Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!!
Halloween and witches seem to go hand-in-hand, along with black cats, bats, candy, feasting and festivities. Halloween, also known as Samhain, Feast of the Dead, and now, the politically correct of public schools everywhere, "Fall Festival Day" (hehheh) has always been a favorite of mine. Such mystery, so scary and FUN!! Here I have half assembled a few graphics of Halloween witchery and cattery. I have a soft spot for all things "crone-ish", and have a lot of fun collecting general witchy things, along with other Halloween paraphanelia in my home....and of course, what is a wicked witch, without her black cat familiar?
I would like to say a very "special" Happy Halloween to all of the GTMO crew who "tricked and treated" till the wee hours of Halloween-Dawn-Pasts with myself and family. Mike(Treat me baby, and I'll do Tricks,hehheh),Bildo and My Katerina (the fae rings will NEVER be safe with you around, me dear Kate), Charlie and Juan (My WHIP! MY WHIP!), Andria,Jimmy,Anyssa, and Christopher (Who will Brit go out with to pilfer sweets?), Andrea and Marty (and a hello to Miss Becky Beall!!) (The DEAD married couple), Quan and Chenele(TEQUILA!) and Liz (who I have never actually partied with, only 'cuz she didn't show up! :-p).
Thanks, Bill and Kate!
I miss you guys so much, and Halloween is going to be....so....QUIET... without you guys to play naughty trivia games and sling JELLO SHOTS with. Have fun, guys, be safe, and MAYBE I will hear from some of you soon....*hinthint*!!! Have fun with my small tribute to the tricks and treats of Halloween...and if you would like to adopt a few familiars and witches of your own, please visit the sites below, for them I thank for my small "coven" here....

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Q: Why did the witch stay home from 


A: She had a wicked cold!
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Q: What happens when you bring a witch into the school


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Q: What do you get when you cross a witch and a clown?

A: A  brew-ha-ha!!!
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Q: Why do witches send greeting cards?

A: To show they scare!
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Halloween Interactive Games,recipes and Treats
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 Thanks to these wonderful sites for providing the

 public with wonderful and rich holiday graphics...

A Spooky Place



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