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Letter from Katty

I received this letter from the crazy cat after I had emailed her a photo of a nice kitty--ok, ok--acually it was a scary photo of a very large cat with a threat to her to mend her wicked ways!! So perhaps I deserved this!!!

Dear Susan,  
I was not amused by your attempt to intimidate me with a one-dimensional replication of an enemy. I fear our next encounter must be more fierce in order to insure dominance in MY household. My master doesn't understand the depth of my wickedness---but you do, don't you? You will be my prey and I will be the ruler of the WORLD!!!! Until we MEAT again....Katarina, ruler of my domain!

And this is what my friend emailed me immediately afterwards!!! She as no idea what an evil being she shares her house with!!! I fear for her safety!!!

Dear Susan,  
I came in from the laundry room and found Katarina sending an email to you. She assured me it was to thank you caring for her during my trip to Kentucky. She can be such a sweetie! I'm so glad she's finally coming around. Anyway, we both thank you for the beautiful kitty postcard! I'm sure Katarina is excited to have you visit again soon. ---Lisa