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The Band

This is the place where we're supposed to tell you about us, etc etc.

Well, about 5 years ago, I (Chris) wanted to start some kind of punk rock band and meet some like minded folks. An ex-girlfriend of mine met someone in a class and introduced us.

That's how I ran into Will. Me and Will became friends (even though he humps everything) and started looking for someone to play bass. Since Will played drums (the hardest thing to find in Gainesville) we figured it'd be easy.

After going through 3-4 bassists we finally found Derek (giving up a budding career as a portrait photographer). We got along pretty good and became "The Lexingtons" (which is still around w/Will, Andy, Dave and me). We sucked and started to hate each other so Derek moved away. A year later, Derek returned and we decided to start another band with Derek singing. That's when we became "the Pinups". We were ok but went though a couple of guitarists. Then played as a three piece for awhile.

After a quick tour, we changed our name to "The Habituals" and Derek decided he wanted to play rhythm guitar. So we were back to looking for a bassist. That's where Jamie enters the picture. Since then we've been together for about a year and played a ton of shows.

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