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What's Happening at Graves Little Boatyard!

Jan - May 2001
Charles Graves is currently seeking authorization to produce Optimist Prams approved by the International Optimist Dinghy Association (and the US Optimist Dinghy Association).

It is a single sailor, 7'6" by 3'8" flat bottomed, hard-chine, pram-bowed dinghy.   The boat weighs 77lbs and is easily car topped for transportation. 

Optis are sailed in over 95 countries by over 150,000 people. In the US, Optis are sailed across the country with concentrations in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic States, Midwest, and Gulf Coast.

The Newest series of yachts from GLBY is the "Grave Digger" Currently the 36/600 version has been designed and is being perfected. Following the 36/600 will be an American One Meter, an International One Metre and a Marblehead.  Pictured at right is the Grave Digger 36 named "R.I.P." two others have been pulled from the mold since this picture was taken, their names? "Aces and Eights" and "Scarlet Fever". Click on picture for larger image. Grave Digger 36/600
This new 36, boasts a four ounce kevlar hull, very high ballast to total weight ratio, around 80%, a long fin 24", sloped forward keel, Four rigs, which will include: A balsa and carbon 80" mast carrying a 78" luff mast head rig. This rig will be conventional, the balsa carbon combo mast allows for reduced weight aloft, "Other wise she might tip over at the dock," says Graves. The 78" rig is used in very light air. There will be a 68" swing rig for regular light air days, a 54" swing for medium air, and a 42" C rig for storms, the C rig, again will be conventional. happh.jpg (58330 bytes)
Grave Digger 36 with 2 meter Suicide behind
The mast and keel are stepped well aft of the normal position for a 36, this helps prevent the bow from diving. Additionally, the sloped forward keel, from Paul Lindenberg - Designer of dozens of successful yachts, including, Thursday's Child and Conflict, keeps the boat from developing a weather helm when knocked down. Paul says," The wind she's a blowing but, GD keeps on a going." The shortened distance between the keel and rudder make the boat tender, but great fun to sail by a competitive skipper. If you are interested in the aero-dynamics and the hydrodynamics of this innovation, call and GLBY will be glad to explain and how the several forces involved in causing round-up are made to cancel each other out. GLBY is always trying new ideas, they are not locked in to the traditional tried and true methods, they are "out there" pushing the cutting edge. "It is a fun place to be," says Karl Burton' of Daytona Model Yacht Club. "There seems to always be "Brain Smoke" in the air as these fellows conceive of something new or think of a way to improve an existing go fast." Karl commissioned the development of the new Grave Digger series as well as naming the series. happb.jpg (61841 bytes)
Paul Lindenberg with Grave Digger 36

happe.jpg (47128 bytes)


Special Offer:

Turnbuckles, GLBY has gone to four different manufactures and put together the aircraft snap clip type turnbuckle. Each unit has the threaded clip, a locking nut, a threaded eye bolt, and a 100# test kite swivel. They come completely assembled at $20 per dozen, or 3 dozen for $50. Two sizes: 2/56 and 4/40. Try finding all the parts necessary to put these together, maybe after 3 or 4 hobby shops, a hardware store, a tank of gas, a day shot, a couple of Tums - and then - still at twice the price. This is a good deal!

Graves Little Boatyard has a New Address:
1675 Richardson Road, Merritt Island, FL, 32952

Phone:  321-453-6862   Fax: 321-453-8015

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