Merry Christmas, Blessed Yule!!

A Christmas Plea

Merry Christmas and Blessed Yule to you ALL!
We of the house of RabbiddAnngell would like you to

 please remember us and our cousins these Holidays.

   Christmas is a wonderful holiday, full of joy,

 happiness and wonder...for humans, that is. We  

 animals only know that there are some wonderfully 

 New and Exciting things for us to romp around

 with and eat. Please stay a few minutes longer and

 let us speak our minds while MoM is out shopping for 


Atomajac's Concerns
I am a Siberian Husky....a YOUNG Sibe Husky, in fact. Which means that, like any other young pup, I am ready to be nosy, noisy and VERY curious when it comes to new things in the house, be it animal, plant or TREE! MoM says that I am a Good Dog. I stay out of things when she lets me know they are bad for me, and have my polite K-9 manners, but you know, some things you just have to be very cautious about. Take Christmas Trees, for instance. I LOVE to bite and chew on sticks outside, which can't be good for my tummy, but heck!...'tis FUN! And this Christmas Tree I have only heard about sounds as if it is going to be put in MY high traffic area, and if it is like the big oaks out back, is going to have LOTS of STICKS! YAY! Now, nothing against sticks, but they are talking about putting electrical lights on this sucker and glass things, and ropey things...all shaped like my favorite tennis ball I jump into the air to catch!! YAY! Also, I have heard that a lot of MoMs and DaDs put candy on the trees, and, well, if Pine wasn't enticing enough to a pup's nose, candy will make it just scrumptious!
I am really hoping that people out there that are owned by animals take care to remember that these decorations everywhere for the Holidays are very new to us...even to the lucky animals who have seen Christmas before. Please don't get too upset at those of my kin that forget their manners to hear the wrapping paper crinkle, or taste a big sticky sweet candy cane, or those athletic dogs who LOVE to play ball, even if they DO choose the blown glass family heirloom. Remember that although we are VERY smart, we animals get carried away by the moment, and don't really know the sentimental value of a tree....after all, most of you Humans KNOW what we do to trees, right?
Bruizer's Beef
Ok, ok...MoM says I cannot have a puppy for Christmas. I don't see why not, I mean, I really will feed it and hug it and take care of it's litter box and stuff!! And well, when I don't have time for it, you know, cuz of all of the "stuff" I do, well, she can do it, and if not her, then someone else will, right? And maybe if I don't want the puppy anymore, I can give it to Cuba-Marie for Christmas! Puppies are soooo cute and fun to give for presents!
MoM says that is wrong tho. She doesn't really agree with giving any animal as a Christmas present, 'cuz what if you get the wrong color? Or the puppy is too much to handle, or the OTHER Humans in the house (like MoMs and DaDs) don't want the critter? Who could NOT want a puppy? They are so cute...they aren't like full grown puppies=DOG, right....? Well, MoM may have a point. Unless I know Cuba- Marie is able to take care of a puppy, or a kitten, or fish or whathaveyou, I won't bother. Then, if she does absolutely-without-a-doubt want a pet, I guess I should let her pick it out, you know, for personality bonding and stuff. And I guess I should make sure MoM and DaD would LET her have her own pet, too. And then, of course, we shall go to a place where the pet needs a home. Not these pet stores, where the awful Humans make $ off of my friends' misery from horrible cages and under-age breeding, and no population control. Boy, there sure is a lot to think about. Cuba- Marie, is it ok if I just get you a card???
Cuba-Marie's Cause
Voice of reason, here, guys... I am a cat. Cats play. Cats like to climb, hide, bat crinkly paper and chew. Long thin wires under bushy branches I can hide in...yipee! Those lights can sure send off a powerful spark tho. PLease watch my friendly kitten friends, and make sure they don't decide to enter the Holiday season with a bang. MoM finds that Bitter Apple spray on wires works does covering them all with the fancy tree skirt. Ever hear the one about string tying up an animals intestines? MoM the vet tech says it is true, and can cause Bruizey and friends our death. So she just nixes the pretty sparkly "icicles" on the tree, and the same goes for that evil "Angelhair" stuff, that a lot of times has fiberglass particles and can REALLY tear us up.
The water clarifier/food for the real trees is very toxic for us. The sweeteners make it yummy to drink, but the effects are the same as cyanide for us. MoM uses plain ole sugar water if she has a real cut tree, and this year is going to get a tree with roots, to try to save us, and the poor tree... Candy, candy, CANDY! We love chocolate, all of us! But we animals cannot process it in our tummies very well, and it can be very bad for us. She once heard one of her bosses at the vet clinic say,
"One M&M takes off one year of life"
I guess, just remember that we animals are like little wee Humans. Anything "so-low" we can get into, and most likely will. PLease keep the holiday season a joyous time for we four-leggeds also!
Well, I guess that is about all we have to say for the moment, as MoM shall be back shortly with our surprises for Christmas morn! Please let us know if you have any suggestions on critter safety for the Holidays. Our gustbook is right there down below, and you can always e-mail MoM...! Send This page To A Friend!
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