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Katty belongs to my friend Lisa--she is better known to my cyber-buddies as Psychokitty. On a couple of occasions I have been called upon to house- and cat-sit for the demon cat, and it is never boring!!!

On my last visit, we were together for a week, and I think she was beginning to make overtures of friendship, but I am ashamed to say that I was too frightened to accept them, fearing a diabolical trick on her part!!

Katty is a big old kitty, and we have our differences, but we can always get along when there is a piece of yarn involved--and with my being a crafter, I ALWAYS have yarn!!!

As much as I rant and rave about Psychokitty, as you can see I am desperate for her friendship.

Another frightening thing about this kitty is that I SWEAR she knows how to use a puter!! Just look at these photos of her caught in the act!!!

And when she saw she had been caught look at her coming to get me--yikes!!!!