to us for more comments... Steve and Janus McCrea, Bye!" ======================================================================================================================================================================= For more info, write to the hotel at .... OR WRITE TO ANNAPILOTTI@LIBERO.IT ================================================================================================================================================================================================ Thank you for visiting my page at Angelfire. Please come back and visit again!